Rags To Riches Chapter 604

 Yang Lu looked at her daughter and was startled, and now that the weather in Beijing is colder, Sun Changxi's face could be hot, so she asked, "Changxi, what's wrong with you tonight? You have a cold and fever? I told you not to go to work at the police station anymore, your grandfather spoiled you, your aunt also spoiled you, long ago arranged a career for you, you had to fight on your own, exhausted, right?"

                Sun Changxi curled up under the blanket, nervous, the man under the blanket was not honest ah.

                She breathed heavily again and said, "Mom, I'm fine. You, what else is wrong with you?"

                Yang Lu thought for a moment and said, "It's that Master Zhao, don't you think he looks like your friend in Guangzhou? Your aunt said that you also know this Zhao Zhengyin, and I was thinking that we don't have too many encounters with the Zhao family."

                "Yes, do you? It's just a resemblance. I actually met him through a friend, but I didn't know him well. It's because the two look alike that I can tell the difference, they're not the same person." Sun Changxi added, "Mom, you're overly concerned. This Zhao Zhengyin only looks ...... a bit like Qin Ming. You are overly concerned. That is the disciple of Zhang Zhen Zhen. You and dad always say that Zhang Zhen Zhen is very capable and has deep connections, so you want to befriend him? Now ...... er ......"

                Before the words left her mouth, Sun Changxi's body shook, as if she was having some difficulty.

                Yang Lu said, "Don't you feel it? Changxi, what's wrong with you? Is everything alright?"

                Sun Changxi hurriedly said, "No, it's fine, mum I'm tired, let's talk about what we have tomorrow."

                Seeing that Sun Changxi didn't want to talk about it, Yang Lu gave up and said, "Alright then, you get some rest early and don't play games too late."

                Boom, after Sun Changxi said goodbye, she immediately closed the window, this time to lock it as well.

                And under the covers, Qin Ming also emerged, panting heavily and said, "Wow, it's hot, I almost died of suffocation."

                Sun Changxi said with great annoyance, "Qin Ming, be quiet! Ah ...... er, you, you can come again?"

                The words were not finished when Sun Changxi was pushed down again by Qin Ming, who leaned down and rolled over Sun Changxi's soft body, and once again engaged in a fish and water encounter.

                The next morning, before dawn, Qin Ming was woken up.

                Sun Changxi kicked him out, if the family found out that Qin Ming had spent the night in her room, what else would happen?

                Qin Ming also knew that this was a bad influence. If you came to visit someone and slept with her, how embarrassing would it be if you were found out?

                It was a good thing that the Sun family was big enough not to find out Qin Ming's sneaky behaviour.

                Qin Ming went back to the guest room and did not wait for a while before Sun Yue came to his rescue, inviting him to breakfast in the old man's courtyard.

                When Qin Ming arrived, he saw the two couples of Master Sun, as well as his three sons and one daughter, as well as Sun Changxi, all of whom were relatively prominent members of the Sun family, so it was clear that Master Sun attached great importance to Qin Ming.

                The chefs are all famous chefs from the family's royal family, the ingredients are all fresh and there are expensive tea leaves, the whole family is receiving this high standard, Qin Ming is a bit flattered.

                "Old Master ......" Qin Ming was about to speak.

                Master Sun smilingly came forward, took Qin Ming's hand and said, "Master Zhao, did you sleep well last night?"

                When Qin Ming heard this, he subconsciously looked at Sun Changxi who was beside him, the latter inexplicably blushed, and immediately pretended as if he hadn't heard, looking around to himself.

                Qin Ming said, "I slept very well. Master Sun, thank you so much for your hospitality."

                "Master Zhao, what a thing to say, we have a great connection and destiny here." Master Sun said with a smile, "Not to mention that you saved me, just by the fact that we got acquainted for a while yesterday, we can be considered as forgetful friends."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, those words of worship yesterday were not a joke, polite words? Are you serious, old man? We don't have much in common with you apart from some history and family bullshit, but we do have a lot in common with your granddaughter.

                At this moment, Sun Yue took a black wooden box and handed it over, saying: "Master, here is a gift for your master, Zhang Zhen Zhen. But it is not easy for us to find the real Zhang, so would you please accept it on our behalf?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this hand up could be a favour owed by the disciple instead of the master, ah. This was a set up ah.

                Qin Ming was in no hurry to accept it and asked, "Elder Sun, there is something for my master, right?"

                Old Master Sun laughed and said, "You are right, Master Zhao. In fact, a long time ago, I wanted to find Real Zhang to discuss important matters, but his whereabouts were erratic, so I couldn't find him."

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "Zhang Quanzhen is busy laying out the plan for what happened back then, to find out what happened to Chang Rui, so of course he doesn't have the heart to bother with anything else.

                Qin Ming said, "If it's not anything too difficult, I can do it on my master's behalf. If Master Sun trusts me."

                With these words, Qin Ming implied that his skills were already as powerful as Zhang Quanzhen's.

                The people of the Sun family would certainly not despise Qin Ming, but after all, they were not familiar enough with him, and Zhang Quanzhen had done difficult things for the Sun family before, all of which had been done beautifully, so they trusted him more.

                After all, what happened this time was that the previous enemy had come back to take revenge, and the other party had held back for decades and exploded in one move, hiding in the shadows all along.

                They also found out a few days ago when Master Sun forgot to take his medication, the family's nanny who was responsible for taking care of Master Sun had been bribed to pay off his son's gambling debts and had taken away Master Sun's medication for his heart.

                It was only yesterday that the matter was discovered and the nanny had naturally been handed over to the police station, but it had also cast a shadow over the Sun family.

                The other party is so sneaky that they can't find their whereabouts, and they are also good at using other people against the Sun family.

                It was like the last time Yang Lu went to Guangzhou to discuss business and was kidnapped halfway.

                Most of the Sun family are in politics and have already moved a lot of connections, but the target can't even be found, you have all the skills, but there's no way to use them.

                This is where the Sun family has more of a headache.

                This was also the reckoning of the Sun family to keep looking for capable people to help, because this time, if it was not handled properly, the Sun family might suffer the downfall.

                "Not that I'm offended, do you have what it takes?" Just when the group was silent, the third son, Sun Renbing, said while gnawing on a bun, "Someone is trying to take revenge on our family, but we have not been able to find the culprit behind it. I have mobilised many people who are well versed in searching for clues, as well as a professional police team to act, but all have come up empty-handed. Is it hard to say that you have found it with a pinch of your fingers?"

                Sun Yue said, "Third Brother, why did you say it directly? It's also too direct."

                Sun Renbing said, "It doesn't make any difference if I say it late or early, aren't we looking for him to discuss this now? Do we have to cover it up and waste time?"

                Elder Sun did not say anything, although he did not want to question Qin Ming, his son had also spoken his mind, and since he had opened the window of heaven to speak, he could only continue.

                Do you, the disciple, have the ability to do things instead of the master?

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, was this not to his liking?

                Qin Ming said, "Oh? So you have encountered some troubles."

                Master Sun said, "Yes, the other party has been sneaking around without leaving any traces of their work, which really gives us a big headache. There have been several attacks on the disciples of our Sun family.

                Qin Ming said, "What's the big deal about finding someone? It's easy for me to do a spell and ask the spirits. However, if I want to find them, I have to negotiate a price, after all, I am using up my life span to perform the spell."

                Sun Renbing said with amusement, "Don't say it's so easy, and don't blow it out of proportion. You are so young and have been accepted as a disciple by a famous master, why haven't you learned to be modest?"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "Oh? Brother Sun San seems to be very unconvinced, why don't we make a bet?"