Rags To Riches Chapter 616

 The three Sun brothers, as well as Sun Yue, and Sun Changxi rushed up while calling out to Qin Ming.

                Bai Mingyu greeted them with a smiling face, right in front of Sun Renli, saying, "Boss Sun ......"

                Sun Renli had urgent business for Qin Ming and pushed Bai Mingyu straight away, saying, "Get lost. Master, you must help us."

                Bai Mingyu was pushed and stumbled, fell on his back, but dared not speak out in anger, the other party's status was too high, his family was still only a vassal of the Bai family's original family, he could not even afford to flatter the other party, how could he dare to act recklessly?

                "Master ...... begs you to strike again." Sun Yue also said, "We messed up."

                Sun Renbing said nothing more and went straight forward, grabbed Qin Ming's hand and said, "Big brother, from today onwards, you are my Sun Renbing's big brother and I am your little brother, I dare not say two when you say one. Big brother, I am willing to bet and accept defeat, please accept my little brother's obeisance."

                With that, Sun Renbing willingly conceded defeat and bowed his hand to Qin Ming with a profuse bow.

                The atmosphere at the scene became incomparably surprising for a while.

                Just a moment ago, Bai Jingchen was fighting Qin Ming to the death, red in the neck and thick in the pores, and in a turn of events, Qin Ming was surrounded by a bunch of Beijing City heavyweights.

                And it was the Sun family! What Qin Ming had just said that the Sun family would stand up for him turned out to be true, but it could make Bai Jingchen envious and jealous, he had been befriending the Sun family for a long time, but only a few of the Sun family's peripheral relatives, because the Sun family's family style was rather strict and most people were not enlisted by his money.

                It was obvious that the Sun family was not looking for trouble with Qin Ming.

                Bai Jingchen felt that he was somewhat passive and that things might be reversed.

                Qin Ming said, "Everyone, it's not that I don't want to help in your Sun family's matter. But my friend has been kidnapped and abducted, and you see, her life is still under threat, so I have to deal with my friend's matter first."

                Qin Ming suddenly pointed at Bai Jingchen, who was surprised how to deal with what was coming next, only for Qin Ming to point the finger directly at him, and Bai Jingchen secretly said no.

                Only then did the crowd see two big, burly men, one on the left and one on the right, holding Lin Yurou's hand and keeping her under control, while Bai Jingchen was holding a knife on the side, as if he was about to do something bad.

                Qin Ming said in a loud voice, "Bai Jingchen, in broad daylight, in the middle of the clear sky, you led a group of thugs to storm into a sacred university campus, forcibly robbed an innocent female student, and also joined your cousin Bai Mingyu to coerce me into demanding money. Ah, I am so distressed. Bai Mingyu was still my classmate and was led astray by you."

                Bai Jingchen's face turned pale and he roared, "You spewed blood! You're the one who changed the trick and lost my nine million dollars. Arrest him, he's the criminal."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "I have superpowers, why don't I go to heaven? Just now, being held down and beaten by your people? Sister Chang Xi, second brother Ren Bing, look, my face is swollen, they abused me for thirty minutes! How wronged I am, how innocent I am, it's just a few dollars, and he robbed me."

                When the crowd took a look, it was true that Qin Ming's face had injuries.

                When Sun Changxi saw this, she immediately became furious, although she had no established relationship with Qin Ming, Qin Ming was very special in her heart, seeing Qin Ming being beaten, she almost stormed out and immediately pulled out her sidearm and pointed it at Bai Jingchen in front of her, angrily scolding him, "Bai Jingchen, I'm warning you, immediately put down your weapon and give up your hands."


                More than half of the people who came with them were uniformed police officers, and when they saw the situation, they also immediately raised their pistols and pointed them at Bai Jingchen's group.

                Bai Jingchen and the others were so frightened that they looked pale, this was outrageous, right?

                Bai Jingchen swore to God that he really, really just wanted to get back the money he had been "turned" into, and once he had the money, he didn't even want to see Qin Ming's face.

                But the bank was excusing the investigation and if he couldn't get the money back, he would be the laughing stock of the rich and famous in Beijing, and he would be asked everywhere he went: "Young Bai, did Zhao Zhengyan really lose your nine million dollars? How on earth did he manage to do that? Don't you have your bank card in your hand?"

                Bai Jingchen was on the verge of collapse from the questions.

                Bai Mingyu, who had never seen such a battle before, fell to the ground in fear: "I surrender, I didn't do anything, really, don't shoot."

                The pugilists were also scared, a dozen guns were pointed at them, could they not panic? They also put their hands on their heads and admitted their surrender.

                Lin Yurou was successfully saved, while Bai Jingchen Bai stood frozen in place with the knife, knowing that he was finished and had completely lost to this Qin Ming.

                Sun Renbing scolded angrily, "Damn it, take them all back and never forgive them lightly. This is too bad, robbing people in broad daylight and robbing my elder brother? Are the rich kids in Beijing really lawless now?"

                Sun Changxi looked at the injuries on Qin Ming's face, and her anger was hard to quell, so she moved closer to his ear and said, "Don't worry, Qin Ming, I won't let these people who have hit you with their hands have a good time."

                Qin Ming's heart warmed and he playfully winked at her.

                In fact, Qin Ming didn't feel much of a problem, after all, he was used to fighting, and the few punches just now didn't feel painful, scratching an itch was about right.

                It was mainly Sun Changxi's concern for him that made him feel comfortable.

                Bai Jingchen's face was pale as he was taken away, he didn't know why, Zhao Zhengyin, who used to be ridiculed and did nothing, why did he become so resourceful now? Even people from the Sun family, a famous family in Beijing, had come to flatter him? Was this too much?

                After Qin Ming's side of the story, Sun Renli began to talk about last night's incident, and also said that the Sun family had used all their connections to trace the whereabouts of Master Sun and Sun Zhengyin overnight, and had almost done a city-wide search.

                However, no trace could be found, no one could be found, Sun Justice seemed to have disappeared and evaporated out of thin air, simply outrageous.

                In the end, the three brothers, after a reprimand from their sister Sun Yue, put aside their prejudices and face and came to seek help from Qin Ming, the "master".

                Sun Renbing said respectfully, "Big brother, I am willing to bet and accept defeat, from today onwards you are my big brother. I, Sun Renbing, will do whatever I say, and you will be my beloved big brother for the rest of my life. I only beg you to save my old father."

                Sun Renbing was old enough to be Qin Ming's father, yet he had stooped to the level of a junior brother, which was not easy for a man who had been in a high position for a long time.

                Qin Ming had actually known about last night for a long time, and the assassination squad from the Huan Yu Century Group had also searched for him all night and found nothing as well, which made Qin Ming a little embarrassed.

                After all, he was not really a god, he was just a godly man.

                Qin Ming could only use the word stall, he put one hand behind his back and said calmly, "In that case, I have to use up my longevity to worship the gods and ask them for information about the whereabouts of Elder Sun. However, this requires the preparation of the divine platform practice and will take some time."

                Sun Changxi said anxiously, "Time is running out. Must it be so tedious?"

                Sun Changxi was actually someone who knew something about Qin Ming, and knew that Qin Ming liked to pretend to be a god, so she felt that Qin Ming was hiding something. She pulled Qin Ming over and walked aside, begging, "I beg you, my grandfather's life is at stake, so don't sell yourself short. As long as you can save my grandfather, I'll promise you anything, okay?"

                Qin Ming's heart was bitter, it wasn't that he didn't want to.

                Looking at the two who were whispering, Lin Yurou was jealous in her heart and said, "Sure enough, a cat that steals fishy things."

                At this moment, Lin Yurou suddenly asked, "Why don't you use the envelope you were given last night? Open it when it's dangerous, and you might be able to catch someone."

                Sun Renbing took it out awkwardly and said, "I, we thought it was Big Brother's treasure, it must have cost quite a lot of money to get. You have to count the money when you use it, our Sun family, in fact, has limited financial resources, not too much to spare."

                Lin Yurou shook her head in dissatisfaction and said, "Inside this is a kind of flying insect that can spread a special fragrance, and those who smell it will quickly fall into a weak and feeble state. This is indeed precious, but if you had to use it yesterday, it wouldn't have been such a hassle now."

                Sun Renbing lowered his head in shame and blamed himself in his heart; if it wasn't for his bored pride and face, why would he have gotten into this mess.

                Now, after understanding Qin Ming's good intentions at the beginning, he completely worshipped Qin Ming, he had thought of all the backward moves for you, he was like a god, a reincarnation of Zhuge Liang.

                He slapped himself hard, "Sister-in-law has taught me a lesson, I know I'm wrong."

                Lin Yurou was suddenly startled, her heart blossomed at the words 'sister-in-law', although it was a misunderstanding, it sounded comfortable.

                Lin Yurou's smile unfolded and she said, "It's alright, your big brother, he, too, has long grasped the whereabouts of that Sun Justice, so it's good that you're following him now."

                Qin Ming was dumbfounded and pulled Lin Yurou anxiously, saying, "What are you talking about? I ......"

                Lin Yurou pressed Qin Ming's mouth with one onion-white finger and said, "Shh, believe me? I have long guarded a hand, do you believe it?"

                Qin Ming was surprised and delighted, this girl, she was so ice-cold smart?

                Looking at the whispering duo, Sun Changxi was in an internal trance, her heart was sour and she said, "Sure enough, men are all big pig's feet."