Rags To Riches Chapter 614

 The next day Qin Ming got up early.

                He stretched and yawned, sleeping on the floor all night was really uncomfortable, especially in his crappy single room dormitory, which had no heating, and it was almost winter, so he couldn't stand it.

                But he couldn't help it even if he couldn't stand it, he gave up his bed to Lin Yurou, so he couldn't sleep with Lin Yurou.

                Suddenly, a strand of hair fell from his ear, and he saw Lin Yurou, who was wearing an apron, saying gently, "Are you awake? I've made some porridge and bought some doughnuts, your textbooks and clothes are ready, there's still half an hour before class starts, so hurry up."

                Qin Ming was startled and hurriedly moved away a few steps.

                Lin Yurou pouted aggressively and said, "I didn't put any worms in your food. Really, don't you believe me? I'm even homeless."

                Qin Ming said, "Not ...... yesterday you also sacrificed a lot of bugs, the long-lit lamp that uses bugs to dial incense ash, and the envelope hidden in the incense bugs, all your years of hard work, right? How much is it, you make a price."

                Lin Yurou said, "I'm all yours, so I won't charge you. Come and eat your breakfast, it won't taste good if it gets cold."

                When Qin Ming saw that Lin Yurou didn't ask for money, he felt a bit unhappy in his heart, as if he owed her something, but he couldn't force it through, so he thought, "Let's just leave it at that, you can't blame me if you don't want it.

                After eating breakfast, Qin Ming went to class.

                Song Ying sent an email informing him of everything that happened at Sun's house last night. The three Sun brothers are currently searching everywhere for Sun Justice's whereabouts, but to their great surprise, they couldn't find him.

                Moreover, the people from Huan Yu Century could not find it either, which was the most surprising thing to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was surprised, was this Ten Thousand Snakes Society so powerful?

                Qin Ming was surprised that Sun Changxi did not come to him, and in his heart, he praised the Sun family for having some ambition, he had to rely on himself.

                Qin Ming ordered Song Ying to continue to send people to look for them. If the Sun family could not find them, they would definitely come back to him, the "master", and if he, the master, failed to function, then the "master" would become a dead pouncer.

                After the class, Qin Ming thought he was going to deliver the food.

                As he walked out of the classroom, he was surrounded by a few boys with Ma Minmin from the same class.

                "What?" Qin Ming saw that the visitors were not good and asked, "Want to fight?"

                "You've been very arrogant lately, Zhao Zhengyan." Ma Minmin cursed, "I followed Tang Qiao to the toilet in Gushui Town last weekend, and although I didn't succeed, I can't just let it go."

                "Right, it can't be let off like that."

                Qin Ming said speechlessly, "Then what are you going to do? Do you want to call the police? Or do you want to fight?"

                Qin Ming had been practising kung fu recently, so he was a bit confident.

                Ma Minmin poked Qin Ming in the chest and threatened, "What kind of fight? I'm warning you, don't go half a step closer to Tang Qiao, or I'll skin you."

                Qin Ming laughed disdainfully, smacked his finger away and said, "Don't worry about that. My woman is much more beautiful than that Tang Qiao of yours."

                "Hahahaha ......" The class burst out in laughter, unimpressed.

                "Listen everyone, Zhao Zhengyin, this waste of a mansion, actually said he has a girlfriend."

                "Hahaha, after four years of university, I haven't seen him with any other women, I used to be in the same dorm as him, nestled in the dorm watching island anime every day."

                "Hahahaha, shameless. If you can find a girlfriend, I'll rip my head off and give you a chair."

                "Hahahaha, annoyed."

                The boys in the class mocked Qin Ming unscrupulously, completely disbelieving what Qin Ming said.

                Qin Ming was very speechless, but he didn't bother to retort, there was no need to argue with a group of little kids.

                Suddenly, a righteous rebuke came from the back of the crowd, "What are you laughing at? I'm his girlfriend."

                The boys in the economics class stopped laughing abruptly, where did this girl come from to be this loser's girlfriend? And it sounded nice.

                They all looked at the door at the same time, only to see a graceful young girl coming from outside.

                The red and white striped short sleeves with black collar and sleeve trim were cut to a delicate fit, with a round neckline revealing a pretty collarbone. Light blue mini shorts reveal the slender thighs wrapped in black silk, and a pair of red cloth shoes are simple and generous.

                The lovely porcelain doll-like face instantly attracted the attention of the whole audience.

                Wasn't that person Lin Yurou?

                She just saw her affectionately come forward and hold Qin Ming's arm, saying, "You people are really, are you misunderstanding my boyfriend somehow. Honey, I've come to pick you up from class. Let's go."

                "Uh~!" Ma Minmin and the others stared at the scene with wide eyes and open mouths in disbelief.

                "How is it possible, such a cute and beautiful girl? To think that ...... is the girlfriend of this wasteful dead geek Zhao Zhengyan?"

                "Beauty, are you blind?"

                "No, it's impossible."

                "She's much prettier than Tang Qiao, ah. It's as decent as those school girls in our school."

                Qin Ming didn't want to admit it, but after being mocked by this group of people just now, he was happy to pretend for a while, and he walked away with his backhand around Lin Yurou's small waist in triumph, saying, "See, I'm not lying. I'm such an honest guy, why would I lie. Really, I have such a beautiful girlfriend, I won't be interested in your ...... oh-so-not-yet-chased woman, ok?"

                Qin Ming walked with the most flirtatious of footsteps and left the scene in triumph.

                Lin Yurou snickered, "You've got this inviting black physique, huh? Everywhere you go, you get into trouble."

                Qin Ming was wronged but said, "I'm not, it's all because the other party is persecuted and paranoid, always treating me like a love rival. From now on, until the Sun family comes to me for help, I won't be in trouble, do you believe me?"

                "Zhao Zhengyan you bastard!"

                Fiercely, three black cars suddenly rushed out from the roadside in a triangular formation, surrounding Qin Ming's way dead.

                Then halfway down the road, Bai Jingchen and Bai Mingyu rushed out, along with some thugs they had brought with them, surrounding Qin Ming and Lin Yurou.

                "Give back the money, give me back my money." Bai Jingchen said angrily, "The police are just being abrasive, how come they still let you go? You give back Laozi's money."

                Lin Yurou pursed her lips and laughed lightly, "Hahaha, didn't you say you wouldn't run into trouble? How come someone is immediately looking for you?"

                Bai Mingyu followed suit and said fiercely, "Zhao Zhengyin, you're warned, you're all from the same school, if you don't pay back the money, this won't be over, I'll never let you have a chance to come out of the hospital."

                Qin Ming's face was expressionless as he said, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, I don't owe you any money, so why are you looking for me? Where's the evidence?"

                Bai Mingyu was dumbfounded and said, "Evidence ...... evidence, anyway, I don't care, our money, you are the one who changed away."

                Bai Jingchen bit his lips, his eyes indignant, because he had lost a bet at the charity party last time and had his money changed by Qin Ming, he returned to the Bai family and was severely reprimanded by his father, and at the same time became the joke of the circle, making him lose face.

                He could not swallow this anger.

                His father gave him a deadly order that the money had to be returned to save face, or his legs would be broken as punishment.

                Bai Jingchen smiled coldly and said, "Hmph, you are determined not to return the money, so don't blame me for being ruthless, you punk. Look what I've brought you."

                With a swipe, a stack of newspapers was thrown in front of Qin Ming!