Rags To Riches Chapter 61-62

 Chapter 61

Qin Ming called countless times, but did not answer.

He sent countless text messages, but did not reply.

When Qin Ming finally reached the hospital entrance, he received a message "Don't look for me anymore, I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore."

Then WeChat was blacked out, and the phone couldn't be reached.

Qin Ming stopped at the entrance of the hospital in a daze, could it be that no matter how much he explained, how much evidence he produced, how much he took care of Li Meng, Nie Haitang would not forgive him?


Qin Ming was lying on the ground, heartbroken, feeling exactly the same as when he saw Li Meng cheat on him, but Li Meng at least listened to his reasons and gave him feedback.

Nie Haitang, however, had no reason.

Although Qin Ming had already walked to the hospital, he couldn't take that step with his phone in his hand.

He sat in front of the hospital and cried, sadly, twenty years old, crying like a child, letting the people coming and going in front of the hospital point and not care.

He really liked Nie Haitang ah, Nie Haitang always gave him a feeling of healing, but why Nie Haitang did not listen to his explanation, is it true that there is no greater sorrow than death?

"Ah, Mu Ling you've finally been discharged from the hospital, you need to go have a nice meal to celebrate, eh? Isn't this Qin Ming?"

Suddenly, several young and beautiful girls came out of the hospital, wasn't it Chen Mulin and Zhao Meng Hua? It turned out that they had come to pick up Chen Mulin from the hospital today.

Chen Mulin looked at Qin Ming who was sitting on the ground crying in disgust and said, "No way! I just deleted his contact information with me, didn't I? A big man has been crying here all afternoon?"

A freckle-faced girl exclaimed, "Tsk, Ling Ling, you are so charming, but not this Qin Ming, he is a scum, he knocked up his ex-girlfriend, he is irresponsible, and he is pursuing you, too much."

Another girl said, "No, it's better not to hang out with this kind of central air conditioner, he's not sincere at all."

Zhao Menghua was embarrassed because Liang Shaoyong was her boyfriend and she was also in the same dormitory with Qin Ming, and she had recommended him at first. Just pretend you don't know him."

The freckle-faced girl said, "How can you do that? Is that all? How many expressions have we wasted on him? We have to make him apologise and make him understand that you are too much for him to handle, so don't bother Ling Ling again."

Several girls surrounded Qin Ming.

Qin Ming raised his head in grief and pain, his expression was written with pain from the heart, which also stunned these few girls, this, this was true love.

Chen Mulin was also surprised, did this Qin Ming love her so much? After being rejected by her, he was so hurt that he even sat in front of the hospital and cried all afternoon. Thinking that his charm was so great, Chen Mulin was very satisfied inside.

But the freckle-faced girl had no intention of letting Qin Ming go and said, "Tsk, how disgusting. Hey, Qin Ming, I'm warning you, don't pester Ling Ling again, what is the background of Ling Ling's family? I heard that the person who came to shelter Ling Ling in person that day was a powerful and dignified person in Guangzhou, Mr. Hou."

"Get lost!" Qin Ming narrowed his eyes grimly, his heart had no place to vent his anger, and slapped the freckle-faced girl, angrily reprimanding, "What monkey chief, dog chief, I'm not interested."

The freckle-faced girl's cheeks were red from the blow, and she was so angry that her eyes burst into tears, "You, you stinking silk, you can't pick up girls and you're crying here? You can't have a man like that."

Qin Ming was furious, what's it to you if I cry? He said angrily, "Are you finished?"

He was about to make a move when he saw a frightened Zhao Menghua, who was Liang Shaoyong's girlfriend and had a good attitude towards him.

Qin Ming waved his hand and said "If you want to see me laugh, go ahead, I have nothing left anyway."

When he heard this, Chen Mulin misunderstood again, his heart inexplicably vain, said "Qin Ming, you really do not deserve me, but if you can change the bad habits of scum, I believe that you can still find a girlfriend."

"I ......" Qin Ming really can't hold back any longer, he is going to tell this narcissistic woman today that he, Qin Ming, doesn't like her at all.

Suddenly, a girl ran over and blocked in front of Qin Ming, saying "What are you doing? Don't bully him."

Qin Ming was surprised that it was Bai Yuchun who stood in front of him, and the way she opened her little hand to protect him was really too cute.

Chen Mulin and the others were also slightly surprised and recognised the same junior from the e-business department of the business school, who was also the latest sensation, the civilian school beauty.

"Bai Yu Chun? That rank poor civilian school girl?"

"What? This Qin Ming hooked up with Nie Haitang and also Bai Yuchun? Wow, he specialises in hitting on pretty girls, huh?"

"Scum, really too scum, casting a wide net to catch more fish."

"But they are both poor silk, huh, it is a good match, hug the group to get warm."

"Tch, this kind of scum man actually have people like? How silk women are the ones who are hungry?"

Bai Yu Chun stubbornly gritted her teeth and said "What did Elder Qin do to you guys? Why do you want to hurt him?"

Chen Mulin just now was touched by Qin Ming's desperate true love eyes, this moment see Bai Yuchun, immediately rolled his eyes, the heart rose angry roar, Qin Ming you scum, return my touched!

Zhao Meng Hua does not want to cause trouble, look at Qin Ming's eyes also become strange, this Qin Ming so poor, so silk, how to cheat so many girls like him? But for the sake of Liang Shaoyong, she pulled the group of girlfriends "Come on, let's go, don't mind so many things."

When Chen Mulin and the others left, Bai Yuchun's body went limp and she sat down on the ground, her small hand on her chest, feeling her heart beating "Peng Peng", and said, "It's scary, it scared me to death, thank God they left."

Qin Ming's heart was warmed, this little girl, just now so tough is actually pretending, he reached out a hand flick, said "can ah, there is progress, be a person, should be tough when tough."

Bai Yuchun bristled again and said, "I don't want to be lectured by you, Mr. Qin. Just now Senior Qin didn't see how tough he was in the face of a few girls."

Qin Ming laughed and said, "Forget about me, I've been having bad luck lately. How is your brother and sister-in-law doing?"

Bai Yuchun said, "My brother was stabbed once, but the other party did not stab the vital organs, in fact, resting well in bed will be fine. My sister-in-law has also recovered from the shock. But they still want money from me, and when I don't give it, they grind my mother's ears. My mother is a soft-hearted person and has come to persuade me to help my brother pay his debts. But I took your advice and only paid for the medical expenses and they paid the debt themselves."

Qin Ming asked, "What about your father? Is your father just watching you suffer like this?"

"I, my father ......" Bai Yuchun suddenly panicked, she bit her lip in a tangled manner, stammering for half a day unable to say a word.

Chapter 62

"My father is a gambler, owed a lot of debts and ran away, I do not know where he is."

        Bai Yuchun stammered for a while, but finally said, she held back her sadness, said: "But he is gone, but for our family is good, before often all kinds of debt collectors at home, I was always afraid, he is gone instead of clean."

        Qin Ming could not help but shake his head, but really have their father will have their son, the old man is a gambler, son, daughter-in-law is also.

        The mother is a soft-hearted and "ninja", Bai Yu Chun is also a soft-hearted and a "ninja" ah.

        Qin Ming got up and patted the dust, said: "Have you ever thought about your own future?"

        "I don't have a future." Bai Yuchen shook his head grimly and said, "I think I'm just unlucky, unlucky everywhere I go. I also think that senior, you have recently become unlucky because I was dragged into it."

        Qin Ming laughed dumbly and said, "I'm not unlucky, I'm extremely lucky."

        This is not a lie, Qin Ming's love to fight since childhood, grew up with all the arms and legs, senior desperately for a year, actually he was admitted to the first line university in Guangzhou City, China Province University of Technology.

        For whitewater town kind of town, suddenly out of two a line of college students, Qin Ming also got the reception of the town leaders and scholarship it.

        After the university by their own part-time job to earn tuition, but also met Li Meng, a poor country boy with a big city pretty girl has fallen in love, sleep through life, not lucky?

        Although a while ago Li Meng breakup, but he was once the helper, got the world's richest man's inheritance, the future life is rich and carefree.

        Qin Ming feels that he is simply the true son of God, his luck is overwhelming, the emperor of Europe possessed, urban novel protagonist general.

        Although there is still a bit of misunderstanding with Nie Haitang, but he believes he will be able to solve it.

        Bai Yuchun shyly smiled, naturally know that luck or whatever is to comfort her words, said: "I also think it, since I met the elder Qin, I always feel desperate life, there is always a ray of hope."

        Bai Yuchen looked at the time again and said, "Ah, it's already six o'clock, I'm going back to the KFC part-time job near the school, I'm going to go, Mr. Qin. You should not be depressed, no matter what you encounter, you should face it positively ah."

        Qin Ming was warmed by Bai Yu Chun's words, especially her innocent smile, which was very useful to Qin Ming.

        Qin Ming looked up at the hospital, sighed and said, "Maybe I'm angry now, I'll have to find her in a couple of days."

        At night, school.

        Qin Ming finished his elective class and felt a little hungry, so he wanted to buy something to eat from a fast food restaurant off campus.

        The first time I saw a KFC outside the campus, it was already nine o'clock, not many people, Qin Ming came in and did not order anything, a glance at the see Bai Yu Chun, only to know that she is here part-time.

        Bai Yuchun wearing KFC red cloth dress, coupled with a beautiful face and slim figure, very youthful girl's energy and vitality, especially she is smiling at anyone, attracting the attention of many male customers in the restaurant.

        Bai Yuchun wiped the table right next to Qin Ming, surprised: "Uh? Senior? Are you here for a late night snack too?"

        Qin Ming saw that he was discovered, slightly embarrassed, how a little want to stalker?

        Qin Ming smiled awkwardly, "Well, uh, yeah, just got out of class and I'm a little hungry. Help me order a family bucket."

        Bai Yu Chun suddenly looked back at the foreman, then bent low to whisper: "Senior, can you wait a moment? Every day I close I can take away part of the cold too long fried chicken and fries, because the taste is affected basically will be lost. I can take away some, warm up a can eat, although not as delicious as fresh la, but quite a lot."

        Qin Ming listened to the meaning of this is to eat with him?

        Qin Ming did not care about a hundred or so dollars, but Bai Yuchun's good intentions, he still nodded and said, "Yes."

        So, Qin Ming was reading a book while waiting for Bai Yuchun to leave work.

        At ten o'clock, Bai Yuchun came out with a big bag of fried chicken, French fries, chicken nuggets, and Orleans chicken legs.

        The two came to the university city's Wei Ming Lake, the artificial lake where Bai Yu Chun almost jumped last time, there are not many people here because everyone goes to the entrance square of Wei Ming Lake to play.

        Bai Yuchun put the bag down and said: "I've wanted to thank you properly for a long time, finally I have the opportunity, the taste may not be fresh, but there are many. I hope you don't mind, sir."

        Of course Qin Ming will not mind, Qin Ming has always rations can be vegetables and white rice, this kind of KFC can not have much opportunity to eat.

        Qin Ming picked up a fried chicken nibble mouth, the taste is really too bad, dry and hard, to the average person are not willing to eat it, but he saw Bai Yuchun still eat with great relish, you can imagine how hard this little girl usually live ah.

        Bai Yuchun took a packet of sauce, said: "Hey, senior, dip some ketchup more delicious."

        The two sat by the lake, eating fried chicken, chatting with each other.

        Bai Yuchun can eat, one person ate most of it, the whole mouth is full of ketchup, but she is still very happy look.

        Qin Ming couldn't help but pick up a tissue and gently wipe the corner of her mouth.

        Bai Yuchun suddenly stunned, dumbfounded at Qin Ming's actions, but also did not move, until Qin Ming helped her wipe the corner of her mouth, vainly blushing and don't look away, eyes do not know where to look, glancing around.

        "Many, many thanks senior." Bai Yu Chun only feel the heart nest nervous, as if off rabbits bumping around.

        Qin Ming smiled: "Don't call me senior, it sounds weird, we are also friends, just call me Qin Ming."

        Bai Yu Chun blushingly nodded: "Then you can also directly call me by my name."

        Qin Ming said with amusement, "Then I call you Pure Pure? Again, it seems too intimate, maybe your friends misunderstood it."

        Bai Yu Chun's flustered little hands had nowhere to rest as she grabbed her dress and said, "Hmm. If it is senior Qin, also, also not too much problem, my words, there should be little people will misunderstand, because I ...... also have no friends, and no one cares about me, talk about what misunderstanding."

        Qin Ming was surprised, "No friends? You're kidding."

        Bai Yu Chun said sullenly, "Since childhood, you are the only one who is willing to talk to me so much, senior. Everyone dislikes my clothes are dirty and old, I used to study even school bags are in the trash can to pick up other people's unwanted, I can't dress up, like a dirt girl, and I was laughed at every day. No one wants to be friends with me, Qin Ming you ...... you ...... woo, you are actually the first friend I made in two years in college."

        When it comes to excitement, Bai Yuchun eyes rolled over with tears.

        But she quickly wiped away the tears again, strong to reveal a delicate smile, said: "Qin Ming you can not laugh at me, right? Right?"

        Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, I have few friends, we are half a catty, no one should laugh at anyone."

        The two talked for a while, because they were both poor students, the topics were highly overlapping, all about part-time jobs and encountering bullying and bullying.

        But Bai Yuchun mostly choose to tolerate and accept, and when the other party is tired of the matter will be put to rest, Qin Ming listened to straight shake his head, really a poor child.

        Qin Ming saw that it was almost time, said: "To go back, or the dormitory will be closed."

        Bai Yuchun was shocked to realize that it was 11:30 without realizing it, but she still had many, many things to say, she couldn't help but ask: "Qin Ming, will you come back tomorrow? I'll bring you some more food, hey, anyway, it's all thrown away, I took it and no one said."

        Qin Ming snickered: "You set a flag like this ah, be careful tomorrow by the foreman found."

        Bai Yu Chun pursed her lips and smiled: "Sister Li can take care of me, she also knows, did not say I, so you can rest assured. And so many, many times I can not eat alone, throw away and feel waste of food, if Qin Ming you help to eat a little, then it would be perfect."

        Qin Ming smiled and said, "Okay then, I'll come back to you tomorrow after class."

        Bai Yu Chun nodded shyly, her eyes glancing at Qin Ming, with a strange sense of anticipation in her heart, for the first time in her life, she was looking forward to tomorrow.