Rags To Riches Chapter 599

 Although Qin Ming was taken back, there was no evidence on the police station's side, and after asking the questions that needed to be asked, Qin Ming was released.

                Sun Yue came out to greet Qin Ming and said with a smile, "Master, this is a misunderstanding. I've explained it clearly to the police, or I'll find you an experienced lawyer and make sure you don't need to be bothered."

                Qin Ming, with an imposing look, said, "Miss Sun, you don't need to worry about my affairs. I am righteous and not afraid of the shadow."

                Sun Changxi rolled her eyes, pinched Qin Ming's ear, and hummed, "You're capable of it, and you're not afraid of the shadow."

                Sun Yue was stunned as she watched the two move like this.

                She still knew her niece very well, she was usually very polite to anyone, and was also a rather serious person, rarely joking with boys, much less pinching a man's ear and pretending to be angry.

                Unless the two knew each other and had an unusual relationship.

                Sun Yue immediately said with surprise, "Eh, Changxi, you know Master Zhao?"

                Sun Changxi said, "Auntie, he's the master who saved grandpa. Then you don't have to worry about any favours, a meal, come on, I haven't eaten yet, Qin ...... surnamed Zhao, right? Accompany me to dinner."

                Qin Ming was embarrassed, he thought that Sun's family was a big and powerful family in the capital city, so he could use the favor of saving Master Sun to get something done, but it turned out to be Sun Changxi's family.

                His relationship with Sun Changxi was delicate and special, but in general it was to be good.

                Sun Yue was overjoyed to see this, she had been painstakingly trying to bring Qin Ming in, but it turned out that her niece knew him, and she was very familiar with him.

                Sun Yue hurriedly said: "It's not clean to eat outside, let's eat at home, it's not far. You have also worked hard all day, auntie personally cooked, and since you and Master Zhao know each other, let's talk more. Master, why don't you spend the night at our house tonight? We have plenty of guest rooms at our house, and I haven't even had time to show my thanks for saving my dad last time, and my dad kept reprimanding me after he woke up, how come he didn't even invite back his life-saving benefactor for a meal, a gift or something."

                Said Sun Yue, wildly giving Sun Changxi a wink.

                Sun Changxi glanced at Qin Ming with her chin up and said, "Did you hear that? I can listen to my aunt at home, do you listen to me?"

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, this was very worrying, he had been pinched.

                He put his hands in the air and said, "You are so kind to invite me, so I have no choice but to go."

                Sun Yue was once again surprised, she saw that the relationship between the two was not simply familiar, but Sun Changxi was also taking the initiative?

                This was great.

                Sun Yue hurriedly ran to the car, but just as she reached the door of her own Mercedes, a BMW stopped, and the person who got out of the car was not none other than Qin Mo, who was all aristocratic?

                "Miss Sun, why are you here?" Qin Mo was very surprised, this was in front of the police station.

                Sun Yue said, "Oh, Miss Qin, I'm picking up a valuable guest. You must have been surprised."

                Qin Mo's heart twitched, curious as to which person Sun Yue had left her and Zhao Songli for, was the other person of such a high status?

                Qin Mo pondered in his mind, "I wouldn't expect it? I know a lot of powerful people, who could it be? If I know them and strike up a few words, I might be able to help."

                At this time, Sun Changxi and Qin Ming walked out.

                Sun Yue laughed and said, "Can't imagine, can you? Your son, Zhao Zhengyan, is the honoured guest I've been looking for! He saved my grandfather and is also Zhang Zhen Zhen's disciple, it's not easy to invite him for once, or my niece is great."

                Qin Mo was dumbfounded as she watched Qin Ming and Sun Changxi laughing and talking, and her heart was reeling.

                She knew that "Zhao Zhengyan" was Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, but she never thought that her son was the "master" that Sun Yue had been looking for!

                But she didn't know that beforehand, and just now she had ignored Qin Ming's arrest and interrogation because she was greeted by Sun Yue, but now Sun Yue had personally come and fished him out.

                Qin Mo propped his head up speechlessly, "Tch, if Sun Yue had said so earlier, I wouldn't have made such a mistake. Will he hold a grudge?"

                Qin Mo looked at her son speechlessly, Qin Ming's temperament had changed a lot.

                But she did not suspect much, because at first the two couples had used all their favours to change the wimp Zhao Zhengyan, and had enlisted the help of Zhang Quanzhen, a Taoist master from Tiger Dragon Mountain, to perform a spell to change his fate against the odds and help the wimp and incompetent Zhao Zhengyan to shed his bones, regain his confidence and behave properly.

                Now she feels that Zhang Quanzhen's spell is too spiritual and has gone too far.

                The "son" in front of her had changed so much, and she was so happy with him.

                The only downside was that he had become very individual and rebellious.

                Sun Yue gave a thumbs up and said admiringly, "Miss Qin, I can't believe it. It was your son who saved my father, he is a great benefactor to our family. Last time at the charity gala, he even performed a handful of money changes, turning out a billion out of thin air, it was just too divine. Zhang Zhen Zhen's senior disciple is really something."

                "A billion, a billion? Changing out of thin air?" Qin Mo was dumbfounded, so shocked that she couldn't speak for a long time, is this still our son?

                Qin Mo's beautiful face was so surprised that she couldn't close her mouth.

                Qin Ming, who the whole family had just buried and ignored, even when he was taken away, had suddenly become the meat and potatoes of the Sun family, this reversal was so surprising.

                Sun Yue said, "That's not true. I suspected from the beginning that the master I was looking for was your son, but I couldn't confirm it because I hadn't seen him just now. Now, it's basically confirmed. It seems that our two families are quite destined for each other."

                Qin Ming approached, glanced at Qin Mo and said, "Sister Sun, who is this man? Your secretary?"

                Sun Yue was stunned, didn't she know him? Impossible, right?

                Although not too familiar with Qin Mo, but the same luxury family, some of the regular come to play, also know the two are mother and son relationship ah.

                When Qin Mo heard this, he was instantly upset and said, "Xiao Yan, what jerk talk are you talking about! Now that your wings are hardened, you want to set up your own business?"

                Qin Ming said indifferently, "That's fine. I can live on my own anyway? Do you want to pay back the alimony for all these years? Sister Changxi, I'm really not cheating, I'll change another spell for you and conjure up ten billion out of thin air."

                Sun Changxi said, "Talk properly. You haven't been cleared of suspicion, don't give me a blind."

                Sun Yue could see that the two mothers and sons were at loggerheads, so she simply acted as a "peacemaker" and said, "Miss Qin, my father often mentions Master Zhao, I invite Master Zhao to our home, why don't you come too?"

                Qin Mo was overjoyed, this was really a mother with a son, their Zhao family needed the Sun family's help at the right time, she nodded her head and said, "Yes, Xiaoyan, take my car."

                Qin Ming rolled her eyes and got into Qin Mo's car.

                To this cheap mother, Qin Ming was as perfunctory as he could be.

                The change was shifted to Zhang Quanzhen, who had disappeared for a month anyway, as if he had gone on a training trip with Zhang Quanzhen.

                The two cars arrived at Bailey Manor, a very high-end villa area, each villa covers an area that is distinguished, although it looks very luxurious, but Qin Ming has now seen more, but no longer have Liu Lou Lou into the Grand View Garden kind of dirt feeling.

                However, he had only just got down from the car when he saw another car parked at the side of the road, and there were three people standing by the car, weren't they Zhao Songli, Zhao Zhengting and Zhao Ruo Shi?

                Qin Ming was very puzzled, what were the three of them doing here?

                At this point, two black-clad bodyguard-looking men came to the door and said, "Third Miss, you are back, is that an honoured guest at the back? Don't worry, I will park the car. Oh? You mean those three across the street? They wanted to see the old master, but the eldest said that the old master was going to rest and wouldn't see any guests. They just kept there and didn't leave."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he was very shocked, "Holy shit, this is too humble, isn't it? But, it's none of my business."