Rags To Riches Chapter 603

 "Mmmmmm!" Qin Ming was startled, he was sitting on the bed and the kiss came from the front.

                Sun Changxi walked too fast and tripped over a dumbbell with one foot, and then flung herself directly on top of Qin Ming, it was as if their lips were magnets and they kissed directly, the two were wide-eyed, this was too unexpected.

                Sun Changxi gave a startled cry and hurriedly tried to get up.

                But the lips that touched, soft and elastic, Qin Ming seemed a little enchanted.

                The subtle yet ambiguous and irresponsible relationship between the two of them made him bold enough to put his arms around Sun Changxi's back waist and prevent her from leaving.

                "Qin Ming, let go of ...... ummmm ...... Boo."

                Sun Changxi tried to say something, despite also exercising regularly and being an elite member of the police force, her sparring and kung fu were not bad, but at this time, as if she had forgotten all her moves, she went limp in Qin Ming's arms all of a sudden.

                She was also very confused in her heart, and she did not know what kind of attitude she had towards Qin Ming.

                In short, there was some feeling of being powerless to resist.

                The first time the drunkenness was accidental; the second time was inexplicably attracted under special circumstances; this time, however, she was powerless to struggle because the first two times were too watery.

                "Mmmmm ......" Qin Ming's movements were gentle, reaching inside his clothes and gently caressing Sun Changxi's sensitive parts.

                Half a dozen hot kisses, swallowing a lot of saliva from each other, breathing became coarse, and when Sun Changxi reacted, she realized she had already been stripped naked.

                Sun Changxi hugged her arms and said shyly, "Qin Ming, I, I came to ask you something. You really did come to my room with this in mind, didn't you?"

                Qin Ming cupped his fingers around Sun Changxi's chin and said, "No, I was really just curious about what your room looked like at first. Rather, you jumped right on me and entertained me so warmly, it was a bit rude of me not to accept."

                "I, I just fell down." Sun Changxi twisted her head and explained, "You've taken enough of the advantage, you should quickly return my clothes."

                However, Qin Ming backhanded Sun Changxi and pinned her down, Sun Changxi's body tensed up in fear, although a voice in her heart kept telling her to give Qin Ming a slap, but she couldn't do it, step after step, she was possessed by Qin Ming.

                "Qin Ming, wait ...... wait ...... er ......" she could only plead anxiously.

                But Qin Ming didn't stop there, kissing down again, embracing and caressing the beauty in his arms, expertly joining with her as if they were newlyweds, forgetting everything but each other at this moment.

                "Ah ......" Sun Changxi couldn't help but let out a cry the moment she felt Qin Ming attack, but was so scared that she immediately covered her mouth and suppressed her cry.

                Because she knew that this was her home, not outside, she couldn't shout too loudly.

                It was past twelve o'clock after the clouds and rain, and although the weather was getting colder, Sun Changxi and Qin Ming were still tossing and sweating.

                Sun Changxi clamped her legs together and crouched limply in Qin Ming's arms, enjoying the man's tenderness.

                She stroked the scars and muscles on Qin Ming's chest, her eyes complicated and her heart even more mixed. She found herself obsessed with this taste and seemed to love being with Qin Ming's body, as if his body had a special magic power.

                But she knew that the two of them would be fruitless if they stayed this way.

                He was not really Zhao Zhengyan, not really the son of a wealthy family, he was an ordinary man with no background.

                Reason kept telling Sun Changxi that having too much more involvement with Qin Ming would harm him.

                Sun Changxi suddenly sat up and propped herself up on the bed, looking at the resting Qin Ming, who was also looking at her.

                "Is it nice?" Sun Changxi asked.

                "Well ...... it looks good." Qin Ming's eyes drifted, Sun Changxi looks heroic, sinking fish since needless to say, her body is very good, this is not wearing clothes, more charming, in front of two snow-white buns cover the eyes, Qin Ming can not move his eyes.

                However, soon he still looked Sun Changxi head-on in the eyes, which was a sign of respect for her.

                Sun Changxi said with a slight grudge, "You've taken advantage of the cheapness. You always have to tell the truth."

                Qin Ming thought about it in his heart and felt that all this was no big deal, and said, "If the charity gala, I ...... did it through a live broadcast, and my companion who was watching the live broadcast, using mobile phone communication, inside and out, my companion used hacking technology to play a trick to change money. In fact, it was the super hacker who hacked into the banking system and hacked Bai Jingchen's money away."

                Sun Changxi dawned on him, "So that's how it is. But that's too powerful, that's a state-owned bank."

                Qin Ming laughed, "That's not as impressive as my hacker friend. Any computer system will have loopholes, it just depends on whether you can find them."

                Sun Changxi asked again, "What about my grandfather? How did you save him?"

                Qin Ming told her about the Xiangxi compulsion again, and Sun Changxi immediately understood, saying, "Oh, the Longevity Compulsion, I've heard of it, it can help people prolong their lives and has the effect of raising the dead, I didn't think you had it, that's worth a lot, you're willing to save an old man you don't know. Qin Ming, thank you for saving my grandfather, he is the backbone of our family, for him to be gone at this time would have a great impact on our family."

                It was true that when Qin Ming first took on Grandpa Sun, he did not know that he was Sun Changxi's relative, but Qin Ming still took a shot, the compulsion was worth a lot of money, the flesh pain was some, but at that time it was also more about saving someone's life.

                After Sun Changxi knew the two doubts, she ambled back into Qin Ming's arms, grabbed his hand and asked, "Then what you said, you posed as Zhao Zhengyan, was it for me?"

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, what kind of question was that? He was only joking at the time.

                "......" Qin Ming was silent.

                "Ugh ...... I knew it, I was being paranoid." When Sun Changxi saw Qin Ming's silence, she also immediately understood that that was not possible.

                She sighed sadly and said, "You came to the capital city because of something else, so you impersonated this Zhao Zhengyin, right? You said, you said it would be life-threatening, and I won't ask you about it. You can tell me when it's appropriate."

                Qin Ming asked, "Sister Changxi, I'm sorry."

                Sun Changxi said, "Don't apologise, I want to refuse, can you touch me? I don't want to be a pretentious woman when it's something you're willing to do. But I want to put an end to this relationship of ours. We can't go on like this."

                Qin Ming's lips were slightly open, he understood that Sun Changxi had said a lot, young people indulge in indulgence, if they don't know how to restrain it, it will have endless consequences.

                "I ......" Qin Ming was about to say when a figure suddenly walked by the window and he immediately shut up.

                Someone knocked on the window and said, "Chang Xi, are you still awake? It's almost one o'clock."

                The sudden sound of her mother's voice came from outside the window, and Sun Changxi was so frightened that she lost her soul and hurriedly tucked Qin Ming under the covers, then wrapped herself up tightly again and muttered, "Damn it, I forgot to turn off the light."

                Sun Changxi said aloud, "Eh? Mum? Oh oh ...... I'll, I'll play with my phone for a while, I'll be asleep soon."


                As soon as the words left her mouth, the window was directly pushed open, revealing a woman's head, and wasn't it Sun Changxi's mother? Yang Lu.

                Yang Lu said suspiciously, "Well ...... I think I heard you talking to someone just now?"

                The corners of Sun Changxi's mouth twitched as she pressed Qin Ming to death in the bedding, yet felt numb and tickled, Qin Ming was not honest!

                She was angry and annoyed, but she didn't dare to get angry, so she could only endure it and said, "No, no, I'm brushing up on the video, mum, I'm going to sleep. What else do you want?"

                Yang Lu said, "Nothing much, I've just dealt with some company matters. I just saw your room with the light on. I just wanted to tell you about that Master Zhao. Is he the friend of yours in Guangzhou, called ...... Qin Ming? Do you think so?"

                "Ah!" Sun Changxi's body suddenly kept, shaking all over, her cheeks ruddy.

                Yang Lu puzzled asked, "What's wrong? You child, is it that cold this day? Covered so tightly. Huh? Your face is so red? Couldn't it be a cold and fever?"

                Saying that, Yang Lu reached over to touch Sun Changxi's forehead.

                Sun Changxi was so nervous that she didn't dare to move a muscle, but at the same time, she was pinching Qin Ming with her hand under the blanket.