Rags To Riches Chapter 600

 Sun Yue looked at the three Zhao Songli and seemed to have thought of something, so she said to the bodyguard watching the door, "This Master Zhao is an honoured guest, we can't be neglected, so whoever he wants to take in later, he can take in, he can't be stopped. Chang Xi, you stay and go in with Grandmaster Zhao. I'll go in and inform your father first."

                Sun Changxi nodded, she knew very well that it was an extraordinary time for the Sun family, with previous enemies making a comeback, so the Sun family had deployed bodyguards all over the gates, basically not seeing guests anymore, and the guests they could see were all ten minutes important.

                Although Zhao Songli is a member of the Zhao family, but after all, he is an illegitimate son who was kicked out of the house and has no inheritance rights, while generally developing in the city of Shanghai, so there are not too many useful contacts in the capital.

                Sun Changxi was actually still curious in her heart as to why Qin Ming was posing as Zhao Zhengyin.

                If Qin Ming hadn't said that it would kill him to tell, Sun Changxi wouldn't have helped him hide it, and she was more worried in her heart that something might really happen to Qin Ming.

                Qin Mo and Qin Ming's appearance immediately caught Zhao Songli's attention, and he walked over and asked, "Wife, why are you here too? This is Sun Changxi, right? I am Zhao Songli, you may have forgotten that we had met when you were a child, during Master Sun's birthday."

                Sun Changxi nodded politely and said, "Hello, Mr Zhao. You are looking for my grandfather for something?"

                Qin Ming said with an expressionless face aside, "Business failure, looking for your grandfather's help, what can it be? Isn't it true that among the rich and powerful, nothing happens?"

                Zhao Songli frowned, that was true, but it couldn't be called a business failure, who told the investment country that there was a riot? If this matter dragged on, the money would be lost.

                Zhao Songli is particularly annoyed today. He approached the Century Bank for a loan, but although it seemed to be going well, it was not granted, and he was ignored when he approached Sun Yue.

                As a result, his "son" even mocked him, and he said in a deep voice, "Shut up."

                Zhao Zhengting had been standing at the entrance of the Sun family for a long time and was also very upset. When he saw his father's anger, he immediately took out his anger on Qin Ming and also said in a furious voice: "Zhao Zhengyan, shut up, do you have the right to speak here? Dad is working so hard for the sake of the family? What about you? Your contribution to this family is negative. Mum fished you out, and you still don't learn your lesson, what a waste."

                Zhao Ruoshi also complained, "Second brother, no one thinks you're dumb if you don't speak up. You are still a man or not."

                Zhao Zhengting grunted, "He wasn't in the first place."

                "That's enough!" Qin Mo immediately interrupted the two brothers' quarrel and said, "You don't know anything, don't interfere."

                Qin Ming pointed at Zhao Songli's family and said, "Sister Changxi, you saw it. They are targeting me, I don't want to see them, out of sight, out of mind, let's go in."

                Sun Changxi looked at Zhao Songli and his group, and then at Qin Ming, so she said, "Alright, listen to you."

                "No, this ......" Zhao Songli, father and son, were confused.

                Qin Mo was so anxious that he stomped his foot and said in annoyance, "Look at you two, father and son, what can't you say properly? You have to argue. Xiao Yan is the benefactor that Sun Yue said he was, and it was Xiao Yan who helped to revive Master Sun when he fainted before. Besides, Xiao Yan and his sister know each other."

                Sun Changxi said, "That's not true, my aunt said, invited him several times, just dead set on not giving face and playing a big game."

                "This ......" Zhao Songli was dumbfounded, he had tried to enter the Sun family's door, but he was always shut out, instead his "son" was a guest.

                Zhao Zhengting and Zhao Ruoshi were also speechless. They had just scolded Qin Ming for his lack of contribution to the family, but in the blink of an eye, they had hit him in the face.

                When they saw Qin Ming's calm and collected look, they became even more angry, as if Qin Ming had expected this.

                Qin Ming looked impatient and said, "Alright, what are you talking about. Besides, I'm leaving. I still have to go back to school to do my homework, I still have three more fallen essays to write."

                The corners of the crowd's mouths twitched, quite speechless.

                You ungrateful son, don't you know that mum and dad hate living in the Sun family? You want to leave here, do you want to lose all the family's investment?

                "No, don't leave." Zhao Songli immediately changed his attitude and said, "Son, the Sun family is a prestigious family in Beijing, it's an honour to have you as a guest, and your grandfather would be proud of it if he knew. What nonsense."

                "Er ...... just now dad spoke a bit impulsively, don't mind, dad apologizes to you."

                "Zhengting, Ruo Shi, you also apologize, what words to say. It's all family."

                Zhao Zhengting was unconvinced and very uncomfortable, how could he possibly apologise to this trash?

                But when his father requested this, he could not resist, so he could only bow his head and apologise, "Second brother, I am sorry, I, I was wrong in what I said just now, don't take offence."

                Zhao Ruoshi also wanted to apologise, but Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Don't apologise, I'm not angry at all. I didn't intend to help you guys out either. After all, if I get arrested and go to the police station, you guys won't care about me. Right. I went to Sun's house because of Sister Chang Xi's invitation, so you guys don't come along alright, save me the annoyance of seeing it."

                Qin Mo frowned, and a doting mother's tenderness appeared on her beautiful face as she said, "Son, you're angry that your father doesn't care about you. You misunderstand, in fact, your father has reprimanded me, didn't I go to you immediately? You also know that your father's business is very troublesome now, so don't be stubborn."

                Zhao Songli was very depressed, he was such a talented man, and usually disciplined his children with the authority of a father.

                Today, he had to bow down in the face of his "son", and if he was to get into trouble, he would really have no chance of entering the Sun family.

                But Qin Ming still shook his head and said, "No, none of you are going to follow me in. My teacher has said that I will embarrass whoever embarrasses me. Sister Chang Xi, let's go."

                Qin Ming turned and left, walking with determination, it wasn't his parents anyway, so what did he care.

                Even Qin Mo, who was persuading him, was shocked, did this son not even want his mother?

                He wants to spit out a "new Zhao Zhengyin", arrogant but capable, Zhao Songli is not even favoured by Zhao Zhen, and if he wants to meet Zhao Zheng, then he has to surpass Zhao Songli, his illegitimate son, to do so.

                As for Zhao Songli's business, what's the hurry? Qin Ming is the richest man in the world, and as he himself knows, the Huan Yu Century Group also has a large number of forces and mercenaries in Africa, as well as a military base, and even more transport groups, so it's no big deal at all.

                With that, Qin Ming went in with Sun Changxi.

                After the two went in, the Sun family's black-clad bodyguards blocked the doorway again without saying a word and were very serious.

                "Dad, mum, he, he, he is too much." Zhao Zhengting broke into a tirade, "You were so good to him before, and now? You've raised a white-eyed wolf. He's nothing but a loser, and now he's arrogant and unbeatable with Zhang Zhen backing him up? Does the Sun family want to see him? It was because they wanted to use him to draw in Zhang Zhen Zhen. After all, everyone knows that he is capable of handling anything and can calculate everything accurately."

                Zhao Songli froze in silence, not daring to believe all this, and Qin Mo, his wife, gently stroked his back and said, "Honey, calm down. He is a bit rebellious now. Just now at the hotel, we treated him like that, so he is angry in his heart."

                Zhao Zhengting said, "Mum, you can't lose your temper like that in front of the big issues, who does he think he is? Who raised him all these years? What are we going to do now? Are we going to wait any longer?"

                Zhao Songli licked his lips and said, "It looks like we really have to look for him."