Rags To Riches Chapter 601

 Qin Mo looked at Zhao Songli's face and she knew that he could not afford to lose his investment, otherwise their family would be in debt.

                If you ask Zhao Songli to go to Zhao Zhen to help, Zhao Songli is very reluctant, after all, is an illegitimate son, lack of fatherly love since childhood, the relationship is also general. If Qin Mo goes back to his mother's family, not to mention that the old Qin family is also deeply involved this time, once they do, then Zhao Songli will easily be denigrated and branded as a soft hair eater.

                Qin Mo, as a wife and a well-known figure in this rich Chinese circle, knows very well that a man's dignity is sometimes very important.

                "Who else can you turn to? The original investment was also money borrowed from everywhere, and now that there is a crisis, it's good that people don't chase us to pay our debts." Qin Mo sighed and said, "It's all my fault for not being able to discipline Xiaoyan, he's become so rebellious now."

                Without saying a word, Zhao Songli dialed a phone number.

                "Hello? Little Zhao ah ......" Zhang Quanzhen's voice came out of the phone, "Something wrong?"

                Zhao Songli frowned, "Real person, what did you take Zhao Zhengyan to do in that month? Why has his personality changed so much?"

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "I didn't take him anywhere, I just travelled around a bit and talked about the past and taught him the lessons of the ancients, so he probably had some insights. Of course, I also asked the spirits to change his heart, so he became a different person. If you don't like it, I can change him back, but last time I did the spell my power was damaged and I need some time to recover."

                Zhao Songli was silent for a moment and said, "It's not that I'm not satisfied, it's a blessing that his boy has won your favour and learnt his skills from you. Zhang Zhen Zhen, it's just that my relationship with him is now very strained, and I admit that I used to scold him a lot and not get to know him. Now he has a lot of resentment towards me."

                "Oh ......" said Zhang Quanzhen with a smile, "Father-son relationship, how many hurdles can you not get over, right? It's just like you and Zhao Zhen, you should understand it very clearly. One of them has to take the first step first."

                Zhao Songli's brow searched, Zhang Quanzhen's words made him feel very uncomfortable.

                He thought for a moment and said, "Can you speak to him, Zhang Zhen Zhen, now I have precisely an important matter to coordinate with him."

                "All right, I will talk to him." Zhang Quanzhen agreed.

                At this moment, Qin Ming, who had already entered the Sun family's parlour and was waiting, suddenly received a message from Zhang Quanzhen: "Stop in moderation and follow the plan."

                Qin Ming laughed, it was not hard for him to guess that it should be Zhao Songli who had gone to his master to talk to him.

                However, Zhang Quanzhen knew very well that he could not control Qin Ming at all and could only persuade.

                Qin Ming collected the phone and immediately heard a loud and cheerful laugh, "Aiya, hahaha ...... Master Zhao, Master Zhao ...... can look forward to your coming."

                Although he was already in his seventies, he still walked like the wind. As soon as he came up, he shook Qin Ming's hand and said, "Last time I had an old problem and forgot to take my medicine. Thanks to Master Zhao, I thought I was a young doctor. It turned out to be Zhang Zhen Zhen's senior disciple."

                "Speaking of Zhang Zhen Zhen, we've been friends for many years too."

                Qin Ming also smiled and shook hands with Master Sun, saying, "Master, you are too kind, I have not yet mastered my art. Now that I see that old master is in high spirits, I am relieved that I have not made any mistakes."

                Master Sun said, "Ai, a famous master produces a high apprentice. Zhang Zhen Zhen, that is a person who resonates throughout the city, can take you as his disciple, you must be exceptionally gifted."

                "Master Zhao, you left in a hurry that day, I wanted to thank you properly, and tonight I finally have the chance."

                Qin Ming hastened to humbly say that he had a lot of things to do, not that he didn't give face.

                An old man and a young man were quite able to talk, and there was a large group of people standing next to them, the four children of Master Sun, three sons and a daughter. There were also some other relatives, all standing around watching the fun.

                Master Sun had fallen asleep but got up again in order to meet his guests, who were also curious and followed him out to join in the fun.

                Master Sun's eldest son Sun Renli, his second son Sun Renfa, his third son Sun Renbing, and his youngest daughter is Sun Yue.

                And Sun Changxi is the daughter of the eldest son, Sun Renli, the only child, with no siblings.

                Sun Renli's wife, Auntie Yang, whom Qin Ming had met in Guangcheng, was also kidnapped by her former enemies at the time, or Qin Ming helped to save her.

                "This is Master Zhao?" Sun Renli's wife was very surprised: "He, he is not ......"

                The latter words, Auntie Yang did not dare to say, worried about saying the wrong thing yet.

                Sun Renli nodded in response, "The son of that illegitimate son of the Zhao family, Zhao Songli, called Zhao Zhengyin, heard from the side that he is a waste of time, but I see that he is dignified, capable and well-spoken. I guess he's been groped and the rumours are not to be trusted."

                A man next to him asked, "Eh, big brother, I wasn't there that day, is this Master Zhao really that godly? Setting up an incense stand in front of the emergency room to perform a spell?"

                Sun Renli said proudly, "Of course, at that time, the doctors were all saying that Dad was hopeless. I knelt down for a long time at the door and moved the spirits to bring Dad back. Lao-san still didn't believe me."

                On the side, the third Sun Renbing was a stout, mature man, quite imposing, with a straight back and a murderous aura between his brows because he had been a soldier for so long.

                The third Sun Renbing's face was gloomy as he grunted, "That old man Zhang Quanzhen is a liar. The old liar brings out the little liar. I'd rather believe that this kid is good at medicine than believe in inviting gods and ghosts to take lives. Dad is old and believes in Buddhism and benevolence, so he will inevitably be fooled, do you also believe in it? It's ridiculous."

                Sun Yue said, "Third brother, the hard facts are in front of us. How can he say that he changed money out of thin air? That's a billion dollars."

                Sun Renbing grunted, "Then investigate, either counterfeit banknotes or cyber hacking techniques! Investigate until we get to the bottom of it."

                Sun Renli was dissatisfied, "Isn't that making things difficult for us Chang Xi? The bank should be approached when the money is lost, the bank didn't say there was an anomaly, what's the point of checking?"

                Indeed, the bank didn't report it, so what the hell are you looking into?

                Qin Ming's billion was a legal transfer, the bank wouldn't say anything about it.

                It's just that the money lost by Bai Jingchen and Bai Mingyu was taken care of by the super hacker, Ao Mei, but it's hard to find traces of it.

                The Sun family has come out to give face to Qin Ming's visit. If it were not after dinner time, this would have been a big feast to welcome him, and at the end, Master Sun introduced his son to Qin Ming.

                After the introduction, Elder Sun and Qin Ming moved to the tea room to make tea and talk.

                At this moment, at the entrance of the Sun family, Zhao Songli's family was still standing at the door.

                Although he was the son of the Zhao family, his illegitimate son and lack of inheritance title made it difficult for Zhao Songli to fit into the circle of China's top gentry from time to time, and there was nothing he could do if the Sun family didn't give face, not to mention the fact that he had to beg.

                Zhao Zhengting got impatient waiting: "Dad, let's go, Zhao Zhengyan that's a white-eyed wolf, on purpose. He used to be a wimp, and now that he has worshipped a master, his wings are hardened and he is doing ungrateful."

                Zhao Songli kept his face slack, his anger seemed to have reached critical mass.

                He looked at the time, it was already ten o'clock, and said in a deep voice, "Go back first. Tomorrow we have to start a second round of negotiations with Universal Century Bank, which is equally important."

                Zhao Songli drove to leave, but he saw that Qin Mo had not moved.

                He said, "Wife?"

                Qin Mo sighed and gently hugged her man, saying soothingly, "You should go back first. I understand this child, Xiao Yan, he can be said to have changed, but there is one thing about him that has remained the same, just like you. Both of you father and son don't let me worry about you."

                "......" Zhao Songli was silent for a while and said, "No, that brat will be taught a lesson later, you're tired today too."

                Qin Mo shook his head and said, "You guys go first, he might want to see me when you're gone. My son, don't I understand?"

                Zhao Songli had no choice but to take his two children and leave first.

                And Qin Mo kept waiting outside the Sun family's entrance.

                Finally, when it was after eleven o'clock, Qin Ming finished talking to Master Sun, before Sun Yue came over and asked, "Master Zhao, your mother is still waiting for you outside, you are ......"

                Qin Ming's heart twitched as he asked, "Just her?"

                Sun Yue even rolled her eyes, how can you be the son of a man? But after all, it was an honored guest and said, "Yes, Mr. Zhao has already gone back. I think, for the sake of Master Zhao your reputation ......"

                Qin Ming smiled lightly and said, "Alright, I'll go and meet her."