Rags To Riches Chapter 611

 Qin Ming picked up the photo and looked at the person on it.

                Lin Yurou, who was unhappily flattening her small mouth at the side, came over and asked, "Old lover? Man? You have a lot of luck with peach blossoms, interrogating someone and still running into a female, tsk, this female is quite pretty ah."

                Qin Wei gave her a look and said, "Do you believe me when I say that I am a childhood friend?"

                Lin Yurou nudged her mouth and said, "I believe it, after all, you raised me, I believe whatever you say."

                The photo in Qin Ming's hand, wasn't it his former nemesis from Baishui Town, Chang Miao Miao? The two were no big deal, just biting each other to make each other concede, which resulted in a fight that lasted for his entire childhood, and then ended in tragedy.

                He had also seen Chang Miao Miao in college before, but the other person's name was wrong, so he just thought it was a resemblance.

                Qin Ming put away the photo and didn't think much about it for the time being, after all, many years had passed and he didn't know if he could meet her again in the vast sea of people.

                Qin Ming went downstairs and found that Sun Renbing had been sent away by Song Ying. He secretly praised Song Ying's strength and then took a taxi to the Sun family.

                At this time, the Sun family was on standby because a bomb had been found in the car of their eldest son, Sun Renli. Although it was only installed on the way and discovered by Qin Ming's men, Sun Renli was scared enough, especially the gang that had taken the culprit, and he did not know who it was.

                Sun Renbing did go after the men, but he hadn't caught up with them yet.

                The arrival of Qin Ming made the whole Sun family seem to see some hope. Previously, they had never been able to find any clues, but yesterday Qin Ming had just performed a spell, and the people hiding in the shadows had appeared.

                As soon as Qin Ming arrived, Sun Renbing said, "Zhao Zhengyan, you don't have to say anything, I have already locked in the target, the other party is very big and someone is covering up, it only takes two days for me to take down the person who committed the murder this time. Hey, are you quick to invite God or am I quick to solve the case?"

                Qin Ming was calm and collected and said, "Oops, I'm really sorry, originally last night the Star God of Tai Shang entrusted me with a dream, telling me that something might happen to Mr. Sun today, I forgot about it because I was busy with other things, fortunately Mr. Sun is fine."

                "Humph, your trick of telling lies is really poor. I see you, just pretending to be a god." Sun Renbing sneered, "Moreover, the other party is very big, is the owner behind the Peninsula Holiday Inn, I advise you to investigate who the owner of that hotel is in the delusion whether or not before you trip into this mess. Don't die without having the chance to call me big brother when the time comes."

                Master Sun admonished majestically, "Ren Bing! How can you talk to Grandmaster Zhao like that? The Grandmaster is a senior disciple of Zhang Zhen Zhen, and his skills need to be shown off everywhere? As the saying goes, a real person does not show his face, and showing his face is not a real person."

                "Hahahaha, that's a good saying from Master Sun." Qin Ming laughed out loud.

                Sun Changxi walked up and asked, "Then you should have gotten something out of your visit today, right? My dad was found with a bomb in his car just before he used it today, and it really almost cost him his life. It's a serious matter, but we still don't know who the killer behind it really is, the other side is too professional, I'm afraid it's a gang."

                Qin Ming said, "I am here today to tell you that I already know the culprit behind the curtain."


                Sun Renbing was drinking water, when he heard Qin Ming's words, he directly spurted out a mouthful of water, and that Chinese face immediately cursed, "How is that possible. You don't have to talk nonsense here, do you know that I'm about to catch that suspect and are anxious that I'll smash your signboard?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and put his hands behind his back, as if he was a man of the world, and said, "How could that be? Sun Renbing, you only know that there was a suspect who planted the bomb, not necessarily the person behind it. But what I know is the culprit behind all of this."

                The Sun family looked aghast, how was this possible? One night?

                Elder Sun was also in doubt, this was too powerful, right? Even Zhang Quanzhen might not have this ability, right?

                However, Sun Changxi believed in Qin Ming and asked, "Tell me quickly, who is it and why can't we find out even after using so many connections?"

                Qin Ming said calmly, "Don't panic, everyone, take a look at the divine platform I set up yesterday and you will naturally understand."

                With doubts, the crowd went back to the room where Qin Ming had performed the spell yesterday. The long-lasting lamp was still burning and the incense had not been broken.

                Qin Ming burned an incense and shouted for the immortal to appear and help him, then retreated. He looked at Lin Yurou, who had been following him, and the latter nodded.

                Immediately, Qin Ming's heart was filled with confidence and he said, "Master Sun, do you see any movement on the incense platform?"

                The crowd looked forward to it, but did not dare to get too close for fear that the long-lasting lamp would be extinguished. Whether it was real or not, no one dared to act recklessly when the family's life and death were at stake.

                Suddenly, Sun Renli pointed to the movement on the incense burner and said, "Eh, those incense ashes are moving, why are they moving by themselves? It's spilling out, and it keeps moving around."

                The crowd followed the line of sight and saw that it was true, the incense ash on the incense burner kept spilling out from it, and no one was touching it ah.

                The ashes spilled on the table kept twisting and moving forward, and finally twisted into an "S" shape.

                Master Sun's eyes were not good, so he rubbed his eyes hard and looked closer, exclaiming, "It's amazing, it's a miracle."

                Sun Renbing frowned, "I thought you were an uneducated student, but it turns out you're still a magic player."

                Qin Ming sighed, "The stereotypes in one's heart are a big mountain, Sun Renbing, you could have searched me and found any tools for magic, I would have left immediately."

                Sun Renbei really searched, but he was a mess, he was a criminal police officer, professional techniques but everything was searched, he also had doubts in his mind, this is why ah?

                Sun Renli asked, "Master Zhao, what does this twisted incense ash like a small snake prove? What did the immortal say?"

                Qin Ming explained, "It was a snake with a name and a name."

                The entire Sun family could not understand this mute riddle of Qin Ming, what did it mean?

                Sun Changxi pinched his arm anxiously and said, "Just don't sell yourself short, hurry up and say it, if you get it right, I'll treat you to dinner."

                Lin Yurou at the side frowned and stared sharply at Sun Changxi, she smelled something unusual.

                Elder Sun was also quite surprised as he asked, "Master Zhao, please tell us the truth, our Sun family will definitely be grateful."

                Qin Ming nuzzled his mouth, walked over to the incense burner and said, "This snake, it has two names, one is called the Ten Thousand Snakes Society and the other is Sun Justice."

                Ten Thousand Snakes Society, Sun Justice?

                Once he heard this name, Elder Sun raised his eyebrows, how could they not know each other? That was his brother, the adopted son that his father had adopted back.

                Master Sun's expression changed greatly, the way he fell into deep thought, the four Sun siblings all realised that something was wrong.

                Sun Yue asked, "Master Zhao, what does this mean? Who is Sun Zhengzhi?"

                Qin Ming explained, "You can investigate from the immigration office, when, there was a person called Sun Justice who entered the country."

                After hearing this, Sun Yue immediately said, "Okay, I will check immediately."

                "Wait a minute, there is no need." Elder Sun suddenly called a halt to his daughter and said in a deep voice: "Remove all the bodyguards tonight, you guys go too, tonight, I can be left alone here at the Sun family compound."

                Sun Renli and the others immediately objected, "Dad, this matter has not yet been investigated, what are you doing? It's too dangerous, do you know something?"

                But Master Sun stomped his foot heavily and scolded, "Do as I say, whoever doesn't listen, get out."

                The crowd was stunned by the furious old man, they had the impression that Old Master Sun never got angry like this, what was wrong with him?