Rags To Riches Chapter 605

 Qin Ming held up a finger and said, "Don't say that finding the people who are against your Sun family is such a no-brainer. I will directly perform a spell to help you resolve this one calamity. As a corresponding payment, your Sun Family will owe me a promise. At the same time, when you see me in the future, you will have to address me as Big Brother, how about that?"

                The corners of Sun Renbing's mouth lifted and he said, "Young man, it is good to be confident, but to speak with conviction is arrogance and arrogance. If you weren't Zhang Zhen Zhen's disciple, I wouldn't even be listening to you talk nonsense here."

                Qin Ming's head tilted and he said, "What? Brother Sun San is afraid to bet? Master Sun, do you think it's a yes or no? I cannot accept this gift on behalf of my master. But if you want to accept it over me, leave it to me."

                Master Sun fell into silence, how could this be a good choice?

                Qin Ming was young and had only recently been accepted as Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, so he was not yet experienced enough to handle these complex social events.

                However, the Sun family had searched for quite a few people, and Zhang Quanzhen was currently the one they wanted to bring in the most, but they had been unable to find anyone. They had wanted to use Qin Ming as a springboard to knock on the door, but they hadn't thought it would turn out like this.

                While he was hesitating, Sun Changxi got up, carried the teapot and walked next to the old man, pouring tea for him and Qin Ming while saying, "Grandpa, I do think we can let him give it a try. Just look at the two things he's done recently in the capital city, one thing was saving you grandpa; and thwarting that Bai Jingchen of the Bai family at the charity gala."

                "Mom and dad and uncles always say that that Bai Jingchen is a dragon among men, how many young talents in the capital city are no match for him, but he completely lost to Master Zhao. Auntie was there to watch, wasn't she?"

                "I see that Master Zhao speaks so confidently, so he must have a few skills too. Besides, if he doesn't get it done, he will definitely seek his master, and when that happens, won't it satisfy your mind, Grandpa?"

                Sun Changxi's words were pure trust in Qin Ming, the man he had slept with, Sun Changxi knew him very well, and without certainty, Qin Ming would not say this.

                Moreover, she also wanted Qin Ming to have more encounters with her.

                Sun Renli said didactically, "Changxi, the old man has his own ideas, don't be nosy, come back."

                Sun Changxi nodded slightly and walked back.

                Suddenly, Sun Renbing said, "Dad, since he is so confident, then promise him. Zhao Zhengyan, your bet, I'll take it. If you can really help my Bai family set this matter right, what if I acknowledge you as my big brother?"

                Sun Renli would also say, "Dad, why don't we let Grandmaster Zhao give it a try?"

                The other members of the family also nodded their heads, indicating that there was no time to lose on this occasion.

                Master Sun sighed, if he couldn't find Zhang Quanzhen, he could make do with his disciple, he said, "Master Zhao, it's not that I don't believe in your ability, it's really because I've only met you this time, and I'm embarrassed to pull my old face down and ask you to do such a big job. I didn't expect you to be so enthusiastic, and if you bring out that enemy hiding in the shadows, my Sun family, all of us, owe you a promise."

                A promise from the Sun family, I thought that from what he had observed recently, the Sun family was a very prestigious and famous family in the capital city, this promise could be used in the future.

                If he couldn't use it, he could also leave it on Sun Changxi.

                Qin Ming immediately changed his attitude to that of a godly man and said in an imposing manner, "Old Master Sun, then don't worry and leave it to me, immediately prepare me with Dharma robes, a case table, incense, long-lasting lamps and copper coins, today I will draw the qi for your Sun family to come and continue the long-lasting incense of your Sun family."

                The two sides agreed and Qin Ming walked around the Sun family compound and then chose the venue in a moral hall, which was said to be the place where Elder Sun used to teach his disobedient children and grandchildren to take them to confinement, and Qin Ming said that this was the place where the Eight Dipper Palace Star was located, so it was just right.

                In fact, all this was just Qin Ming's bragging, just looking at the place with its ancient style.

                Anyway, he was going to impersonate a godly man, and that had to be done with a flourish to save being questioned about his business standards.

                As the Sun family prepared these things, Zhao Songli and Qin Mo also paid a visit to thank the help in handling the trade documents out of customs.

                The two couples then watched Qin Ming, dressed in a Taoist robe, dancing with a mahogany sword in front of the incense stand.

                Zhao Songli was expressionless, while Qin Mo was dumbfounded, as Qin Ming's look and style had completely overturned their perception of their "son".

                "Hey!" Qin Ming drank a mouthful of wine, his mahogany sword was covered with glue paper, he walked past the candle and spewed out a mouthful of wine, there was a loud "whoop" and the tongue of fire rose.

                People who didn't know thought Qin Ming was performing acrobatics.

                At last, Qin Ming was tired of dancing with his sword and used a silver needle to put a drop of blood on his finger on the long-lit lamp, and then took a long breath to "withdraw".

                In full view of everyone, he pointed to the Long Ming Lamp and said, "Master Sun, this lamp must not be extinguished, if it is not extinguished, your Sun family's qi will become prosperous, eliminating disasters and calamities, while your enemies will have bad luck one after another and will soon reveal themselves, I will tell you to go and get them when I have calculated the heavenly fortune."

                When Sun Renbing heard this, he was about to retort.

                Guessing what he was thinking, Qin Ming immediately said, "But this is not an indefinite matter; in ten days more or five days less, the matter is bound to have an end."

                Once he said this, Sun Renbing had nothing more to say.

                Master Sun took a red envelope and handed it to Qin Ming, saying, "Whether this matter comes to an end or not, Master Zhao, you have worked hard, these tea fees, please accept them with a smile."

                Qin Ming took it and looked at it, damn yeah, a cheque, one million, dirt cheap.

                But he couldn't see it, so he took it for now.

                After thanking the Sun family for their help, Qin Ming left together with Zhao Songli and Qin Mo, but before he left, he sneaked a wink at Sun Changxi.

                But Sun Changxi ignored him. In fact, Sun Changxi had been struggling with the idea of ending this delicate and ambiguous "special relationship" with Qin Ming last night, but she couldn't say it at the time, and now she didn't know how to say it.

                Sun Changxi looked at Qin Ming's departing back and sighed in her heart, "Qin Ming, I'm already in deep mud, will you like me? Oh, how would you like me? You came to the capital city, not for me, but for that Nie Haitang, right? Sigh ......"

                On the way back, Qin Ming obviously felt the change in Zhao Songli's attitude, without the kind of impatience, and at the same time also cared whether Qin Ming had a good time last night, whether he was cold, and to see that now Qin Ming was dressed shabbily, later to buy him a few sets of new clothes.

                Qin Ming held his chin in amusement, completely ungrateful, and said: "Forget it, I have classes today and a delivery in the evening, and I have things to do in the evening. I don't have time to wander around with you guys."

                Zhao Songli frowned, "Delivery? Why didn't you tell us you were short of money? Although we are not as rich as the Sun family, we are not short of money either."

                Qin Ming said, "No, I earn my own money and spend it myself. Delivery is the spirit of contract, labour is glorious, I earn money with my hands, what's wrong with that?"

                Qin Mo smiled lightly and said, "Well, Xiao Yan, are you still angry with your father? You did well this time, you didn't worship Zhang Zhen Zhen as your teacher for nothing, and it's excellent that you learned a skill. What reward do you want, just say it."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred and he said, "I want to see grandpa."


                Suddenly, as if Zhao Songli could not drive a car, he suddenly came to a sharp brake, which caught even Qin Ming off guard and stunned him at once.

                Zhao Songli and Qin Mo both turned back in great surprise and looked at him, and in those eyes, a strange look was revealed, making Qin Ming feel as if he had just said the wrong thing?