Rags To Riches Chapter 590

 Qin Ming had run out of patience and didn't want to get involved with Huang Shutong anymore.

                If he didn't still know that he was now posing as Zhao Zhengyan, he would have woken up Nie Haitang to stay away from that Lin Yurou.

                Irritated, he just wanted to get rid of the irrelevant people, but Huang Shutong thought he was losing his temper, after all, she only thought Qin Ming was the changed Zhao Zhengyan.

                Huang Shutong hugged her arms and said, "I just won't leave. I know that you must be angry with me. Thinking that I doubted you, wronged you, and didn't deserve to be with you now that you're you. But you've been good to me before? I never said anything bad about you, no matter what outsiders said, and publicly, I knew we were engaged to be married. But what about you? One word to me in a year, do I have to stick to you like gumdrops to make it right?"

                "......," Qin Ming's face darkened, he didn't want to talk about this at all.

                "Forget it, you can read it if you want." Qin Ming is annoyed, directly undress, you love to see it, see it, master a big old man anyway do not care.

                The first thing you need to do is to take off your clothes and cover your eyes with your hands, saying, "How can you do that?"

                Qin Ming was pleased with himself, now he knows what he is doing, hurry up and go out.

                However, Huang Shutong still did not go out, her finger slits peeked out of the gap, her eyes looked at Qin Ming, bare shouldered body, dark skin, scars everywhere, and even some muscles, quite a hard man's line, of course, the trousers still have to be there.

                It was a very deadly temptation for women, as Sun Changxi had been at first.

                Huang Shutong took one look at it and could hardly move her eyes away, and couldn't help but ask, "How do you, your body ......"

                Qin Ming said, "What? Wasn't my body like this before?"

                "Uh." Huang Shutong was speechless, she had never seen Qin Ming's body before either.

                Qin Ming lied, "This is what my family did to me in order to train me and change me. During the short time I was away from home, Master changed me and I had my beauty tan done by the way so that I might look better."

                Huang Shutong nodded and looked admiringly at Qin Ming's body, saying, "It does look good, better looking than a lot of fresh meat that just debuted and earned fans by their faces."

                Huang Shutong walked up admiringly, and her small hand couldn't help but touch Qin Ming's pectoral muscles, but she was electrified again and hurriedly retracted, grinning blushingly as she asked, "Your master is really something, he cured you of myopia and changed you."

                Qin Ming said, "That's because you don't know what I've suffered."

                "......" Huang Shutong was dissatisfied, "That's because you didn't tell me, I gave you the number, did you call me? I am a girl, or you proposed to me first, do I have to take the initiative? What's wrong with people being a bit more reserved?"

                "......" Qin Ming seriously thought about it, the old Zhao Zhengyin was indeed scum too.

                The original had a fiancee, but he still ran off to pursue Nie Haitang, shamelessly, but he still had to wipe Zhao Zhengyan's ass, it was really enough of a tangle.

                Suddenly, Huang Shutong became gentle again and said: "Now you are really different, just now I had a stomach ache and called you, I actually thought about you not coming back. I'm so happy that you came."

                Qin Ming couldn't stand Huang Shutong being like this, suddenly cold and abrupt, and he didn't know what was in her mind.

                He said, "All right, I'm going to take a shower, you go."

                Huang Shutong pouted and didn't leave, she watched Qin Ming walk in, her eyes couldn't help but look into Qin Ming's crotch, but couldn't tell anything.

                "Is the Xiangxi Lin family really that powerful?" Huang Shutong mentally mulled it over and muttered in a small voice, "When did they get so close again?"

                Leaning against the bathroom door, Huang Shutong asked, "That, does Miss Lin's treatment really work? She wouldn't have tried it for you, would she?"

                Qin Ming babbled, "I don't know, if she says it works, then it does, I haven't had a chance to try it yet."

                Huang Shutong nodded thoughtfully and said, "Oh, so."

                Not long after, Qin Ming had already washed up and came out.

                He found that Huang Shutong was still there?

                He was furious and said, "What else is going on here?"

                Huang Shutong said, "Can't you stay a little longer? Can't I see my fiancĂ© a few more times? Didn't you blame me for not trusting you and not looking for you? I'm here now."

                Qin Ming wiped his head in amusement and said, "What? Falling in love with me now? Don't be obsessed with brother, brother can only be a legend."

                Huang Shutong suddenly turned around demurely, crossed her arms and held her head high, blocking Qin Ming's way, nudging her mouth once arrogantly and humming, "Then Sister can still give you a nosebleed."

                "Gollum," Qin Ming looked at the thousand-year-old Huang Shutong, with her hot body, wearing only a single black suspenders, and her jade peaks bulging up enticingly.

                It turned out that the room had started to be heated, so Huang Shutong took off her jacket and wore a bottoming shirt underneath, showing off the subtlety of her figure.

                Qin Ming was also convinced, this girl just wouldn't go away, if he kept going he was afraid he wouldn't be able to resist? What would happen then?

                He had to say, "If you don't leave, you'll have to sleep with me tonight."

                As Qin Ming said this, he thought to himself, "Now you're going to leave, right?"

                She was a little nervous and said, "This is not good, is it? I, although we are engaged, but, but ...... have not yet been in love. In fact, I want to know, the problem with your body ......"

                Qin Ming said rather breathlessly, "Sleeping is also part of being in a relationship. If you don't want to, go out right now and take a walk."

                Qin Ming pushed Huang Shutong to walk out, he had already convinced himself, was he so charming? It had only been a few days and Huang Shutong was already under his spell.

                Although it was said that she was posing as Zhao Zhengyin, with the relationship of her fiancĂ© in place, there was always a feeling that their relationship was subtly changing.

                Qin Ming kicked Huang Shutong out and his world was finally clear.

                No sooner had Huang Shutong left than Lin Yurou arrived.

                She handed Qin Ming a room card of Nie Haitang next door and at the same time said, "Mr. Qin ...... will say goodbye to this tonight, but what happened between you and me will not be forgotten, and in the next day, our Lin family will definitely ask for an explanation."

                Qin Ming frowned, took the room card and asked, "How can I trust you, you didn't do anything to Nie Haitang, did you?"

                Lin Yurou said, "Don't worry about that, I won't let innocent people get involved, Miss Nie is just plain asleep. I've already refrained from poking holes in your identity, don't you still trust me? Besides, you're the biggest debtor of our Lin family, can I mess around?"

                Qin Ming nodded, this Lin Yurou still knew how to behave and knew that the future of the Lin family was in Qin Ming's hands.

                Qin Ming watched Lin Yurou leave the characteristic inn and was relieved in his heart, it looked like Lin Yurou had calmed down and didn't build articles because of it, as for how to negotiate later, that was a matter for later.

                Qin Ming slipped into Nie Haitang's room and confirmed again and again that Nie Haitang had confiscated any injuries and was really asleep before he was relieved.

                To avoid any further misunderstanding, Qin Ming went back to the room next door, after all, he still had to get the job of impersonating Zhao Zhengyan done.

                However, Qin Ming had just laid down when there was another knock on the door of his room.

                When Qin Ming opened the door, he was dumbfounded.

                He froze and said, "Huang Shutong, what are you doing, dressed, dressed like this."