Rags To Riches Chapter 598

 Sun Yue's relationship with the Sun family is an important part of helping Zhao Songli with his business in Africa and transporting his products back.

                But before this conversation could even begin, Sun Yue had left because she had something important to do.

                Qin Mo said, quite annoyed, "We are pressed for time, Sun Yue clearly made an appointment to give us half an hour tonight, she is not the kind of person who does not keep time. This is still gone. Hubby, why don't we go straight to Master Sun?"

                Zhao Songli sighed and said, "Sun Yue is now the more vocal person in the Sun family, and Master Sun is also examining a few of his children, so if we go, we might just have a cup of tea and it won't do much good."

                Zhao Zhengting said, "But Dad, we can't give up, I know Sun Shidong quite well, so maybe we can say a few words and use him as a bridge of communication."

                Zhao Ruoshi also said, "Dad, I also know one or two of Sun's sisters, so maybe I can get some connections too."

                Zhao Songli sighed, "It's better, this is the only way to go. We can't give up."

                Qin Mo said, "I'll go and see Xiao Yan, I think he's been cheated in that matter. Zhang Zhen Zhen is very famous in our circle, the fact that he has taken on a disciple, I guess many people gradually know about it, and someone has set their eyes on Xiao Yan."

                Zhao Zhengting said disdainfully, "Mom, Zhao Zhengyan, he's rotten, a waste of stuff, you can tell by that attitude just now, he doesn't care about anything else, he doesn't even have a proper suit, he's just playing pretend here."

                Zhao Songli said, "Honey, once he reports his name, it won't be a big deal. At most, he can be locked up for a few days, so that he can learn his lesson, so you can leave him alone."

                Qin Mo said with hatred, "I gave birth to him myself, can I not care? Anyway, you guys go to the Sun family. I'll go and have a look."

                Qin Mo ignored her husband's objections and chose to go and save her son anyway.

                And at that moment, Qin Ming had already been taken back to the police station.

                In the interrogation room, Sun Changxi was holding her chin in her left hand and holding a pen in her right hand, tapping on the counter top.

                Sun Changxi was wearing a cannibalistic expression, staring at Qin Ming without moving a muscle.

                The male colleagues at the side were shocked, how come Sun, who had just been transferred over to the deputy bureau, was not on gunpowder today? He was so angry. But he was a small police officer, and did not dare to ask more questions.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, laughed, it had only been a few days since he came to Beijing, and he had met Sun Changxi.

                Thinking back to that day in the outer waters of Guangzhou City, the two of them on the yacht until dawn, Qin Ming's eyes became ambiguous.

                Sun Changxi could see the ambiguity in Qin Ming's eyes, the only man who had ever possessed her, and had thought that after leaving Guangcheng, the two would no longer have any encounters, but as a result, it had only been a few days, huh?

                "Name!" Sun Changxi suddenly stopped tapping her pen and said viciously.

                Qin Ming complained, "Didn't you confiscate the ID card? You can't read it yourself?"

                The male colleague chided, "Answer what you are asked! Bring in so much nonsense, name, age."

                Qin Ming bristled and said, "Zhao Zhengyin, twenty-one years old."

                Sun Changxi suddenly laughed very breathlessly, raised her mouth, and said, "Surname Zhao? Isn't the surname Qin?"

                Qin Ming should have made a joke and said, "I wanted to, I was going to take my mother's surname Qin and call it Qin Ming, but it turned out that my father forbade it, hahaha."


                The pen in Sun Changxi's hand was crushed right out of his hand, she was on fire, she said to a male colleague at the side, "Eh, Xiao Liu, buy a bottle of water for me. I'll interrogate first."

                The male colleague oh, the leader ordered, and hurried to buy water.

                Now the interrogation room is left with Sun Changxi and Qin Ming, Sun Changxi bit her lips in annoyance, walked to Qin Ming's position, a fist hanging down, pointing at Qin Ming, said: "Tch, Qin Ming, you ...... you can do it, I run the case, where there are you."

                Qin Ming grinned and said "Yes, sister Chang Xi, I'm not your follower? Who made us so fated."

                "Shut up!" Sun Changxi grunted in annoyance, "Do you know what you've done? Swindling someone out of over nine million dollars in full view of everyone."

                Qin Ming exclaimed, "How could I have done that?"

                Sun Changxi said again, annoyed, "Then why are you called Zhao Zhengyin?"

                Qin Ming said playfully, "Sister Changxi, do I have to say it?"

                Sun Changxi said with a straight face, "Confession is lenient, resistance is strict!"

                Qin Ming said, "If Sister Changxi tells me to speak, I will speak, but if I say one thing, I will die."

                When Sun Changxi heard this, she fell silent: "......"

                Her eyes hesitated up, as if she could think that Qin Ming was doing this with some kind of bitterness, it wouldn't be something as exaggerated as following her to the capital city.

                Sun Changxi's attitude suddenly eased up a lot: "Do you have any bitterness?"

                Qin Ming's heart was moved, indeed, Sun Changxi still cared for him, and at the same time, she also believed in him, and believed in a few random bullshit words.

                Qin Ming smiled mysteriously and said, "If I said that I turned into Zhao Zhengyin so that I could be with Sister Changxi, would you believe me?"

                Bang Bang ......

                The sudden sweet words made Sun Changxi dizzy and her heart beat faster.

                Sun Changxi's cheeks flushed and she said with a stern face, "What are you talking about! Quickly, explain honestly why you are impersonating someone else."

                Qin Ming said, "Sister Changxi, there will really be a big problem if I tell you."

                Seeing that Qin Ming was tight-lipped, Sun Changxi thought for a moment and said, "You did the cheating at the charity gala the night before last, didn't you?"

                Qin Ming was about to speak when suddenly a man came from outside and Sun Changxi was surprised, "Chief? Aren't you off duty?"

                The chief said, "Sun Changxi, your aunt is here, come out for a moment, this matter of the Bai family being cheated out of money still needs to be investigated again."

                Sun Yue came, and Sun Changxi walked out and said, "Auntie, why are you here? It couldn't be for my case, could it? You were there at that charity party, you wouldn't be involved in it, would you?"

                Sun Yue said, "What are you talking about, how would I get involved. I'm a witness, this master, it's impossible to cheat people out of money."

                Sun Changxi was surprised, "What? This Zhao Zhengyin is the master Zhao that you mentioned to me that saved grandpa and helped you keep the physical evidence? He is our family's benefactor."

                Sun Yue said anxiously, "No, he's not. It was Xiao Ma who told me that you had arrested Master Zhao, aren't you just being ridiculous?"

                Sun Changxi shook her head and said, "Auntie, I'm just doing my job. Even if he is our family benefactor, then ......"

                Sun Changxi was a bit torn because she instantly recognised that the man was Qin Ming and not some Zhao Zhengyan, how could they not be able to tell the difference when they had both been husband and wife?

                She was surprised, she didn't expect Qin Ming to come to the capital city and at the same time save her grandfather, become their Sun family's benefactor, and now even become Zhang Zhen Zhen's disciple, or the one her aunt was pulling hard for!

                Sun Changxi's heart thumped, "Could he really be here to marry me? He has a crush on me?"