Rags To Riches Chapter 613

 Late at night, the Sun family compound was empty here, terribly quiet.

                And on the patio within the compound, Master Sun, dressed in formal attire, sat at the entrance, knowing that as he did so, that person would surely appear, his brother, Sun Justice.

                As luck would have it, a car slowly drove past the Sun family's front door.

                The people who had been ambushed near the entrance of the Sun family immediately poured out.

                "Stand still!" Sun Renbing rushed out with a group of people, but an imposing old man got out of the car, who was dressed in a suit, and walked straight into the Sun family without paying any attention to these people.

                And soon, three more men men came down from the car, and they spread their hands, holding a row of suspected bombs, and threatened, "Don't mess around, or all of you will ascend to heaven."

                Sun Renbing and the others looked on, all dumbfounded, and immediately stopped in their tracks, not daring to make a mess.

                Sun Renbing growled in annoyance, "Damn it, why did Dad do this?"

                Sun Renli frowned, "We're surrounded by water, we shouldn't be able to get away, don't worry. Besides, I secretly put a bug in when I left the house, so we can listen to what's going on inside."

                The two brothers looked at this chicken thief elder brother and immediately ran over to eavesdrop.

                And inside the Sun family house, when Elder Sun saw the visitor, he was a little excited and lamented, "After decades, I never thought that we would see the two brothers again one day."

                "Brothers?" Sun Zhengzhi leaned on his cane and said indifferently, "Your Sun family really boasts of justice and stinks of shamelessness. What happened back then, if I hadn't investigated it, I would have really recognized the thief as my father."

                Sun Zhengzhi angrily rebuked, "Your father and my father were classmates, and your father sold my father out, selling out his friends for glory, and your Sun family has been on a smooth path ever since, while my father was jailed and criticised for not being able to bear the thought of committing suicide, leaving behind an orphan and a widow, and my mother also fled. You guys pretended to take me in as an adopted son again, ahem ......"

                Elder Sun shook his head with emotion, "Back then, in those days when no one had enough to eat, although everyone lived a bit more bitterly, betraying the country was a big crime. My dad hung back and did nothing wrong, my dad also gave you your dad a chance, it was your dad who was stubborn and didn't listen to advice."

                Sun Zhengzhi roared, "That doesn't change the fact that he sold out his friends for glory, got my father killed and tired my mother, made me an orphan and pretended to take me in as his adopted son. He said he treated me as his own, but when it came to the issue of inheriting the Sun family, I was an outsider again, and everything was given to you to force me out. Crowned, the good guys are all from your Sun family, and I should be the bad guy?"

                Elder Sun was drowned out by his brother's anger saying that he had abandoned everything about the Sun family, including his name, and changed back to his original name.

                Sun Zheng said, "I have waited for fifty years and have finally built up enough power to network a group of experts. Investigated everything about your Sun Family's interpersonal relationships over the decades. Oh, I thought you guys had something unclean. But to my surprise, your family is very clean, so I have no choice but to use the most primitive means. I will send all of your Sun family to hell."

                Master Sun sighed and said, "Brother, when will injustice be done? My children know nothing about what happened in our generation, and is it good for your heart to implicate innocent people? I am already eighty-five and you are only one year younger than me, how many years do we have left to live?"

                "Are you confident that you can kill all of our Sun family? I'm not boasting, my untalented ones are not that easy for you to get rid of. When they take revenge on you, your children, aren't they innocent?"

                Sun Justice laughed indignantly, "In order to become strong enough to have no weaknesses. In order to wait for this day of comeback, for these fifty years, I have been living alone, our Ye family is extinct, all because of you ......"

                Elder Sun suddenly said, "Isn't Jiang Yan your fiancee? When you left back then, she was already pregnant, didn't you know that?"

                Sun Zhengzhi was stunned, and his arrogant and epileptic movements became stiff.

                Elder Sun continued, "When you were a child, the Jiang family always resented our Sun family for repudiating the marriage. I have also been secretly helping Jiang Yan, my sister-in-law, who gave birth to twins for you, two sons who are now as old as my three children, quite successful, and have also given you grandchildren, the youngest of whom is still studying."

                "You lie!" Sun Zhengzhi was shaking with anger, "You are just like your father, flowery words, in short, I will not stop, I will not believe your words. You won't believe anything you say, you want to disturb me. I won't let you get away with it."

                Elder Sun lamented, "Brother, it's still the same saying, when will injustice be done? The moment I knew it was you, I did nothing, that was our brotherly love, my sincerity! I'll just get rid of the people, I know you'll come to see me. I did it because I wanted to give both sides a way to live. My dad, no matter what, has always treated you like a son for those twenty years. Not letting you inherit the Sun family, at least he gave you a career."

                Clicking, Sun Zhengzhi pointed a gun at Elder Sun's head and said fiercely, "I won't believe your words, you're lying to me. Once you die, the Sun family will be in chaos. Even if I go to hell, I will drag your Sun family with me."


                The Sun family gate opened, and Sun Zhengzhi pointed a gun at Elder Sun as he approached the car step by step.

                "Dad!" When the three Sun Renli brothers saw this, they all turned pale with fear.

                They had overheard the conversation inside the house and were shocked and worried, only to see Sun Justice come out holding the old man hostage.

                The snipers hidden in the shadows were unable to shoot, as Master Sun's life was too important to be lost.

                Sun Justice spoke this English and instructed his men to drive.

                One of his men, straight away, threw a bomb device like object.

                The people of the Sun family were so frightened that they immediately dodged, but it was not a bomb, but a smoke bomb, and the scene was immediately thick with smoke, plus it was dark, so they could not see anything.

                Boom boom~!

                The car went straight out with a stomp of the throttle.

                And the car, in the midst of the smoke, surprisingly began to change colour, and the license plate automatically changed, while some nails on the road that had punctured the tyres, surprisingly could not be nailed in, this was actually a specially modified secret service vehicle.

                With a loud bang, the barrier also gave way, and the car sped off all the way.

                Sun Renbing was anxious and angry: "Don't shoot, don't hurt my father by mistake."

                This is also a matter of no choice, cast the mouse, the old man is tied to the car, bullets without eyes, if there is any deviation, the old man is not good to say eat bullets, bump bump bump may die.

                As they watched the old man being taken away, the three brothers of the Sun family had a gloomy look on their faces.

                Sun Renbing could only give frantic orders, "Chase, make sure you catch up with that car."

                "What should we do, what should we do now?" Sun Yue was furious and angry, the other side only had a few people, and the armed police on their side had all backed them up to the scene, and they still let the other side get away.

                Sun Renli was furious and said, "Lao San, at that time I said we should rush in, you just didn't listen."

                "The other side had bombs, and whoever was affected by the wave was a dead man." Sun Renbei argued, "Besides, Dad was kidnapped and it was not good for me to do anything."

                Sun Renfa was even more annoyed, "I told you, I'll pull the army to surround the place, and you insist that you can manage."

                "Then you go, go now." Sun Ren Bing said angrily.

                The three brothers bickered and Sun Yue was so furious that she shivered and roared outright, "All right, stop it! Don't hurry and go beg."

                Sun Renbing asked rhetorically, "Beg who?"

                Sun Yue gritted her teeth and said, "Beg your big brother! Do you have to let go of your old face only when Dad is dead?"