Rags To Riches Chapter 612

 The Sun family's party was kicked out, and it was obvious that Master Sun knew something and wanted to settle the matter himself.

                The children of the Sun family wanted to be filial, but when faced with the furious Old Master Sun, they were all as cowardly as quails, not daring to confront him.

                Anyone who dared to stay was beaten out by Master Sun with a messy stick.

                When Sun Renbing went out, he immediately said, "Dad won't let us stay, we can deploy around the perimeter. As long as that Sun Justice shows up, I'll just arrest him directly, you guys don't have to interfere."

                Sun Renli said, "What about the charges? What about the evidence? This matter can be resolved, right? Master said that the other party is behind an organisation called the Ten Thousand Snakes Society, so I guess it's not simple, it's been messing with our family for more than two months and we haven't even got a clue, if it wasn't for Master's hand, we wouldn't know now. We should listen to the master's advice."

                The crowd looked at Qin Ming with admiration again, the young Qin Ming was able to help the Sun family solve such a big trouble and uncover the black hand and organisation behind it, those who were still skeptical had to be convinced.

                Qin Ming laughed and bragged, "A small matter, a small matter."

                "Big brother, don't you have a head yourself?" Sun Ren Bing saw that everyone in the family had become admiring of Qin Ming, and when he thought of that bet, he said with great displeasure, "After living a long life, you have to rely on outsiders for everything?"

                The second son, Sun Renfa, grunted, "Big brother, don't get ahead of yourself here, Dad's safety is more important than anything else. If something happens, it's not a joke. I'll send a team over directly."

                Sun Renli said angrily, "You're not fooling around? Do we need the state to contribute to our own family affairs? Are you not an official anymore?"

                Sun Renbing said with a sigh, "Stop arguing, this is my job, just leave it to me. I will take care of this matter this time, none of you need to interfere, just watch from the sidelines."

                Sun Renli was dissatisfied, "Lao-san, you want to steal the credit? So that Dad will remember your good deeds? If you are capable, what have you found out in two months? You even said today that you caught the enemy in the act, and that should be because of the spirits of the master. By the way, don't you want to recognize the master as your big brother? Hurry up and pay your respects."

                Sun Renbing's face became even more discontented: "Big brother, are you in charge of this family? I still need to listen to your orders when I do my job? As for Zhao Zhengyan Master Zhao ...... when the case is solved, I will never go back on my word."

                The three brothers of the Sun family were not in agreement and argued with each other, as if they all wanted to take down Sun Zhengyan and take the top credit.

                Qin Ming looked straight shaking his head, but also did not intervene, every family has a difficult to read ah.

                Sun Renli wanted to listen to Qin Ming's arrangements, while Sun Renfa wanted to use the convenience of his authority to send someone, Sun Renbing directly asked the others not to interfere, and he alone arranged for the elite of the police force to come.

                The three brothers argued and the other juniors could not intervene.

                Sun Yue was the one who believed in Qin Ming's "magical powers" and immediately said, "Master Zhao, what is going on? Since you know, don't sell us short, tell us, what is the most appropriate way to do it?"

                Qin Ming actually knew something about what happened between Master Sun and Sun Zhengzhi back then, and said, "The bell must be untied. Your father should be thinking this way, we'll just watch from the outside."

                Sun Renbing, who had been in a high position for a long time and was used to being a leader, was not happy to see his sister and elder brother all listening to Qin Ming, a young man from the backwoods, but Qin Ming did find out the real culprit behind the curtain and he had admiration for that.

                But he couldn't face it.

                He stepped forward and expelled him, "Zhao Zhengyan, your mission is over, you can leave now. The rest is all the business of our Sun family."

                Sun Yue was dissatisfied, "Third brother, the master has helped us a lot this time, what kind of attitude is that? Don't look at the face of the Buddha without looking at the face of the monk. Do you want to offend Zhang Zhen Zhen as well?"

                Sun Renbing grunted, "I think he's young, what if he gets into a fight and the bullets don't see eye to eye and he dies? Would he be able to beat those bandits? Maybe he has some skills in fortune telling, but in terms of fighting that's not as good as Chang Xi, right?"

                Sun Renfa suddenly pulled his elder brother over and whispered a few words in his ear, something about favours, huge amounts of money and so on.

                When Sun Ren Li heard this, his face changed and he changed his tone again, "Indeed, Master, your safety is important. Since the other side is an organisation, they must be large in number, and a fierce battle is inevitable tonight. Master, for your safety, please leave first."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, wasn't this crossing the river? These three brothers were really, clueless beforehand, having found out their target, they did not take Qin Ming seriously, afraid that afterwards Qin Ming would lionize them and pay too much money, or Qin Ming would blackmail their Sun family with favours, really good intentions for a donkey's liver and lungs.

                Qin Ming didn't want the Sun family to benefit much at all, he was only working so hard for Sun Changxi.

                He was really incompetent like a dog at first, and if he had a goal to drive people away, he would turn his face over faster than a book.

                The three brothers unanimously decided not to let Qin Ming interfere, and Sun Yue had no choice but to say apologetically, "Master, I'm sorry. My brother and the others were too unreasonable. But you helped us find the murderer behind the curtain, a kindness that our Sun family will not forget."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "It's alright, when you encounter something you can't solve, open this envelope."

                Sun Yue took the envelope and felt it was a little heavy, and she did not know what it was.

                Sun Renbing, who was beside her, immediately snatched it and said, "Little sister, this is something he cheated people with, if you use it, he will have to ask you for money afterwards, and when the lion opens his mouth, shouting in tens of millions or hundreds of millions, you will be pitched."

                Sun Yue frowned and said, "It can't be."

                Sun Renbing grunted, "What about the fact that he used the favor of saving our dad to get you to open documents for his old man's investment in Africa? This kid just sees what our Sun family can do and is trying to get us to owe favours. When the time comes, we will owe him a bunch of favours and be held hostage by him. I'll take this, I'll deploy my heavy troops later, it'll be fine."

                Sun Changxi was unhappy, "Third Uncle, he's not like that, you're being petty to a gentleman's heart."

                Sun Renbing grunted, "You're naive, Changxi, in his line of work, if you don't ask for money or favours, what do you ask for? Isn't Zhang Zhen Zhen the same? Taking people's money and doing them a favour, our Sun family doesn't have that much money to throw down. That leaves us with our connections and abilities. How can we not be on guard?"

                As Qin Ming walked off with Lin Yurou, the latter complained, "Qin Ming, this Sun family's people are too much, you helped them but they won't let you get involved, guarding against you like a thief."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically with understanding, "There are rules in the trade, I have to charge money for my hand. When I did the spell yesterday, I charged the Sun family a million dollars, and if I want to catch the murderer behind the scene, they will have to pay me another sum of money. One million is indeed quite a lot, but my master, Zhang Quanzhen, must be worth tens of millions initially. The Sun family is a famous family, but not a wealthy one, so it might be more of a struggle."

                "If I don't make an offer later on, they won't need to pay me. The initial promise can be bargained away too. That's the way people are, they obviously agreed at first, but they'll make bad deals to pay a little less for the benefit."

                "Then can money be compared to a human life?" Lin Yurou still disagreed and said, "Why would they need your help when they are so useful in numbers? If they can't handle it later, you can ignore them, I hate this kind of people the most."

                Qin Ming, however, was a little worried and said, "I hope so."