Rags To Riches Chapter 594

 Qin Ming tricked the Lin family's fighters into getting out of the way, and immediately slipped away.

                Qin Ming was not afraid to fight, but as soon as they fought, Qin Ming realised that there was a serious problem: Bai Ying's wife was an old woman, but her strength was even greater than that of a young man like him.

                Qin Ming had already put down the word that he was willing to fight and marry Lin Yurou only if Bai Ying's wife beat him, regardless of the place or time limit.

                However, Qin Ming would not give Sister Bai Ying this chance, then he would never get involved with Lin Yurou in his life, then this kind of shit could drag on for the rest of his life.

                He could drag it out for the rest of his life, but could Lin Yurou? If he used force again, Qin Ming would decide to turn his back on him, not caring about Zhang Quanzhen's stinking face.

                As she watched Qin Ming walk away, Bai Ying's sister-in-law gritted her teeth in anger, "This brat, he wants to walk away after getting an advantage, if it wasn't for the sake of Zhang Quanzhen and the fact that he saved our Lin family, just because he stomped on the compulsion king that cost us fifty years of hard work to cultivate, I would have to kill him."

                Lin Yurou said gloomily, "Sister Bai Ying, forget it, it was our fault in the first place. He was only involved in order to save Nie Haitang. It's just that no one would have thought that there would be two people who look so much alike in the world. It's also because we went too fast in order to save the Lin family on a blind date, and we didn't deal with the old Qin family for too long, so we didn't know the basic who was with whom, which led to this result, everything is God's will."

                "Alas ......" Sister-in-law Bai Ying took Lin Yurou's hand and said, "Yurou, you were brought up by me. How can outsiders know how good you are? How much do I want you to have a good home? This Qin Ming, his background and character are all really good, but he already has someone he likes, so you won't think about giving up anymore, will you?"

                Lin Yurou shook her head and said, "No, this Qin Ming ...... is actually quite to my liking. Since the heavens have destined to give me to him, that means we have a destiny. Men, what man doesn't cheat on his wife? I have other plans for you, Sister Bai Ying. He has the intention to avoid you from fighting him, so he must have prepared, so you can't rush, you'll strike when the time is right."

                Sister-in-law Bai Ying nodded, "Since you have an idea, then I'll listen to you. I'll go and appease the old man and your father and brother's side. But don't delay too long, or they will also be worried about getting nothing and intervening."

                Lin Yurou added, "By the way, don't make public the matter of him impersonating Zhao Zhengyin."

                Sister-in-law Bai Ying nodded and responded, "I naturally know this, we can't go too far in doing things, after all, our Lin family still has to rely on his loan to tide us over."

                Qin Ming fled, hailing a taxi to hurry out of this hellhole, full of women who knew him.

                Qin Ming called Zhang Quanzhen to tell him all about what had just happened, but it turned out that Zhang Quanzhen was surprisingly not much angry, instead he said that the Lin family was also the one he had enlisted to help, so he would count them as friends and would not expose his impersonation of Zhao Zhengyin.

                At the same time, Zhang Quanzhen warned, "Ah Xiao Qin, you brat, can't you tell who you are anymore? If you have to reveal your identity too much more, the situation won't be good. Having you change as Zhao Zhengyin can't cause all sorts of problems at once."

                Qin Ming complained, "These are force majeure, how do I know that so many acquaintances are coming over all at once, it's tiring ok. Teacher, is there anything else you can do? Look at my peach blossom destiny, it's exhausting. Didn't you say before that although my destiny ranked nine to five, the fate of my husband and wife was short and the sins of my children were long? Since I could change it before, can I change it now?"

                Zhang Quanzhen laughed: "Didn't you say I was fooling people? Firm in scientific atheism, and now you believe it? You already have a 10% or 20% of my skills, you should know that there are some things that barricade you."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "Teacher, there are some things that are blinders, but there are some things that are your real skills, right? As the saying goes, sincerity of heart is spiritual, in fact I am a materialist."

                "Get lost!" Zhang Quanzhen laughed and scolded, "Don't practice the kung fu I gave you, when you've had three to five years, when you've overworked your intercourse and your kidneys are weak, you'll naturally have no peach blossoms, and your fortune will change."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, this bad old man, refused to help, and did not know what kind of bad luck he was playing, Qin Ming hung up the phone in annoyance.

                That kung fu still had to be practised, Qin Ming wasn't thinking about men and women, but about being able to protect himself ah.

                Zhang Quanzhen always misunderstood him, and he was depressed.

                "I will always love Nie Haitang." Qin Ming beautifully sent a message to Nie Haitang, making his heart clear.

                And at this time, Nie Haitang, who was still touring the scenic spot in Ancient Water Town, saw the message, smiled blushingly and sent back a love message in a beautiful way.

                When Tang Qiao saw her smile, she asked, "Haitang, what's wrong? Don't you have a crush on anyone? I don't even see you talking to the boys in the economics class."

                Nie Haitang smiled, took Tang Qiao's hand and said, "It's good to play with you, good sister. By the way, the incident of Zhao Zhengyin mistakenly entering the ladies' room ......"

                Tang Qiao said, "Forget it, forget it. It's not a loss anyway, it's just a shock, and you've interceded for him, so forget about it."

                Nie Haitang smiled with satisfaction.

                Qin Ming went back to school, and since there was nothing to do during the school holidays, he ran off to deliver takeaways.

                After all, at the beginning, Qin Ming didn't intend to call over money with Song Ying, but as a result, the charity auction had to get a large sum of money in order to help Nie Haitang out.

                So although he was rich, he still had to practice the spirit of the contract and still had to go to the takeaway shop to deliver the takeaway.

                In fact, Qin Ming had another plan to deliver outside, that is, to familiarise himself with the roads in Beijing, so that he would not be in danger in the future and would not even know where to go, and would have more chances to be with Nie Haitang in the future.

                In the evening, Qin Ming finished delivering the last batch of takeaways and was pushing his electric cart to go back.

                He was passing through an alleyway when a middle-aged uncle suddenly rushed out, very panicked, carrying a briefcase, his eyes a bit crooked and sweating.

                The uncle bumped into Qin Ming and begged, "Young man, help me, help me."

                Before the words left his mouth, a wooden stick suddenly swung out from the darkness of the alley.

                Qin Ming was quick with his eyes and immediately blocked it with his hand!


                It hit directly with a muffled sound, and the muscles and bones hurt unbearably, but it was still within Qin Ming's acceptance range.

                Three thieving men rushed out of the darkness and angrily rebuked, "Eh? Where's the kid from, minding your own business, send your takeaway."

                "Get lost immediately if you don't want to cause any trouble, or you'll be wasted."

                Qin Ming looked at the uncle, already panting and unable to run, and asked, "Uncle, why are they targeting you?"

                The uncle responded, "I, I'm a lawyer, I have quite a few cases on my hands to defend, I recently took over a piece of evidence, I might be targeted, phew ...... lad, help me."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes this kind of really road to see.

                "Grind." The man with the stick gave an angry rebuke and rushed up again.

                Qin Ming saw the opportunity and caught it with his bare hand, but the moment he caught it, his wrist reversed, this was the four-two-two-thousand-gold Taiji loose hand that he had studied for over a month, using the momentum of the stick sinking, then suddenly pulling violently.

                The man who was wielding the stick was then inexplicably pulled over by Qin Ming, looking more like he had lunged at him as he swung the stick himself.

                The man himself could not have imagined that his body would suddenly be forced forward, and the moment he was close to Qin Ming, Qin Ming once again quickly struck out, his hands taking on an otherwise spinning and twisting grip-bound shape, and pulled hard.

                Click! It directly dislodged the guy's arm.

                "Ah! My arm, ah ah ah ...... dislocated, ah~!" The man immediately fell to his knees in pain, wailing in pain.

                Qin Ming just watched indifferently, he used to be familiar with the tricks of street gangsters fighting, now after learning martial arts from Zhang Quanzhen, although not very good, every time he played out, he was more satisfied and had a familiar feeling.

                When the remaining two saw that Qin Ming had brought down his own boss with a single strike, they were also startled and immediately turned back and walked away, not forgetting to threaten, "Kid, you'll wait for death."

                Qin Ming and the uncle had just breathed a sigh of relief when several luxury cars immediately stopped by the roadside.

                A woman got out of the car and ran over anxiously, saying, "Lawyer Qian, it's too good that you're alright."

                Qin Ming was very surprised, the person who walked out this time, wasn't it that Sun Yue?