Rags To Riches Chapter 596

 Qin Ming turned around in surprise, as the voice was too familiar.

                Song Ying, she was here.

                When Qin Ming looked at her, he saw that the young woman was wearing a short black coat and a Prada jacket, her long silver skirt was open, showing off her graceful and enchanting figure, a pair of short boots thrown to the ground, her eyes were wide open, although her cold aura was not to be approached, when she looked at Qin Ming, her expression was more gentle, but also charming.

                Qin Ming didn't expect that after only two short days, Song Ying would arrive and follow him.

                "Sorry, I'm late." Song Ying's eyes glanced at Qin Ming the same way before she met Zhao Songli and the Qin Mo couple.

                This time even that Zhao Zhengting and Zhao Ruoshi stood up as well.

                "Miss Song, it's not too late, we've just arrived too." Qin Mo politely shook hands with them and said, "It's an honour for us that you're here. Earlier, my nephew Qin Shou had offended your young master a lot in Guang City, and thanks to your generosity, he was able to bear with us. Ruo Shi ......"

                On the side, Zhao Ruo Shi hurriedly picked up a box and handed it over, saying, "Miss Song, this is a small gift that our Zhao family has prepared for you, I hope you won't mind. This is the best beauty insect paste from the Xiangxi Lin family, although Miss Song can't use it at all right now, may your youth last forever."

                Song Ying accepted it and said, "Oh? I've heard of the Xiangxi Lin family's beauty bug pulp, it's a better beauty product than any cosmetics or hyaluronic acid. Now I can still get my hands on it, I think it's very precious, with all due respect, thank you."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this was deliberate on Song Ying's part, deliberately not informing him that this was coming.

                He was a little unhappy.

                Song Ying looked at Qin Ming and said, "So, this handsome little brother, is Mr. Zhao's son. He's seven or eight points similar to our young master. I wonder if he has a girlfriend?"

                The matter of the new prince of the Universe Century Group looking like his own son Zhao Zhengyan, Zhao Songli had actually heard his elder brother Zhao Songzhi talk about it, and at that time, he had also seen the photo, but because the difference in temperament was too great, he only took it as a matter of people having a resemblance and did not take it seriously.

                After all, it is not uncommon for two people to look alike these days, and there are news reports from time to time.

                Zhao Songli said, "Miss Song has spoken highly of you, thank you for your love, but this son of mine is a no-good, how can he be compared to a dragon among men like your young master? But I believe we will soon have the opportunity to meet. Isn't your young master getting engaged to my niece Zhao Xinran? As for whether he is single or not, he is already engaged to the daughter of a friend of mine who is a family friend. Zhao Zhengyin, what are you still standing there for? Don't you introduce yourself yet?"

                Qin Ming said lazily, "Brother Qi, Uncle Liu, Miss Song, how are you, I am Zhao Zhengyan."

                Zhao Songli and Qin Mo's faces suddenly turned pale as they listened, what an attitude! Don't you know that your parents are asking for help?

                The two were about to say something to remedy the situation, but they saw Song Ying listening, puffing out a smile and saying, "Hehehe, this is quite funny, hello."

                Song Ying extended her hand towards Qin Ming, a gesture of goodwill. Just now, she had only shaken hands with Qin Mo, and Zhao Songli, as the male host, had not even paid much attention to her, but now she was taking the initiative to shake hands with Qin Ming.

                Zhao Songli and Qin Mo were both stunned.

                The two sides sat down and started to talk about things. It turned out that Zhao Songli wanted to borrow money from the Huan Yu Century Group, which after all has a number of money-making banks, the World Bank needless to say, which attracts money worldwide.

                The World Bank, needless to say, is a global money-sucking bank. Huan Yu also has the Huan Yu Hua Xia Bank in China, which is also a money-making bank.

                The company's investment was originally in the investment and insurance business, and although it did not compare with the giants, it had a lot of money.

                He had originally invested in an oil field in a country in Africa, but as a result of the unrest in that country, the equipment and staff he had just prepared were taken over, and now the opposition in that country has completely taken over the field.

                Zhao Songli has lost all his money and cannot get his people back, so he is in a state of distress. The insurance company is also in trouble and needs tens of billions of dollars to turn around all of a sudden, because the original investment has already borrowed a lot of money and now the banks cannot borrow money in general.

                At the same time, they also need help to get the oil fields and the Chinese employees in Africa back.

                This was borrowing money and soldiers at the same time.

                Moreover, Qin Ming could vaguely hear that Zhao Songli was not the only one who was implicated, there was also the old Qin family in Haicheng who also had such problems.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "I'm afraid it's not that the Qin family thought they had a good business, Qin Mo also hitched a ride on her mother's family's line in order for her husband to earn money, only to encounter a turmoil in the country of investment, and then the money was gone and the employees sent there were still alive and dead."

                "Ugh, boring." Qin Ming shook his head, feeling disinterested in this kind of crap, and that Song Ying would deal with it.

                He looked to one side; Zhao Zhengting was a thin man, not very tall, and gave the impression of being a bit vapid, but he was listening intently to the conversation over here.

                The sister of the adopted Zhao family's side branch, Zhao Ruoshi, was a standard little beauty, her face round and fleshy, but not fat, rather cute, with long black and thick hair, matching the girlish style beige dress with quite a beautiful girl's outlook, similar to that of Mu Si Chun.

                Feeling Qin Ming's gaze, Zhao Ruo Shi willow eyebrow frown, disgusted glared at Qin Ming the same, originally separated by two fist distance, she moved away again distance.

                She was almost close to her brother, Zhao Zhengting, but she was still distancing herself from Qin Ming, was she disgusted with her brother, Zhao Zhengyan?

                Although Qin Ming had expected this, he still felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart.

                In his heart, Qin Ming said to himself, "Zhao Zhengyan, you are really unpleasant, everyone hates you and disgusts you, you should also reflect on yourself."

                Qin Ming sniffed the clothes on his body and said, "Is it because I smell?"

                Zhao Ruo Shi turned her head impatiently, as if she didn't really want to talk to it.

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "Then I couldn't help it, I had finished delivering the takeaway and hadn't had time to wash and change before Secretary Zhao pulled me over. Next time you guys are looking for me to shelve a roadside stall, wouldn't it be better."

                Zhao secretary's face was darkened, "Second young man, can we talk properly?

                Qin Mo discontentedly turned his head over and said in a low voice: "Your father is talking about important matters, all listen, don't open small guesses."

                Zhao Ruoshi said discontentedly, "Mom, I'm not."

                Both sides chatted for a long time, Song Ying said that they needed to submit their opinions upwards and could not agree to it in one go.

                When the conversation was over, Song Ying left first.

                And Zhao Songli let out a long sigh of relief, pulled the button at his collar and said, "The Huan Yu side doesn't seem to be saying dead, they are capable enough. It would be good if we could get acquainted with their young master."

                Zhao Zhengting said, "Dad, don't worry, isn't Zhao Xinran engaged to their young master later? I'll go and enlist some help."

                Zhao Songli shook his head and said, "You can't, your brother has to do it."

                Both siblings looked at Qin Ming strangely, thinking what use was this waste of a person Zhao Zhengyan?

                Zhao Zhengting showed his disdain in a very blatant manner and said, "Dad, you're not teasing me, are you? I'm not saying that second brother is incapable, isn't it acknowledged that he's incapable? He spends over a million a month on the family, and I earn tens of millions a month for the family. What ability does he have."

                Qin Ming was upset to hear this, even though he was not Zhao Zhengyin, but what this being the elder brother said was too disgusting, while up his eyes provoked, as if he could not wait for his brother to kneel in front of him.

                Zhao Ruoshi would also say: "Dad, it's better to leave such an important matter to big brother. He didn't even listen carefully to Miss Song's conversation just now, so he probably doesn't know anything about it. If he messes up, our whole family will have to drink the northwest wind."

                Zhao Zhengting said, "No? Look at him, meeting such an important guest and dressing like this. When the Sun family's distinguished guests come again later, he'll be embarrassed again."

                Zhao Songli looked at Qin Ming and scolded, "Change your clothes, this is a high-class place, not a delivery boy. Secretary Zhao, go and change his clothes."

                Qin Ming was so depressed, what kind of family are these? They disliked him so much, Zhao Zhengyan was not his own son?