Rags To Riches Chapter 597

 Qin Ming was very dissatisfied, he needed to change the impression of his current status, he said forcefully, "If I am disgraced, I can just leave, why must I come?"

                His elder brother, Zhao Zhengting, said discontentedly, "You eat from the family, take from the family and contribute to the family, isn't it natural? How much longer do you want to be capricious? Waiting for death day after day to be a loser? You don't know that everyone teaches you to be a loser, and you don't know how to be brave after you know shame. It's only because of Dad's help that you've been able to study with Zhang Zhen Zhen. How can I have a waste of a brother like you if you don't pay for your family after getting a bargain?"

                Qin Mo said softly, "Xiao Yan, don't fool around. This matter is very important. Zhengting, don't say anything."

                Zhao Zhengting clasped his arms in discontent and said, "Right now the family is in big trouble, so to speak, when life and death are at stake. This loser of his just thinks about picking up girls and having fun. Didn't he go out with a girl from the class next door yesterday? He obviously has a beautiful fiancĂ©e, but still cheating, can you steal?"

                "That's enough! Mum's words don't dare to be used anymore, do they?" Qin Mo said discontentedly, "Is now the time to talk about this?"

                Qin Ming thought, "I didn't expect Qin Mo to speak up for "him", it seems that he is a mother after all, he still has some love for his son.

                Zhao Songli said in a deep voice: "All right, go and change your clothes. The guest you are meeting later is very important."

                Qin Ming looked at the stance and was not allowed to leave, so he could only continue to exert his influence.

                Qin Ming was about to go and change his clothes when suddenly some police officers came in from outside, they presented a search warrant and said, "Zhao Zhengyan is here, right? He is suspected of a fraudulent activity, come back with us to be investigated."

                Everyone looked at Qin Ming in astonishment, how could this kid be suspected of fraud?

                But the police were here, how could you resist?

                Qin Ming didn't need to think about it, it must be the charity party that day, Bai Jingchen and Bai Mingyu and the one whose name he forgot, in order to please Bai Jingchen and carry on with him the youth couldn't get their money back, and the bank couldn't trace the intrusion of super hackers like Ao Mei, so they were forced to call the police and came to arrest him.

                Qin Ming is very confident in Ao Mei's hacking skills, so naturally he is not worried, furthermore, he was just dancing at the party, pretending to be a god, this can be a crime?

                Qin Ming had no choice but to play the pity and said, "Mom and Dad, save me."

                Zhao Songli's face was dark and gloomy, not knowing what was going through his mind.

                Qin Mo was quite worried and angry, hating the iron, and asked, "Is there some misunderstanding? How could you defraud? No wonder you went back to school last time and didn't that the money I gave you, when did you learn to commit crimes?"

                Zhao Zhengting gloated, "Well, now you're not just a loser, you're also a calamity that causes trouble. How did our family end up with a waste of trash like you?"

                Zhao Ruoshi also sighed and shook her head, "The older you get, the worse you get, and the worse you get, the more useless you become. Why did you turn out like this."

                Qin Ming still said pitifully, "Mom and Dad, save me."

                But Zhao Songli still had nothing to say, and Qin Ming was taken away by the police in this way.

                After Qin Ming was taken away, Qin Mo was a little upset and said, "How bold can he be? Most likely, he was tricked."

                Zhao Zhengting said, "He's getting less and less brave, rubbish, what a disgrace. He can really be our Zhao family's first class protected waste."

                Zhao Ruoshi also sneered, "It's really too ideal to expect him to help, he can't help and even get into trouble, he's only been back for a few days, he doesn't have a long memory at all."

                Zhao Songli seemed a little annoyed and grunted, "Then let him be locked up for a few days. This unworthy son is a waste."

                Qin Mo sighed, "Yes, yes, he's a waste, but then again, he's still flesh that fell off my body. I've already lost one, I can't lose him too."

                "Mom." Zhao Zhengting said discontentedly, "Now that such a big thing is happening in our family, you should leave Zhao Zhengyan alone for a while, the reason he gets into trouble all day is that you spoil him too much. As for Zhao Zhengyan, let him take care of himself."

                Zhao Songli said, "Come on, it's not like we can't talk about this without him. He's not the main focus. Sun Yue will be here in a few minutes and I don't have time to worry about that unworthy son. Don't put this on your face. The Sun family has deep ties and you can't upset people."

                Zhao Songli and the others didn't bother with Qin Ming, who had been taken away, and they waited for some time.

                Here in the compartment came a professionally dressed woman, wasn't it Sun Yue?

                She said, "Sorry Mr Zhao, I'm late."

                Zhao Songli rose to greet her and said, "Not too late, not too late. Miss Sun, it's an honour for me that you've come."

                Sun Yue looked at the children behind Zhao Songli and asked curiously, "Eh, which one is Zhang Zhen Zhen's disciple? It seems to be different from the one I know."

                Zhao Songli said awkwardly, "Miss Sun, my second son had a temporary problem and couldn't come, but he is indeed Zhang Quanzhen's newly accepted disciple. I am very sorry, I originally promised to let him come over, but ......"

                Sun Yue was very disappointed, she had initially investigated the identity of "Qin Ming" and found out that he was the son of the Zhao family, whose father was Zhao Songli, he was very surprised, when did the Zhao family produce such a person? When did the Zhao family produce such a person? Not only was he a senior disciple of Zhang Zhen Zhen, but he was also capable.

                Sun Yue wanted to return the favour he owed Qin Ming, and at the same time, he also wanted to draw Qin Ming, and even more so, Zhang Quanzhen, so he agreed to Zhao Songli's request, intending to come over and do Zhao Songli a small favour, and in the meantime, get on good terms with the cool Qin Ming.

                As a result, Sun Yue's disappointment was written on her face when she didn't see him.

                If it weren't for Qin Ming's relationship, she wouldn't even be too keen to talk to Zhao Songli, as the Zhao family was indeed rather indifferent to their Sun family's troubles as well.

                When Zhao Songli saw the disappointment on Sun Yue's face, he became very anxious and immediately said, "Miss Sun, the matter I mentioned in the email ......"

                Sun Yue said, "Oh, your matter, it's not really a big deal, it's just a batch of crude oil that can't get the paperwork, can't get on the ship and can't get out of the port. I can contact the Far Eastern Group to help, and I have contacts for the documents, so it's not a big problem. Only ......"

                Zhao Songli listened to Sun Yue's breezy appearance, he knew he hadn't found the wrong person, the Sun family had a lot of connections in Beijing, after all, Master Sun used to be a national dignitary, and his children and grandchildren were all accomplished.

                Now a batch of crude oil from Zhao Songli's oilfield investment in Africa has arrived at the dock port, but because of the war, he can't get the documents and can't return at all. If he could come back, it would give Zhao Songli a breather.

                But when he heard Sun Yue say nothing more than that, his heart thumped, he knew there would be conditions, and he wondered what they were.

                Sun Yue was about to say, when suddenly the phone rang.

                A rather formulaic question came from the other end of the line: "Hello, this is the Chaoyang Police Station. May I ask if this is Ms. Sun Yue? Here's what happened ......"

                Sun Yue was interrupted in the middle of her sentence, and after a moment of stammering, Sun Yue immediately stood up.

                She said, "Sorry, I have something to do at the moment, I'll leave first."

                After saying that, Sun Yue hurriedly ran out.

                "This ......" Zhao Songli looked black.