Rags To Riches Chapter 619

 "Have you gone mad?" A backwoods boy from the Sun family came forward and grabbed Qin Ming's lapels, "How can a dozen of us beat these killer groups? I even wonder if you are Sun Justice's accomplice, otherwise how do you know he is the mastermind behind this? How did you know he was hiding here?"

                "It's insane, it's a one-sided massacre. Look at these people, they're all professional killers, how can we possibly beat them?"

                "Can't you still invite the gods to take over and make us bronze and iron?"

                "Dad, second uncle and third uncle, stop him. This is unconscionable."

                The younger generation of the Sun family all protested desperately, but Sun Zhengzhi's orders had already been issued, and one of his Ten Thousand Snakes Society men came up unsuspectingly.

                Although Sun Changxi did not understand what Qin Ming was doing either, she was still relatively calm; she was a criminal police officer, armed with a gun, and her fighting skills were not weak.

                Sun Renli asked, "Master, you are not a stupid person, you must have a way to do this, right?"

                Sun Renbing took the envelope Qin Ming had given him yesterday and said, "Is it with what's in this envelope? I'll open it now?"

                Qin Ming pressed his hand and said, "If you use it now, everyone will have to be trapped. Everyone will have limp and weak hands and feet, except for him, Sun Justice, who is fine. It is impossible to determine how many others are in the room."

                Sun Renbing was also at a loss, not using this trick, so what should he do?

                Qin Ming paused and said, "All right, seeing as you four siblings have not driven me away again this time and given me your trust, I will not sell myself short. I naturally have a way to retreat from the enemy."

                As soon as the crowd heard that Qin Ming had a way to retreat the enemy, they were also surprised and eagerly awaited.

                Qin Ming confronted a stout foreign man who was about to throw a punch and asked in English, "Brother, how much did your boss pay you? I'll pay double and you'll leave immediately, medium or not?"

                Upon hearing this, the foreign mercenary hesitated for a moment and said, "Two hundred thousand dollars, I want three times that."

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "Give me the account number, you can go, next."

                The foreign mercenary handed over his bank account with suspicion, and within a short while, his card was indeed loaded with US$600,000. The mercenary exclaimed with excitement, "Oh my God, it's really triple commission. Boss, do you need me to work for you?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "Yes, get the people you know here too, double the pay."

                "Roar!" Hundreds of people all shouted with excitement when they heard that Qin Ming was willing to pay double commission, they all came forward to give Qin Ming their own bank accounts and stopped obeying Sun Justice's orders.

                Qin Ming's act of throwing away so much money directly dazzled the Sun family's crowd, which had spent tens of billions of dollars in one go.

                What else can be used to describe Qin Ming's tycoon behaviour? He was simply unbelievably wealthy.

                But for Qin Ming now, it was only a thousand dollars, which was not a big deal.

                How could he suffocate his opponents if he didn't show his hand?

                Moreover, the most important point, he got the information provided by Song Ying this morning, the Ten Thousand Snakes Association, which Sun Justice is a member of, is actually a commercial organisation, for example, this spa hotel, the service staff, and the security guards are all properties under the name of the Ten Thousand Snakes Association, but are legal organisations.

                The internal structure of the Ten Thousand Snakes Association is mostly businessmen, but there are also very few capable people, but not many.

                Qin Ming saw that Sun Justice had recruited so many mercenaries, and he could tell just by looking at their appearance that there were international people from all countries, so it was obvious that they were hired.

                International mercenaries are all about money, and the temptation to double the fee is not small. Three times.

                Qin Ming really had nothing but money.

                Who made him the richest man in the world?

                The money was poured in anyway, dazzling the other side. Once a gap was opened in the hundred, the psychological defences of the rabble were quickly dismantled.

                Seeing others making money and wanting it for themselves, they turned their backs on their old masters.

                "Hahahaha ......" Qin Ming laughed wildly and raised his arms, those mercenaries who originally had to subdue Qin Ming and his group, after checking their accounts, laughed along with Qin Ming.

                The people of the Sun family swallowed their saliva, and the group of juniors who had just accused Qin Ming were all dumbfounded and completely convinced of Qin Ming, this is too top notch, ten billion dollars just to take it, how tycoon does this have to be?

                Sun Yue worshipped and was enchanted: "Is he really a gold-dotting sage? Last time at the charity gala, the master was like this, changing money, saying that money would come, it was simply unreadable, it was simply a miracle, how did he do it? It's too, too impressive."

                Sun Ren Li, on the contrary, had a sunken face and analysed it rationally, "I'm afraid he's not bad with money at all, is he?"

                Sun Renfa was deeply impressed and said, "Alas, thanks to the fact that we were worried about not being able to afford it afterwards, the sky-high labour fee for him to help our Sun Family to defuse the robbery, but I'm afraid that no amount of money that our Sun Family would take out would be too much for him to see in his eyes. He has such a huge fortune in his own ...... Zhao family's financial power is really unfathomable."

                Sun Ren Bing said suspiciously, "Second brother, you mean all this money belongs to that old man Zhao Zhen?"

                Sun Renfa nodded, "What else? I'm afraid Zhao Zhen wants to welcome back Zhao Songli's lineage, otherwise why would he give Zhao Zhengyan so much money? I know Zhao Songli, he's not doing too badly in Hai City, but tens of billions of dollars, he just doesn't have it, not to mention he didn't invest in African oil fields recently and something happened to him? Where did his son get so much money?"

                Sun Yue said, still adoringly, "No, that's the Master his own strength. You guys don't believe in the Master's power every time, there are really people in the world with supernatural powers, isn't this one in front of you?"

                Everyone could not understand Qin Ming, including Lin Yurou.

                Lin Yurou's knowledge of Qin Ming, Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, the big tycoon who saved her Lin family, once the son-in-law of the Mu family in Guangcheng, then divorced, and now posing as Zhao Zhengyin.

                All this time, Qin Ming was the only one who had a spontaneity for money and a huge financial power beyond that of ordinary people.

                Sun Changxi could not understand Qin Ming any more. She had had sex with him several times and thought she knew a lot about him, but she had always thought that Qin Ming was just a poor boy who posed as Zhao Zhengyan and also as Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, and Sun Changxi had been worried about Qin Ming.

                But with what he had done these days, Sun Changxi only felt that Qin Ming was too strange, completely impenetrable and unfathomable.

                In a short while, all the people recruited by Sun Justice had become Qin Ming's men. The word <new/speedy degree is the most & hinny=0

                Qin Ming led a group of people and walked hugely into the resort public house of the hot spring hotel, and there were only three people here in the lobby.

                Sun Justice, Master Sun, and a young man in black practice clothes.

                Sun Zhengzhi frowned deeply and said, "This young man you found is really something, not only was he able to find out that it was me who was dealing with your Sun family, but he was also able to find out my whereabouts, and he was also able to pay off all the people I hired. Where in the world can you find such a powerful person."

                When Elder Sun saw Qin Ming and his men walk in safe and sound, he was surprised and delighted, and said comfortingly, "An old friend's disciple, things like fate are truly wonderful."

                Sun Justice hummed, "Don't be too happy, I haven't lost yet. I have another person here, hehe, he can't be bought with money. Ah Xuan, it's up to you."

                The black kung fu practising man standing next to Sun Justice nodded respectfully towards Sun Justice before stepping out and walking to the middle of the hall.

                Qin Ming frowned, looking at this man, he could smell something unsettling.