Rags To Riches Chapter 620

 Sun Changxi walked in front of Qin Ming and warned very warily, "Be careful, this man ...... is afraid he has killed someone."

                The corners of Ah Xuan's mouth lifted and he said in not very authentic Chinese, "Pretty policewoman lady, it's not afraid, I can be sure that I have killed more people than the thieves you have caught. Besides, the laws of China can't sanction me."

                Qin Ming took a step forward and said forcefully, "But the justice of China, will sanction you."

                Qin Ming glanced at the old man, Sun, who was too old to move around and too close to Sun's justice, and was the biggest bargaining chip on Sun's side.

                The only thing that the entire Sun family asked for was to ensure the safety of Old Master Sun.

                The desire of Master Sun's heart, however, was to be able to make Sun Justice choose between brotherly love and revenge and put aside his hatred.

                Qin Ming understood Master Sun's mind perfectly, he needed to settle this matter peacefully, and it was because of this datum point that Qin Ming had to spend so much money to buy off those mercenaries, just so as not to cause a mass killing and avoid an uncontrollable situation.

                Right now, it was down to this strange young man in front of him.

                He seemed to be an official member of the Ten Thousand Serpents Society, who could not be bought with money, and with a strong beam, he should be a fighting master back in kung fu.

                Qin Ming Hasso said, "There are more than a hundred of us on our side, even if you call on the waiters and security guards, it won't be enough. It's easy to get hurt by mistake with weapons, and looking at you like this you should be good at fighting, so ......"

                A Xuan contemptuously interrupted Qin Ming and said, "Whether it's wheel-to-wheel combat, one-on-one or together, if you can get past me, you'll be considered a winner. What use can a group of trash get together?"

                The crowd was very angry at hearing this, this man was too arrogant.

                Immediately behind the crowd, a big black muscular man came out, "Hey ......boss, let me do it, I've seen this kid upset for a long time, the old man is still whining about a hot spring. I've seen him upset for a long time."

                A Xuan smiled disdainfully, not putting this big black man inside his eyes at all.

                The big black man also did not use weapons, directly I have these two fists, a fighting stance fast step up, a frontal punch.

                The moment the fist was about to get close, his head tilted and he avoided the big black man's fist, and at the same time, he grabbed the big black man's arm with both hands and suddenly twisted it in the opposite direction.


                "Ahhhh!" The big black man's arm snapped directly towards the back, killing him with pain.


                Ah Xuan raised another kick, which would hit Big Black's abdomen, and Big Black, who was still screaming from the pain, fainted on the spot and fell to the ground, motionless.

                In just two moves, a muscular man, almost two metres tall and an experienced mercenary, had been taken care of.

                Sun Justice raised the corners of his mouth in triumph, as if he thought this kind of thing was normal.

                Ah Xuan glanced at Qin Ming indifferently and said, "It doesn't matter if we go together."

                Qin Ming bit his lip, a group attack was not possible, the so-called throwing of mice and rats, he knew very well that a group attack would cause confusion, and in the confusion someone would go regarding Elder Sun, then the cards Sun Justice held in his hand would be threatened, and in the confusion Sun Justice might harm Elder Sun, and at the same time might hide something like a bomb and die with everyone present.

                Qin Ming knew very well that the other party was not one who was greedy for life and death, and the only way to bend the other party was to defeat this member of the Ten Thousand Snakes Society, Ah Xuan.

                "I'll do it!" Suddenly, another blonde white man jumped out from behind the crowd, he was also physically fit, the corners of his mouth lifted in a wave of confidence as he said, "Hey, sorry about that, the new boss gave me a higher price."

                Xuan looked at the other man indifferently and said, "You think I would lose to a bounty killer like you? When I first recruited you, I guarded against a handful."

                The blonde white man growled, "Right, so we're like Donnie, we don't care when we're caught and restrict my freedom, go to hell."

                Qin Ming frowned, that Donnie, should be the guy that Song Ying had caught, planting a bomb in Sun Renli's car, it looked like their employment relationship, which started yesterday, was not ideal.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "It seems carefully that not every one of these people is proficient in fighting, some of them are afraid that they are responsible for information gathering, drivers, pharmaceuticals and the like."


                As he spoke, the blonde white man drew out a small knife and stabbed it head-on towards Ah Xuan.

                The skilled and quick attack was comparable to a martial arts movie, and if he was not careful, a chunk of flesh would be cut off from Ah Xuan's body.

                "This white man is quite powerful." Sun Changxi appreciated, "Solid basic skills, fast and experienced. But ......"

                Before Sun Changxi could finish her words, the blonde white man, after practicing a few dozen strokes, was suddenly caught by Ah Xuan in a gap, and within the limited confines of the hall, the two fought to a wall, and the blonde white man used the wall to directly block Ah Xuan's retreat, expecting to cut a piece of flesh with one slash, but instead Ah Xuan took advantage of this moment of his opponent's laxity and carelessness to grab his opponent's arm.

                "Pop!" With a sound, the two sides' arms were grasped together in a deadly grip.

                "How fast!" Everyone who knew kung fu let out a shocked cry, "This can even be caught?"


                Xuan immediately bullied closer the moment he caught his opponent's wrist, and his fist struck the blonde white man's throat with unerring precision, in a faster speed that called out his opponent's inability to defend himself.

                "Ew!" The heavy blow to the throat knot directly caused him to spit out a mouthful of blood and lost his fighting ability, fainting on the spot.

                The second mercenary fell, and Ah Xuan, still as clean as ever, not even a drop of schooling on him, said calmly, "Ravens. You guys were originally our fast food, the preliminary information research and whereabouts hidden, but it helps a little, this place is already surrounded, if you resist you may lose your lives, so why not take an extra share of money to clear your identity, huh, that's all your ambition."

                "......" The group of mercenaries fell silent, most of what they thought was poked at them.

                In fact, from the beginning when Qin Ming found this place, a large number of police forces and even troops were already surrounding the place outside.

                Before Qin Ming entered, these mercenaries wanted to move, but they were one step too late, so they began to fear for their lives. After all, this was China, and there were as many police forces as there were, so they could not escape even if they were capable.

                So, as soon as Qin Ming paid them off, they were all like wallflowers, determined that Sun Justice was bound to lose.

                But it was Qin Ming's decision that ruled the day. If it wasn't a melee, it would have been one-on-one, but it was only after the wheel-to-wheel battle that they realised that this Oriental face called Xuan was so strong.

                The calmer Ah Xuan became, the more terrifying the scene became.

                "Did even Hans lose? He's the Eagle of North America."

                "Who wouldn't blow their name, but he lost and his voice is ruined by this look, this Eastern face is so cruel."

                "Is there anyone among us who can beat Hans?"

                "I'm not a killer, what's the point of asking me? I'm just in charge of eliminating the trail."

                The great strength that Ah Xuan had shown was enough to shock everyone, and seeing the miserable state of the big black man and the blonde white man, these mercenaries, who had been bribed by Qin Ming with huge sums of money, began to waver again.

                Qin Ming was also annoyed watching these people chattering. He used to have Super Soldier King Ah Long by his side, and if Ah Long was around, Qin Ming basically wouldn't be afraid of any fighting situation, but right now it was different.

                This Ah Xuan was simply too strong.

                He stood in the middle of the hall indifferently, while behind him, Sun Justice also looked victorious, as if he was still hiding some kind of backstroke, completely unafraid of the large number of people on Qin Ming's side.

                "Let's go together."

                "Yes, victory is at hand, no hesitation, boss."

                "This guy is too powerful to fight."

                Qin Ming glared back at these people in annoyance and said, "Shut up, you all go. If you don't want to get caught, find your own way out of here. There's nothing more for you guys to do."

                What was the meaning of this?

                The Sun family were all dumbfounded, once again unable to understand Qin Ming's operation, how could Qin Ming drive away the mercenaries he had paid that much money for? Wasn't this cutting off his own hands and feet? The soldiers had to fight in a wheel battle, but they would have to take a turn to kill this guy called Ah Xuan.

                When those mercenaries heard Qin Ming's words, they were simply too happy, and in an instant, they all left.

                Soon, the Sun family was left in the hall, and Qin Ming was confidently saying at this time, "Don't get carried away just because you think you can fight, it's only time to enter the second round of the game."