Rags To Riches Chapter 621

 Sun Renli, increasingly unable to see through Qin Ming's thoughts and keep up with his thinking, could not help but ask, "Master, what do you have in mind? Shouting people away?"

                "The extra people staying are also a nuisance."

                "Besides, can they get away? It's all your people out there, and surrendering now doesn't mean you can leave in peace."

                "Remember to get all the money I sent out, including the money they got from Sun Justice, back to me afterwards."

                Qin Ming said such a bunch of words in one breath, also made the crowd dumbfounded, so Qin Ming played this as intended, moreover, just now spent money to buy people so earthy, now even want to get the money back, also too wealthy slave, right?

                Facing the collective contempt of the crowd, Qin Ming said, "I have money, and I don't spend it carelessly like that. They will only hold a grudge against you guys anyway."

                "...... "The Sun family members were completely speechless, they still had to take this pot, huh?

                "Hmph ......" Sun Justice sneered as he looked at Qin Ming and said, "You're a miser like your master, huh? What a stinker, counting on all that you can and using all that you can. But what can you do now? I've looked into some of your information, the Zhao family, Zhao Zhengyin, people didn't seem to have a high opinion of you in the past, is it hard to say that you're going to go down personally?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course. After all, I have the shelter of God, no one can win."

                Sun Justice said in a cold voice, "Playing this superstition in front of me doesn't work. My adopted son has been practising kung fu and fighting since he was three years old. He is a first-class fighter in sparring, jiu-jitsu, martial arts and killing techniques, and he has no problem in actual combat. You want to fight? I see that the little sister next to you is more capable of fighting than you."

                Sun Changxi stepped forward and said, "Then, here I am. As long as I win, you will let my grandfather go, right?"

                Sun Justice said, "Right, the bet at the beginning said it. As long as I win, you all have to confess and kill yourselves in front of me. If I lose, I will give everyone a chance to live. However, it doesn't matter if you guys don't confess and kill yourselves, because, all over this Hot Spring Villa, I have already arranged a sufficient amount of explosives, the cool of which can blow up the whole Hot Spring Villa and blow it to pieces, including those guard forces you have arranged at the entrance."

                "!!!" The crowd revealed fearful expressions at the same time when they heard that the Hot Spring Villa was actually filled with explosives.

                So this was what they had been lured in for in the first place?

                For a moment, the people of the Sun family all grew their mouths, unable to speak.

                Only Qin Ming, still maintaining his unchanging calmness, said calmly, "Is that so? Is this your greatest reliance and last resort?"

                Sun Justice's old face was gloomy as he said viciously, "My Ye family, having had my family destroyed by their Sun family, I have long since put this life on the line. Hmph ...... dying would be a relief for me."

                Ah Xuan suddenly interjected, "Dad, we haven't lost yet, I haven't lost yet, these people are all rubbish, they are no match for me at all. You pretend to be a godless brat, I can beat you with one hand. Don't think that just because you can find us and pay off those wallflowers you think you're something. The real ones we hired from abroad were only a dozen, the rest they brought along with them. Those people were supposed to be used to clear us of suspicion, but I didn't expect you to make it look like this."


                "Talking about how honourable you are, but in fact you are dirty and filthy."

                "Let my grandfather go."

                "Your father betrayed state secrets, and our grandfather was right to report it."

                Hearing these words, the descendants of the Sun family broke into curses, wanting to go up to the father and son and tear their mouths apart.

                But they didn't dare, they couldn't even go to the gym at all, let alone fight in close quarters.

                Qin Ming walked forward and pulled Sun Changxi back, saying, "Sister Changxi, you can't beat him."

                Sun Changxi said with a straight face, "I have to fight even if I can't beat him, this is about my grandfather's life and the fate of the Sun family. You're a weak scholar, you ......"

                "Yes, Grandmaster, how could you possibly win?"

                "Grandmaster, your hands are weak, I'm not insulting you, but have you ever practiced martial arts."

                "Brother, don't be a hero."

                "What is this Zhao Zhengyan thinking? Get rid of those mercenaries and go on his own? Does he really think he can do anything?"

                "The other side is a ruthless character who has killed people."

                There were those from the Sun family who were worried, those who questioned, those who were desperate and did not speak out, they viewed Qin Ming in different ways.

                But Qin Ming didn't care about them.

                He pulled Sun Changxi's hand even harder, his face completely pulled down, how could he let Sun Changxi take this risk?

                He said, "This kind of thing, leave it to the men. Your man ...... trusts me."

                The four words in the middle, said in a small voice, only Sun Changxi could hear, Sun Changxi's delicate body shook, her heart inexplicably surged with a touching, to now, Qin Ming still remembered what he wanted to do, what he insisted on, and even protected her.

                You know, the slightest mistake, things get out of hand, Sun Justice detonates the explosives here, and they say someone will die here.

                She fantasised again about Qin Ming's words, "How can I marry you if I don't change my identity."

                Although it was only Qin Ming's joke, she imagined in this moment that it was true, that he was going to cross the gap between their identities to come to her and protect her.

                Tears welled up in the corners of Sun Changxi's eyes, she didn't want to continue to suppress her emotions at a time like this, she should have actually sensed it a long time ago, she was in love with this man two years younger than herself!

                Back in the city of Canton.

                Sun Changxi suddenly stepped forward and hugged Qin Ming, amidst the astonished gazes of the crowd, she hugged him tightly and whispered in his ear, "I believe in you, Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming's face sank, not expecting Sun Changxi to react so excitedly, wasn't this giving people the wrong impression of an ambiguous act between them?

                According to reason, Zhao Zhengyin and Sun Changxi didn't have too many interactions, right?

                Qin Ming made a red face, and he walked up to the unfriendly gazes of the two couples, Sun Renli and Yang Lu.

                "Finished with the lovemaking?" Ah Xuan looked at Qin Ming with contempt, "Look at your posture, it looks like you've practiced."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth lifted, since he had taken Zhang Quanzhen as his master, he had been practising diligently every day according to the martial arts books he had given him, of course he did not have much experience in actual combat, but he had confidence in his strength.

                Moreover, Qin Ming had no intention of going one-on-one.

                Whoosh, Qin Ming made the first move and grabbed it with one hand, but it was easily avoided.

                The opponent grabbed Qin Ming's arm and tried to unload his arm for an instant, when Qin Ming suddenly stopped, his wrist suddenly lacking strength, and threw it roughly and wildly.

                "Ahhhh!" Qin Ming let out a roar.

                "Hmm!" Ah Xuan was shocked, what was this unstructured move for? Not afraid of getting hurt himself?

                Ah Xuan had wanted to suppress Qin Ming, but instead he was thrown off by Qin Ming's brutal strength. He also looked at Qin Ming in surprise, obviously finding it surprising that Qin Ming's behaviour was beyond his calculations.

                Qin Ming shook off his arm and laughed fiercely, "What's wrong? You think I'm easy to deal with? Did I not have enough to put me on and would have made that kind of a betting condition with your righteous father? Your righteous father seems to know my master Zhang Quanzhen, so he must also know that my master Zhang Quanzhen has lived to be that old and relies on more than just a mouth."

                Sun Justice clenched his fist and warned, "Ah Xuan, be careful. Tiger Dragon Mountain is one of the Daoist religions in China, and I've seen Zhang Quanzhen when he was young. He once defeated dozens of trained soldiers for a woman and was still unharmed. If this kid has learned Zhang Quanzhen's skills, you can't be careless."

                Sun Zhengzhi's words immediately made the atmosphere in the hall unusually agitated and the fire of the battle was raised considerably.