Rags To Riches Chapter 610

 The Peninsula Holiday Inn, which is also a company under the name of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                The man who tried to blow up Sun Renli's car is currently being held here by members of Huan Yu Century's assassination squad.

                But there was also a large crowd of police cars and police officers at the entrance, making people think that some big star in the hotel had been arrested for a crime.

                Qi Mingxun pulled a group of security guards and said very seriously to the group of police officers in front of him, "You don't have any reason to search our hotel, please show us the relevant documents for confirmation."

                The man at the head of the group was Sun Renbing in uniform, and he said even more seriously, "Qi Mingxun, do you also want to go to the police station for tea? Your hotel harbours criminals, I've watched people go in."

                The arrival of Qin Ming and Song Ying also relieved Qi Mingxun, who had worked very hard to keep the people he had caught from being diverted.

                "What's going on?" Song Ying asked as she stepped forward.

                Once Qi Mingxun told him what had happened, Song Ying said indifferently, "So it's Chief Sun, please take a step aside."

                Sun Renbing frowned and said, "Send it to you immediately, you are in charge of this hotel, right? Someone suspected of carrying a bomb was snatched away by a group of people and hid in the hotel."

                Qin Ming watched from behind and quietly followed Lin Yurou up from behind.

                Along the way to a luxury suite, the assassination squad in Beijing was originally Xuan Yuan Wu, but had been replaced and was now in the hands of Ah Long's comrade from back in the day, Yuan Ming Hu.

                Yuan Minghu was a tough man with bronze tanned skin, his face was more of a soldier's aura, without the run-of-the-mill gangliness of Ah Long.

                "Young master!" Tiger had only seen Qin Ming in pictures and knew he was his boss, but this was the first time he had seen him in person.

                Qin Ming patted Ah Hu and said, "Ah Long often said that you were very good, even better than him, is there such a thing?"

                Ah Hu gave a smile and said, "Wu Long is my captain for life, I am not as good as him."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Well, where is the man, how did you catch him? How was the interrogation?"

                Tiger led the way and said, "After we received the mission this morning, we conducted a covert observation of every important member of the Sun family, among which we found that this guy went to the garage of the company against Sun Renli to make a small move, and we took him down. The other guy was professional in making the bomb and had a hard mouth, some drugs had been used but he held his own, that's pretty impressive, I suspect the other guy was professionally trained and was working as a team."

                Qin Ming nodded, he dared to go against the Sun family, the source must be not small.

                In the suite, a man was stripped and tied to the wall, there were no injuries on his body, someone next to him was continuously hypnotising him.

                "Young master, it can be settled soon." The vice captain of the assassination squad was a little anxious when he saw that Qin Ming had even come.

                Qin Ming said, "No need, try her instead."

                The vice captain saw Lin Yurou and frowned, saying, "Young master, what can she be capable of, a young schoolgirl? Interrogation is an art, please trust me young master, even the most professional person cannot resist my interrogation. In a little while, I will be able to pry his mouth open."

                Lin Yurou grunted, "The police are waiting downstairs to come up, how much more time do you need? I only need a minute."

                "How is that possible?" The vice captain frowned, "Do you think this is a movie? Young master, this ......"

                Lin Yurou pulled out a glass bottle with a thumb-sized piece of liquid amber, which contained the head of a silkworm-like compulsion.

                Lin Yurou fed it directly into the prisoner's mouth, and in the crowd's puzzled eyes, the prisoner's body twitched and then began to vomit, but nothing came out.

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "Lin Yurou, what is that plaything?"

                Lin Yurou smiled sweetly and snapped, "You want to know? Then you can just call me by my name and I will tell you."

                Qin Ming even rolled his eyes, originally not wanting to agree, but curious as to why this compulsion was so magical, he asked, "Alright, Yurou, tell me quietly."

                Lin Yurou blushed and said, "I'll tell you, but don't tell anyone. This is actually not something special, it's actually just like those nerve numbing drugs, but this compulsion carries a certain degree of toxicity, not only can it anesthetize the nerves, but it can also produce addictive properties, once the bug is active, it's the same as the addiction kicking in, then the person won't be able to stand it, or even hallucinate, and at the same time will lose their basic cognition, even with all the training they've had, it's useless."

                Qin Ming was surprised, "Not the same as those addicts?"

                Lin Yurou nodded, "Even more so."

                Qin Ming listened and shuddered, he had suffered from these compulsions before and obviously although he knew some of the causes, he still felt horrible.

                Lin Yurou nuzzled her little mouth pitifully, "Qin Ming, you don't hate me, do you? Actually, if you don't know each other, to understand, bugs are just like pets. Moreover, it's not easy to raise a bug."

                Qin Ming laughed dryly twice and said, "Just don't use it on me."

                Not long after, the prisoner was already a little delirious, and he answered whatever Lin Yurou asked, really without any difficulty at all.

                The people in the assassination squad were all dumbfounded, and the thoughts that they had just had about despising Lin Yurou were now completely subservient.

                Ah Hu even tsked, "The women around the young master are not simple, such women look simple but are actually very tactful, the young master can actually subdue them, worthy of the young master."

                Qin Ming took the first-hand information and instructed, "This Ten Thousand Snakes Society in Magnesium, what is the origin of this? And find out who this man called the mastermind behind the curtain, Sun Justice, is."

                The people around him immediately began to investigate, and in a short while, Ah Hu reported, "Young master, we found out that the Ten Thousand Snakes Association is a gang based in Magnesium, with tens of thousands of members, and Sun Justice was the adopted son of the Sun family fifty years ago, but after Sun Wenbin was made the heir, Sun Justice was asked to leave and set up his own business. Sun Justice moved to Magnesium for many years and is now the head of the Ten Thousand Snakes Society. This guy who set off the bomb is Sun Justice's son-in-law."

                Qin Ming nodded, not expecting that in just one day's time, the people from the Universal Century Group had solved this big problem of the Sun family.

                But this was thanks to the assassination squad catching the man and Lin Yurou's compulsion taking the credit.

                He could go and play hard to get in front of the Sun family again.

                Qin Ming said, "Well done, everyone has taken credit this time, the group will not treat you all badly. Take care of the man."

                The junior brothers responded by carrying the guy out, and the junior brother was about to leave with a bag when Qin Ming suddenly saw a photo in the bag with an "X" drawn in red pen.

                "Wait a minute." Qin Ming asked, "What's with this photo?"

                "This was found on that person's body."

                Qin Ming said, "Give me the photo."