Rags To Riches Chapter 607

 As soon as Qin Ming told him about the Sun family, Song Ying immediately understood.

                She thought what the matter was and said easily, "Young master, don't worry, we are most familiar with this kind of targeting retaliation, after all, the top brass of our various departments in the Huan Yu Century Group suffer retaliation from others every moment, we have what can be called the most advanced and perfect search system and experience in the world, as well as an interrogation system and punishment system, and the team members are also the most refined Every member of the assassination squad is skilled in this field."

                Seeing the ease with which Song Ying spoke, Qin Ming added, "Time cannot drag on for too long, here is a document that the Sun family currently holds, you can take it."

                Song Ying smiled faintly, "Young master, please don't worry, I won't let you down."

                As soon as Song Ying made the call, he immediately ordered the assassination squad in Beijing to act, in fact, the retaliatory action surrounding this strike against the Sun family was not something new among the gentry in Beijing.

                Many people from the Sun family had already been injured and implicated, so it wasn't too much trouble for the assassination squad to get started.

                After Song Ying finished instructing this, he asked again, "Young master, there is one more thing that I came here specifically today. The oil fields that Zhao Songli invested in were actually invested in by the old Qin family in Haicheng, with a total of hundreds of billions invested in the development, and he invested in the transportation system, which was already profitable, but unfortunately there was a riot. Now the employees and the oil fields and the equipment are all under rebel control."

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and asked, "So, this is still related to the old Qin family?"

                Song Ying said, "Yes, the old Qin family is very powerful, and although this investment failure has a bit of an impact, it doesn't break the bones. But it seems to involve the succession struggle of several of their sons, so the old Qin family is currently doing their best to set things right. But they don't have an armed team, they can only hire some mercenaries, but unfortunately the problem of the epidemic in the Merian Republic is too big now and many mercenaries don't want to get involved."

                Qin Ming rubbed his hands together, thought for a moment and asked, "Can we get that area under control? How much would it cost?"

                Song Ying took over a tablet computer, which listed out all the cost calculations, and said, "Labour costs, supplies and weapons, as well as medicine and so on are not cheap."

                Qin Ming took a look at it, damn, it would cost hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and the team had tens of thousands of people?

                This was an armed force!

                Qin Ming felt his heart trembling when he looked at it. It was no wonder that the struggle between Chang Hongxi and the Zhao family was so long term. Anyone who knew how powerful Huan Yu was would want to take this 'beast' under their wing.

                Qin Ming took a sip of water to clear his mind and asked, "Are the red areas on this map occupied by the rebels? There seems to be an oil field and a mine."

                Song Ying nodded and said, "Yes, that is a rare earth dredge, which has long been occupied by the opposition and the local people. Now it is also controlled by the rebels, in fact, the rebels have come back to our arms department to buy weapons, and the money comes from this dredge."

                Qin Ming asked, "What do you predict the fighting strength of the rebels?"

                Song Ying smiled contemptuously, "The military intelligence advisor in Africa said that these rebels are unbeatable and very backward in every aspect."

                Qin Ming said, "Since the rebels are a bunch of rabble, let's negotiate with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Merliah on the condition that we help clear the rebels and the development of the oil fields will be left to the old Qin family under a commercial contract. This condition is not too much, right?"

                Song Ying wondered, "Young Master, the strength of our armed forces is indeed stronger than the rebels, and we have offered to help, a condition that the Prime Minister of Meria would beg for. We are also too much of a loss, although the old Qin family in Hai City is in partnership with us, it is unlikely that they will give us money, at most a token of appreciation."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Oh, of course I wouldn't be so nice."

                He pointed to the map and said, "These two oil fields and a rare earth dredge, I want them all."

                "Huh? All of them?" Song Ying didn't quite understand what Qin Ming meant, if it was a serious business partnership, how could the country's dignitaries give away such a big cake? If you wanted to be tough, the other side's regular army would have to treat you as an invader, and then the military costs would have to go up again, and the name would not be right.

                After we clean up the rebels, we will find a group of people to pose as rebels, then control three places, work during the day and ship out at night, rare earth and oil, all ours. As for still the old Qin family's share, you communicate with them separately, saying that the oil fields are under our control, and that they not only have to send people over to work, but also have to share half of the net profit with us, or they won't give a damn if they don't."

                "If the old Qin family goes to the Meria government to sue, we'll pull the wool over their eyes, as much as we can, and drag it out for three, five or seven years. During this period, we can make as much money as we can."

                "If the situation is going to stabilise, we'll raise our own rebels and opposition to power, and let the rebels make money for us while producing oil and selling rare earths. Then we'll support a branch in the Republic of Meria, make enough money and then wash our hands of it, and get the rare earths and oil fields through legal means."

                "Anyway, those places can't be stabilised without a decade or eight years of chaos, enough to arrange these things, right?"

                Song Ying was dumbfounded, she was completely stunned by Qin Ming's appetite, and the idea was too rogue, it was simply violent white whoring, in this way, the upfront cost became incomparably low instead, and the later profits were very huge.

                But the risk of an epidemic is still there, but it is not an uncontrollable range.

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "You do the math, these three places, how much money can you make?"

                Song Ying hurriedly began to calculate, after a while, Song Ying said, "Young master, according to public information, the two oil fields total three billion tons level, excluding the cost, a litre of oil profit about 2 yuan, a conservative estimate of six trillion. And the export of rare earths, conservatively estimated at ten thousand tons of exports, also a hundred billion dollars of profit per year."

                If these words were said to others, it would be a fantasy, bragging to the sky, but to Qin Ming, it was a point of reference.

                It could not be helped that behind him was the corporate empire that could throw the entire world economy into turmoil, the Huan Yu Century Group, and he was the most powerful boss.

                Qin Ming instructed these things, the details of which Song Ying would negotiate, in short, not to lose money, but to make a big profit.

                This is also considered to give an explanation to Zhao Songli and Qin Mo, the Huan Yu Century Group also cannot quell the rebellion of those investment countries in the short term, but it will not take long, by then, Zhao Songli's economic crisis will also be naturally dissolved, at most, he will earn less.

                After Qin Ming finished giving his orders, Song Ying left. She would not neglect any of the things that Qin Ming had explained.

                After Song Ying left, Qin Ming looked at the time, it was time to deliver the takeaway, although he was no longer short of money, he would still work for the whole month due to the contract agreement.

                When Qin Ming arrived at the takeaway shop, Nie Haitang had already gone ahead to deliver the takeaway, and he rode his bike to get to work.

                Qin Ming was carrying the takeaway and was about to deliver it when he turned around and saw a beautiful girl standing in a pavilion.

                The literary loose long wool coat, fashionable and atmospheric lapels, British style, three-dimensional slim cocoon, visually bring perfect body lines, easy to wear the goddess model.

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, Lin Yurou? How did she kill over without a sound?

                Could it be that he was already surrounded?

                "Damn late to mention this to Song Ying!" Qin Ming's heart thumped and he secretly said no, he hadn't forgotten his previous agreement with Lin Yurou, he immediately rode off.