Rags To Riches Chapter 595

"Master Zhao? Are you, are you delivering takeaways?"

                Only after Sun Yue confirmed that even her lawyer was fine did she look at Qin Ming, naturally taking him for Zhao Zhengyin, and was very surprised that Qin Ming, who was so rich and of that status, was delivering takeaways?

                Qin Ming modestly nodded slightly and said, "Miss Sun, we meet again, it's really fate. Have you had a lawsuit here?"

                Sun Yue nodded and responded, "Yes, I didn't expect to have Mr. Zhao's help again. You saved my father the day before yesterday, and I was looking for someone to prepare a generous gift for you, when I came across your help again. It's fate, Master Zhao, do you have time? Let's have a couple of drinks?"

                Qin Ming did not want to get close to Sun Yue, although this Sun family might be a powerful family, Qin Ming did not care about any powerful family, he was the richest man in the world.

                Qin Ming said, "It's a favor ...... I don't care much. Oh, Miss Sun has something to do or she should get busy first."

                Qin Ming pushed the electric cart and walked away.

                Sun Yue made a phone call at this time and said, "Chang Xi, the evidence is back. Thanks to that Master Zhao again this time, what a stroke of luck. This time, we'll have more leverage in the negotiations with the Zhao family."

                The woman on the phone said happily, "Is that so? That Master Zhao is so mysterious, auntie, why don't you take a photo with him or invite him to a banquet to get to know him properly? The other party is the disciple of Zhang Zhen Zhen, so it's worth pulling in too."

                Sun Yue looked at Qin Ming, who was pedalling away on his battery-less electric bike, and sighed, "Maybe this is a man of the world, acting in a different way, he's so rich and he's still delivering takeaways. Besides, I have solicited him many times, but he just won't accept the invitation. Maybe my aunt isn't pretty enough, next time it will be you, the great beauty, instead."

                The woman on the other end of the phone laughed and said, "Haha, don't laugh at me, auntie, you used to be a flower in the capital. But next time I must meet such a strange man, our family is in so much trouble now, one more helper counts as one."

                Qin Ming returned to school after delivering the takeaway, only to find a black Bentley parked in front of the dormitory.

                "Che, it's not as good looking as my shit gold stretch Rolls Royce." Qin Ming sighed in his heart, but actually guessed who was coming to see him.

                A cold and handsome man in a black suit, his back leaning against the Bentley, looking at his watch every now and then, obviously waiting a little impatiently.

                Wasn't that man Zhao Songli's secretary?

                Qin Ming laughed: "What? Is Secretary Zhao waiting to get off work? It's already nine o'clock, and you're still working overtime. Did my dad give you overtime pay?"

                Secretary Zhao's face sank as he said, "Second young master, the boss has said that he must take you to an important banquet tonight to meet important people, it's about ......"

                "Get lost!" Qin Ming coldly put his hands in his pockets and walked towards his single room in the dormitory, saying, "I want to be independent and separate now. You go back like this and tell them."

                Qin Ming really didn't want to get too involved with the two couples, Zhao Songli and Qin Mo, too much.

                After all, no matter how much these two couples didn't care about Zhao Zhengyan, after spending time together, it was easy to find out the end.

                Qin Ming had just been warned by Zhang Quanzhen, he did not want to expose his identity again.

                "...... Second youngest, you've changed a lot." Secretary Zhao said in silence for a moment, "If I hadn't personally sent you back to the capital, I wouldn't have recognized you."

                Qin Ming brewed his emotions for a moment, lowered his head, clenched his fist and said, "Anyone who suffers that kind of treatment will change. You are not me and do not understand what has happened to me."

                Secretary Zhao said, "Second young master, if I have offended you, please forgive me. But right now, at a crisis point of the Zhao family's life and death, both the boss and the wife need your help."

                Qin Ming said, "What help can I be, a muddling wastrel?"

                Secretary Zhao said, "Didn't you just perform changing money at the Beijing City Youth Charity Gala? You already have some fame. Moreover, this time, the trouble happens to be related to your new identity, Zhang Zhen Zhen's disciple."

                Qin Ming's heart stirred and he calculated in his mind, "Using me as a substitute for Zhang Quanzhen to turn the robbery? Or is he using me to lure out Zhang Quanzhen? It seems that this is another opportunity to raise the profile of the "new Zhao Zhengyin"."

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "Fine, what a nag. I'll just go with you."

                Secretary Zhao was delighted and immediately opened the car door for Qin Ming, but then he frowned and said, "Second young master, why don't you change your clothes first? What are you doing here?"

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Delivering takeaways. What? I don't have any money to spend, so I'm not allowed to make money for myself by delivering takeaways? What's the point of changing clothes? Are you leaving?"

                Secretary Zhao and Qin Ming looked at each other, not knowing why there was a special pressure.

                As Qin Ming sat in the back seat, an aura of "boss", "superior" and "master" naturally emanated from him, making him feel a sense of self-consciousness to carry out Qin Ming's orders immediately, and his body involuntarily acted.

                This was completely different from the "waste", "wimp", "silent" and "closed self" he had been given before.

                Secretary Zhao asked curiously as he drove, "Second young man has changed so much, the boss and his wife should be very happy that you've regained your composure. I wonder if you've received any guidance from the real Zhang?"

                Qin Ming crossed his legs, his head tilted out of the car window, and said indifferently, "No, I recently watched a dc movie called 'The Joker', and I feel like I've found a new life."

                The corners of Secretary Zhao's mouth twitched and he immediately shut up and drove honestly.

                The International Hotel, Qin Ming followed Secretary Zhao up to the high floor and found that it was a business salon, where all the dignified people were drinking and chatting.

                The European retro palace style d├ęcor, sterile chandeliers, woven tapestries, extravagant top quality wines.

                There are obviously many people, gathered in twos and threes, but it is unusually quiet.

                There was obviously talking and laughing, but you couldn't hear what was being talked about at all without getting close, everyone was so classy, so polite and cultured.

                The most luxurious place he had ever seen was the Century Building, the landmark of Guangzhou, but this seemed to be more classy and elegant, a place only rich people could come to.

                Qin Ming walked through a long corridor and came to the lobby where soft music was playing. The waiters who served the wine were all particularly beautiful, and the air was thought to be the rich man's grand lady.

                Qin Ming felt a little rustic and hurriedly gathered himself to adjust and adapt as quickly as possible; Zhao Zhengyan must have been used to this kind of scene a long time ago.

                A short while later, the two arrived at a room that resembled a European royal palace, gilded and splendid, with rows of maids on either side, a flower seat at the front and a fireplace at the front, burning a fire, making the whole room very warm.

                As far as Qin Ming could see, he saw Zhao Songli, Qin Mo, and two young men and women, Zhao Zhengyan's elder brother, Zhao Zhengting, and his younger sister, Zhao Ruoshi.

                On the opposite side were people Qin Ming knew very unexpectedly, important cadres of the Huan Yu Century Group, Qi Mingxun and Liu Yuanzong, the head of the industry in the eastern provinces.

                This Liu Yuanzong, whom Qin Ming had met before, was a man loyal to Chang Hongxi and was also the one he currently relied on in the northern industry, mainly responsible for transportation.

                The two of them were stunned to see Qin Ming, wasn't this our young master?

                Qin Ming walked over and before he could say anything, Zhao Songli said discontentedly, "Inviting you is more difficult than inviting God, huh?"

                Qin Ming said, "Recently, Tai Shang Lao Jun said that it was not appropriate for me to see a guest, otherwise there would be a bloodbath."

                Zhao Songli said angrily, "All right, call Brother Qi, Uncle Liu."

                Qin Ming was about to speak when Qi Mingxun and Liu Yuanzong immediately stood up in fear.

                This caused Zhao Songli to be stunned and also stand up after him.

                Qin Ming's eyes rolled up, this was not a good idea.

                At this moment, a familiar soft female voice suddenly came from outside: "So, this handsome little brother is Mr. Zhao's son, he is really charming, I wonder if he has a girlfriend?"