Rags To Riches Chapter 618

 The Sun family's party looked at Qin Ming in a strange and depressed manner, this Sun Justice and the Ten Thousand Snakes Association were here to seek revenge on his Sun family, this setting up a trap for the Sun family to go in without an armed party was not a waste of time?

                Qin Ming just agreed to do so.

                The three Sun Renli brothers became anxious and pulled Qin Ming over, saying, "Master, no. Isn't this an obvious trap?"

                Qin Ming pretended to be profound and said, "This is not a trap, this is an explicit move, if you come here with you explicitly, you won't take it, but if you come secretly, you can't take it."

                Sun Changxi did not understand and asked, "What do you mean? We don't know how many people they have in there, and we don't know what weapons they have hidden."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Then why was your grandfather willing to meet Sun Justice unguarded? They used to be brothers and knew each other well. Your grandfather also treated Sun Justice as a family member, which is why he was taken away unguarded like this. Your grandfather's idea was to save Sun Justice, not to kill him with a fish. If we use violence, your grandfather is also in a bad way."

                Qin Ming looked at the group of people from the Sun family and said, "If you don't have the guts, I'll just go in myself."

                Since Qin Ming had come to say this, they could only follow him in, they couldn't really wait outside and forcing their way in would be throwing caution to the wind, and with Qin Ming's recent performance, they had come to regard him as a god and trusted him greatly.

                The group followed Sun Justice's men into the halfway point of the spa hotel, which was particularly quiet and had an open clearing.

                Master Sun was sitting with Sun Justice drinking tea, but it was clear that someone around Master Sun had him under control and forbade him to move about.

                And next to Sun Justice was an imposing row of bodyguards with their heads held high and their hands behind their backs.



                "Sun Justice, let go of my dad."

                "You can't get away, my troops have surrounded the entire Hot Spring Villa."

                The people of the Sun family were agitated at the sight of Old Master Sun, but they didn't dare to act in a disorderly manner due to the number of people on the other side.

                Sun Zhengzhi looked down at Qin Ming from above and said, "The person who discovered and found me was you, wasn't it? The master hired by the Sun family. I have heard of Zhang Quanzhen's name before, he is one of Zhao Demin's disciples, really young and talented. Oh, you're still a descendant of the Zhao family, Zhao Zhen really has a good grandson."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, not pulling these useless gentry histories with him, and said, "Sun Justice, I know you are determined to die together, but the fact that you have recruited us all in now proves that things are not without room for manoeuvre. In the end, what happened between you and the Sun family is all a matter of the previous generation and has nothing to do with this generation."

                Sun Zhengzhi said, "Oh, don't think that just because you hold the name of Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, you can be lectured by others. Kid, it's still a hundred years too early for you to teach me a lesson."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "I am not lecturing you, but reminding you of what you really think in your heart. If you really hated Master Sun to the core, there is no way that Master Sun would have been intact for the whole night last night. You had enough time to leave."

                Sun Renbing stepped forward and said, "Do you miss Jiang Yan, your fiancĂ©e back then? Would you like to see your child, or even have a DNA test? We overheard you all yesterday, so I have sent people to keep an eye on Jiang Yan's family. If you want to claim your child back, then give up your resistance."

                Sun Zhengzhi pulled a goaded face and said indignantly, "It doesn't matter, I won't believe your words. Even if it were true, it would not make up for the fact that the fall of my Ye family back then was brought about by your Sun family, and your Sun family was the direct driving force behind my parents' death."

                Sun Justice's sudden outburst of anger also caused the bodyguards to move in a more offensive manner, and the Sun family's group all wore a stony look on their faces.

                Qin Ming did see some clues, this Sun Justice seemed to be the master of eating softness and not hardness, old people are this kind of stinking temper when they are old.

                Qin Ming said: "But the Sun family has raised you for decades, and it is not a false sentiment. If Master Sun is willing to apologise publicly and accept you again, how is this not a beautiful thing? When will the injustice be done? Master Sun has waited for so many years for you to return, and between you brothers, you've been eating and living together for decades, is there really no affection at all?"

                Master Sun glanced at Qin Ming approvingly, only Qin Ming had caught the point, the two brothers did have a good relationship back then, and it was the only factor that made Sun Justice sway.

                Feeling Elder Sun's approving gaze, Qin Ming became even more confident and said, "Why don't we draw the line and have a match, so that everyone will be convinced."

                Qin Ming said in a timely manner, "Then give each other a chance. If our Sun family loses, all of us will kill ourselves in front of you, and if they refuse, I will do it myself, so what?"

                With these words, Qin Ming frightened a group of people from the Sun family, and those who had been good and obedient descendants were discontented.

                "What kind of words are you saying? Who are we to do that?"

                "This, this kind of condition is too outrageous, isn't it?"

                "Dad, you must quickly persuade the master that this cannot be agreed to, we originally sought it out, but we have the advantage, and now we have become a turtle in a jar."

                "Master, you have to think carefully, you can't do this."

                "On what grounds? He's not from our Sun family, why should he represent us like this?"

                The juniors objected with all sorts of voices, and the Sun Renli brothers were all dumbfounded, wasn't Qin Ming's condition pushing the Sun family to death?

                But when they thought of not trusting Qin Ming before, and even worrying that Qin Ming would claim too much money if he took too much credit, and sidelined him, they still had to look for Qin Ming when something went wrong.

                It was somewhat difficult for them to say anything.

                The old man Sun in the front still did not speak, as he was being controlled and he could only watch how his sons and grandsons would try to save him.

                He also felt that Qin Ming was asking too much for this kind of bet.

                Sun Zhengzhi suddenly laughed: "Hahahaha, that's a good condition. If your Sun family loses, all of them will kill themselves and have nothing to do with me."

                Qin Ming added, "If you lose, then be a good boy and give up this farce against the Sun family, make up with Master Sun properly and go to your wife and children, how about that?"

                With this condition, Qin Ming appeared to be forcing the Sun family into a dead end, but in reality, he was giving Sun Justice a perfect stepping stone to let go of his decades of hatred and feel at ease.

                On one side was decades of hatred, and on the other was decades of brotherhood, both of which were difficult for Sun Justice to part with in his heart, so Qin Ming gave him a stepping stone to let go of his hatred, a deadly temptation, the lives of everyone in the Sun family.

                Lose? Qin Ming did not think he would lose.

                In his eyes, so many black-clad bodyguards were nothing more than mere chickens and dogs, because he had Lin Yurou, the compulsion master of the Xiangxi Lin family.

                Sun Justice agreed in one breath, with a ruthless look on his face, and said, "Good."

                He turned back and walked inside the hot spring hotel, saying, "I have a total of over a hundred people here, if you take down all of my elite members of the Ten Thousand Snakes Society and walk in front of me, I will be considered to have lost!"

                Brush brush brush!

                Immediately, a large group of fighters emerged from the open area of the mid-level hot spring, each of them rubbing their fists together with ill intentions, showing hideous smiles.

                On the other hand, there were only a dozen of them on the Sun family's side, most of them were gentle readers, so the difference was too great.