Rags To Riches Chapter 615

 Lin Yurou picked up the newspaper, a copy of an old paper from a few years ago, which reported a disgraceful news story.

                A key high school in Hai City, Zhao Zhengyin, also illustrated with pictures of coded eyes, attempted to rape a female classmate at the end of an evening study session, only to be caught on surveillance, but couldn't get a hard-on when the matter came to a head, resulting in an attempted rape, thus becoming the laughing stock of the city.

                At that time, the Zhao family and the old Qin family in Hai City used their connections immediately after the incident and blocked the news as much as possible, so the country and the internet didn't cause much of a stir.

                But the people in that circle couldn't help but spread the word by word of mouth, so people who often go to the city of Shanghai still know about such a thing.

                Bai Jingchen had business in the city, especially since the youngest member of the He family was his friend, so he knew all about Zhao Zhengyan's scandals.

                Bai Jingchen said grimly: "If you don't return the money, after today, not only Hai City, but all of Beijing will know that you are not only a waste, but also an invalid."

                Bai Mingyu laughed loudly, "Zhao Zhengyan, if you want people to know, unless you can be hard. It's a pity that you can't enjoy the taste of a woman, huh huh. Beauty, you still don't know, do you? This guy is a hard-on. '

                Lin Yurou was disdainful of this, making fun of or even threatening someone's physical faults was the most stupid and childish act, usually found in the middle school student stage, and this Bai Jingchen was obviously being pushed.

                But she was unconcerned by Bai Mingyu's ridicule, knowing that the person next to her was not Zhao Zhengyan of the Zhao family, but Qin Ming from Guangcheng.

                Lin Yurou indifferently took Qin Ming's arm and said, "Is that so? But I just like him, I like everything about him."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, thinking, "Lin Yurou you're going too far, although acting, you can't take advantage of me indiscriminately, right?

                Bai Mingyu was stunned, can't she? Is this woman out of her mind? She likes this kind of loser? Bai Mingyu was envious and jealous: "Beauty, you're not only blind, you're also blind. Come with me, I'm rich and I can make you happy, hehehehe."

                Lin Yurou gave a disgusted "bah" and said, "He's ten thousand times better than you, ten million times better."

                Lin Yurou was very intimate, Qin Ming always felt that he was being taken advantage of, his arm could feel the squeeze of her voluminous peaks, the soft touch made him lose his concentration, his arm was being taken advantage of by Lin Yurou's breasts, too hateful this woman.

                "Ahem." Qin Ming cleared his throat, he still needed to stop Bai Jingchen's brainless action, after all, Zhao Zhengyan's reputation was damaged, not what he wanted to see, he needed to make the word "Zhao Zhengyan" shine in the capital city, before he could meet Zhao Zhen, before he could go deep into the Zhao family and understand how the Zhao family was an iron wall.

                "Bai Jingchen, the police have already approached me and I am cooperating with them in their investigation." Qin Ming said, "If you want to damage my reputation, that would be the Bai family going against our Zhao family. Although our family is illegitimate, we will be invited back to our own family for dinner during the New Year holidays. The relationship is still there, so you, the Bai family, must go against me? Moreover, the Sun family is currently on just the right relationship with me, so I might not need to invite my grandfather Zhao Zhen, just get Sun Yue and Sun Renli to come over and clean you up."

                "Hahahaha ......" Bai Jingchen suddenly laughed out loud, "You dull ass, what a waste, I thought you could say something. Turns out it's still some nonsense."

                He said coldly and sternly, "Still using your grandfather Zhao Zhen to scare me? I tell you, I'm afraid of anyone but your Zhao family! Back then, when it caused me our Bai family to fall, your Zhao family didn't contribute much. Hmph! As for the Sun family, you are even more ignorant, last night the Sun family's old man was robbed by kidnappers, now the Sun family is probably busy going crazy, how could they have the heart to care about a punk like you?"

                "You don't need to pretend to be a tiger here, you went looking for a backer when something happened to you, doesn't that prove that you're just a punk with no balls?"

                "Heh heh heh." The surrounding fighters burst into laughter.

                Bai Mingyu also shouted, "That's right, have you heard the saying? The emptier the carriage, the louder the noise. Tsk, you're making a lot of noise now and talking big in empty words. The Zhao family won't do you any favours, nor will the Sun family, we'll clean you up as easily as we can. Even the police wouldn't dare to intervene."

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart, these people bragged without a word.

                Seeing that Qin Ming still refused to give in, Bai Jingchen was also driven to anger and said, "Arrest them all!"

                Qin Ming was immediately surrounded by five or six big, sturdy men, all of whom were trained, with strong arms and infinite strength, but Qin Ming was able to dodge nimbly.

                Bai Jingchen immediately ordered, "Grab his woman and control her as a hostage first."

                Qin Ming cursed, "Bai Jingchen, you're really not a man."

                Exasperated, Bai Jingchen said, "If you are a man, your woman will know later. Zhao Zhengyan, if you don't return the money, your woman will know what it means to be a real woman later."

                Lin Yurou, a soft woman, was soon grabbed by the arms of two big, brawny men and pinned aside.

                Bai Mingyu laughed triumphantly, "Don't move, if you dare to move, I'll strip her of a piece of clothing."

                Qin Ming's movements froze as he looked at Lin Yurou who was under control, he stopped his hands, really worried that Bai Mingyu would hurt Lin Yurou.

                Lin Yurou looked at Qin Ming, only to see him stop because he was worried about her, and immediately his face was swollen from a hook punch from left to right by two big men.

                "Qin ...... dear!" Lin Yurou almost shouted out Qin Ming's name and said, "Leave me alone and fight back."

                Qin Ming also wanted to leave Lin Yurou alone ah, but inwardly struggled, although she was a bit annoying, but since he had promised to take in the homeless man, a man's promise should be fulfilled and protect her.

                Besides, yesterday he pretended to be a god, Lin Yurou did not help a lot, Qin Ming is a person who values his friends very much.


                Qin Ming received another punch, Lin Yurou closed her eyes in great pain and dared not look, but in her heart she was very happy, so happy that her heart was racing and her cheeks were burning: "He, he dared not do it for me, for me. Does he, does he like me a bit? Should I strike now?"

                Bai Jingchen was so furious when he saw that Qin Ming refused to pay back the money even though he had been beaten, what he wanted was not only the money, but the face he had lost at the charity gala!

                If he didn't get his lost money back, he was going to be an object of ridicule for the rich and powerful young men of the capital, a talking point after tea and dinner, laughing at his self-proclaimed superior Bai Jingchen, who had a vain name and was worse than a waste of money.

                Even his father would despise him for this, thinking him incompetent and unable to deal with a loser.

                How could he bear such humiliation?

                Clanging, Bai Jingchen took out a small knife and put it against Lin Yurou's face, already a little mad: "Zhao Zhengyan! If you don't pay me back, I'll cut her face. Hey, what a beautiful and tender woman, she's no better than your fiancee. Is your woman's face more important than my money?"

                "Bastard, stop it." Qin Ming shouted in anger.

                Lin Yurou was also stunned and said, "This man is crazy, how dare he do this in public. It seems I can't hide my clumsiness, it would be really bad if I don't let a bad face get blossomed."

                Just when Lin Yurou pursed her lips and twisted her tongue to show her true strength.


                Suddenly, at the back of the school road, four or five cars drove up, and a large group of people came down from the car, and each in formal dress, with police uniforms, military uniforms, western clothes, giving the impression as if they were going to meet a certain big shot's team.

                "What's going on?" Passers-by who were watching the action were discussing.

                "Wow, it's too much to dare drive so fast in the school, isn't it?"

                "Look, it's in uniform, I guess they're going to arrest someone. With so many people, it should be a major offender."

                "Which one has committed a crime? We are the number one institution of higher learning in China."

                The students were talking about it, and Bai Mingyu saw those in uniform coming this way and arrogantly said, "Oh, you're finished, Zhao Zhengyan. The police sent so many people to arrest you."

                Ta-da-da, soon Qin Ming and Bai Jingchen were surrounded by a sea of cold, serious, uniformed people.

                "Grandmaster, Grandmaster Zhao!" Behind the crowd, the three brothers of the Sun family were heard to call out.