Rags To Riches Chapter 59-60

 Chapter 59

Qin Ming called Hou Qing, who then informed certain friends before informing Nian Lao Liu, and to Nian Lao Liu's horror and wonder and respect, he rescued Bai's sister-in-law, who was in a state of panic, and also saved her finger.

        Bai Yuchun waited outside the bar and was pleasantly surprised to see her sister-in-law in one piece: "Senior Qin, you're amazing. Sister-in-law, are you alright?"

        Bai Yu-chun's sister-in-law was so frightened that her body was still shaking and she couldn't say a word, her feet went weak after two steps, and the moment she saw Bai Yu-chun, she burst into tears with a cry.

        Qin Ming looked at Bai Yuchun and secretly shook his head, this sister-in-law treated her so badly, yet she repays her grievances with virtue, is she too kind? Could it be that she suffered so much injustice and bad luck that she would not resent it?

        Qin Ming said, "I will go back first. Schoolmate, you have to be careful in the future and hide your money well."

        "Thank you, Senior Qin, you really are my lucky star."

        Bai Yuchun bowed deeply towards Qin Ming gratefully, as she was a little thin, the clothes on her body were floor-length and saggy, and this bending down revealed a bulging snow white.

        Qin Ming took a glance at half a ball and thought to himself that this schoolgirl had a really good figure.

        Qin Ming smiled badly and said, "Cough cough, schoolmate you've gone naked, next time you bow remember to cover the collar. I'm leaving."

        Bai Yuchun was reminded of this and hurriedly covered her chest with her hand, she felt her face was full of shame, but Qin Ming had already walked away, she bit her lips and pouted, "Bad egg senior."

        Qin Ming was in a hurry to leave, and that was because he wanted to give the Nie family proof!

        Li Meng wasn't pregnant at all, they had all been lied to.

        However, before Qin Ming could go to the hospital, his phone rang, it was the class teacher's teacher Wang's phone.

        The class teacher said straight away, "Hey, Qin Ming, where are you? The school attaches great importance to the matter you tossed around with Li Meng, and it must be resolved today. The Nie family is also there, so come back immediately."

        Although Qin Ming was anxious to go to Nie Haitang, the school was pressing hard and he was afraid he would be disciplined if he didn't go back.

        Qin Ming sent the video he had just made to Nie Haitang's phone with the text, "Haitang, you have to believe me, this time it's Li Meng who's up to no good again, she's not pregnant at all."

        After sending the video and the message, Qin Ming rushed back to school.

        Qin Ming arrived at the school's teacher's office, which was quite crowded, especially Li Meng's family, even the school guards were arranged.

        "Hmph." Li Meng's father, whose cheek was bruised and whose wrist was still bandaged, smiled coldly.

        "Huh." Li Meng's cousin's right hand was directly covered in ointment and his left hand was cupped into a fist, furious.

        "Tsk." Li Meng's mother and aunt were both wearing masks, after all, their faces were scratched and they didn't dare to show their faces, but they were furious at the sight of Qin Ming.

        Anyway, Li Meng's family were arrested in the police station on Saturday night for coming to Qin Ming's dormitory and causing trouble.

        They squatted in the police station for two days, didn't get to shower, squatted with some other unsavoury people, went to the toilet or in full view of everyone, they had never been so humiliated in their lives and hated Qin Ming with a passion in their hearts.

        And the people from the Nie family were Nie Haitang's parents.

        Qin Ming hurried over and said, "Uncle Nie, about Li Meng, I have a new ......"

        "What do you have you have?" Li Meng's mother immediately stood up in anger and cursed, "You poor bastard who started all this? Pan Jun? Legacy? Putting up the house? The service hours were so long. The countenance of the people of the country is not only a matter of time. The company is a member of the Board of Directors. The Senate is a troubled city. The company is a member of the National Committee for the Protection of the Environment. The government has been working on a number of projects, including the development of a new building, the construction of a new building, and the development of a new building. Ao!

        Cousin Li Meng waved his left arm fist and said, "Think about whether you keep your left hand or your right hand."

        Mr. Nie stated sternly, "This matter has nothing to do with our Nie family, we, the Nie family, are the victims. Mr. Wang, you have been a teacher for decades and are highly respected, can't you see that there is a way out here? It's all because of the two of them, my daughter is still in hospital."

        Mr. Wang also asked angrily, "Qin Ming, what did you do? You have to take responsibility for this matter."

        Qin Ming immediately said, "Teacher, I am responsible, I, Qin Ming, will not escape any responsibility."

        Li Meng's mother yelled at the top of her lungs, "Then it's a good deal, one million dollars settlement fee. Meng Meng said that you are quite good at speculating in the stock market, and that you earned a million dollars a day for Miss Nie's family in order to coax her. Then you go and earn a million for our Mengmeng, and we won't pursue the matter any further."

        Earn a million a day in the stock market? Mr. Nie felt like he was listening to a book from heaven, what were you bunch of turds talking about?

        Theoretically, the limit of profit that an A-share can bring in a day is only 32%, but how big a capital and how good a trader does that have to be to do that? Especially with the general market all down lately.

        But he suddenly remembered that when the company was almost bought out before because of its equity, at that time Nie Haitang had said that she had entrusted a friend to make money in the stock market and a million to her family to see if she could help.

        Although Mr. Nie knew that it would not help, he was still very happy.

        Now it sounded as if the money Nie Haitang had made had been helped by this young man.

        But Mr Nie didn't remember his daughter having as much money as millions of RMB for her capital. But what the hell are these people talking about making a million a day in the stock market? It was a fantasy, right?

        In this instant, he felt that this young man Qin Ming was hiding a lot of secrets.

        Qin Ming said, "Mr Wang, if Li Meng is really pregnant, I will be responsible, after all, we are both adults. But I suspect she's not pregnant, she's cheating."

        At these words, Li Meng's family members each blew up.

        "Shameless! Shame on you."

        "Scum of the earth, I demand that your school expel Qin Ming immediately."

        "Teachers, listen to this, the lab report is out and he still has such a thick skin not to admit it."

        "You want to deny what is ironclad evidence?"

        Teacher Wang, who was probably calmer because she had been beaten up for no reason that night on Saturday, asked, "Student Qin Ming, do you have any evidence?"

        Qin Ming nodded his head and said, "Yes, I do."

        Li Meng's father said disdainfully, "You're just bragging. You have only broken up for a week. Although I, as a father, am against premarital sex, Qin Ming, a beast, forced my daughter, who is by chance a soft-hearted person, to regret it a million times."

        Li Meng's mother also pretended to cry and said, "Yes, teacher, my Meng Meng is really a good child with a soft ear. She also said that she was threatened by Qin Ming, a brute, and that she was reluctant. After that kind of incident, my family's Meng Meng was also depressed for quite some time. This Qin Ming not only? Pan Jun? The death curtain? The coat is slanted η Lang Ying? t榭??!

        Qin Ming was too lazy to talk nonsense with these people, he took out his mobile phone and played out the video he had recorded at the bar.

        "...... reading stupid? Who the hell is pregnant? I said ...... the test sheet was just a forgery by my mother. ...... his, he's a nerd. ...... Hey, he lost all his money speculating in the stock market and actually borrowed from loan sharks. ...... Brother Long you must not believe his words, I Li Meng only love you, Brother Long ......"

        The video showed Li Meng, arrogant and domineering, denying that she was pregnant and naming her mother by name for falsifying lab tests because Li Meng's mother was a hospital nurse.

        The air in the office was horribly quiet.

        The faces of Li Meng's family were unusually embarrassed, and this was a smack in the face that was going to swell up.

        This evidence of Qin Ming was too powerful, turning their accusations into nothing in an instant.

        Everyone looked at the phone in Qin Ming's hand. Cousin Li Meng took an arrow step forward and attempted to snatch the phone, but was dodged by Qin Ming.

        Qin Ming said, "Li Meng cried and cried about being pregnant only in the morning, but in the afternoon she met a rich and handsome man and said everything in order to curry favour with him. Mr. Wang and Mr. Nie, you should have seen this incident, right? It's purely Li Meng's revenge on me. I'm very innocent."

        Class teacher Mr. Wang coldly snorted, "Li Meng's family, what do you have to say about this matter?"

        Li Meng's father grew his mouth for a long time, then suddenly stood up and said, "......"

Chapter 60

Li Meng's father was so happy that he clapped his hands and said, "Great, Meng Meng has found a rich young man. She even drives a Rolls Royce. Our family will finally be able to join the upper class."

        Li Meng's mother also said shyly, "Tch, why didn't Meng Meng tell us about it, hehehe, I knew my daughter would be something, we'll have to reward her properly when she comes later."

        Aunt Li Meng hurriedly said, "Sister, Meng Meng has just made friends, right? I guess it's too late to talk about it, so we'll talk about it tonight. Don't forget about us, since Meng Meng will become a phoenix."

        Li Meng's father laughed, "No, no."

        "Hahahaha ......" Li Meng's family laughed one by one, not to mention how happy they were.

        This phenomenon really stunned a group of teachers and the Nie family couple, this group of people actually laughed out loud?

        Mr. Nie said, "Student Qin Ming, it looks like we misunderstood you, I'm sorry. I take back what I said today, but I have some reservations about you personally."

        Mrs. Nie frowned, but seeing her husband give her a wink, she said reluctantly, "It looks like the matter has nothing to do with you, but that Li Meng is your ex-girlfriend no less, right? Sorry, but my Nie family's son-in-law can't be like you. I'm warning you, don't pester my daughter in the future."

        After saying that, the two couples also got up and walked away, not wanting to stay any longer.

        Teacher Wang said angrily, "Li Meng's family, how can you collude with her and spread rumours about other students? This incident has caused a great negative impact on classmate Qin Ming. You must apologize to student Qin Ming, and Li Meng must be suspended from school."

        Li Meng's mother said disdainfully, "Cut it out, just suspend her, and you want us to apologise? No way. I'll be the mother-in-law of a top rich kid, so the teacher better watch your tone of voice."

        Li Meng's aunt said arrogantly, "Teacher, have you gone to school stupid? What is the purpose of going to school? Isn't it just to earn money? Now that our Li Meng has found a top rich boy as her boyfriend, is she still worried about having no money? Then what's the point of studying?"

        Qin Ming laughed coldly, the saying was true, if you don't eat, you are hungry, if you don't study, you are stupid, look at the shit in this group of people's heads.

        This time, Li Meng came, so it was better to come early than late.

        Li Meng is also a party to this matter, the teacher called her to come early in the morning, but she was slow to come.

        As soon as she entered, Li Meng asked, "Mom and Dad? What are you so happy about?"

        Li Meng's family all gathered around her and said, "I just found out that you have a top-notch rich boyfriend. Meng Meng, where is your rich boyfriend?"

        "How do you know? He's out there." Li Meng pointed to the back and whispered again, "I didn't dare to let him in, lest there be any misunderstanding."

        Qin Ming could not help but smile.

        Qin Ming's smile caught Li Meng's family's eye and they were immediately upset: "Qin Ming you poor? Pan nibble k cut stand kow threshold mu spade send choke Yi Huang? The family was not happy to see this. The first thing you need to do is to get a goblet. The rose is the first to start the sand umbrella!

        "No, some people are not capable, but they can't see others having a better life than him, that's the mentality of a villain."

        "Poor? Pan bakes and fades Joe? What's the problem? The rampant change of the world's population? The most important thing is that you can't afford to be poor.

        "Meng Meng ah, from now on don't hang out with such people, you will be a respectable person in the future."

        "Being in the same university with such a person is also affecting your status yet. This kind of poor? Pan kan guan???!

        Listening to these people's crazy talk, Teacher Wang was all but speechless with anger and just buried his head in writing the disciplinary report.

        Qin Ming did not want to talk more nonsense with these people, he said to the door, "Ah Long, come in."

        Li Meng said angrily, "Tsk, what is your status, Qin Ming? What do you call Ah Long? You call yourself Ah Long? You're only worthy of kneeling and calling him Master Long."

        But Ah Long walked straight in.

        As soon as Ah Long came in, Li Meng's cousin's face changed, wasn't this the man who had protected Qin Ming on Saturday night?

        Li Meng's mother's subconsciously covered her face, wasn't this the man who had kicked her in the face on Saturday night?

        Li Meng's father even covered his waist and shouted, "Ah! It's him, it's this kid, he hurt us on Saturday night. Where did you kid come from?"

        Li Meng's cousin echoed, "Yes, it's this kid, who ran away faster than anyone else after beating someone up that night."

        Li Meng was so anxious that she stepped forward and said, "Mom and Dad, what are you talking about? How could Brother Long have crossed paths with you guys? Don't mistake him for someone else. It wouldn't be good to misunderstand Brother Long."

        Li Meng's family was speechless for a moment, could they really be mistaken? Today this Long was indeed dressed in a very grand manner, with a knife-sharp face, stiff and cold, and a straight waist, giving people an uncomplicated feeling at a glance.

        Qin Ming smilingly went forward and hooked shoulders with Ah Long, saying: "I'm not mistaken, this is my good brother Ah Long, he was the one who injured you on Saturday. As for his identity of being a rich second generation, it was faked."

        Ah Long also stated frankly, "That's right, the clothes, the car, the bodyguard, the money, all of them are not mine, they are all borrowed. I'm not a rich kid at all, it's all an act, a fake. I have a fiancée, student Li Meng, I approached you to get a word out of you."

        Suddenly, the office was quiet again.

        The atmosphere was as awkward as it could be, as embarrassing as it could be, and all eyes fell on Qin Ming and Ah Long, who had suddenly turned into good buddies.

        Everyone was not stupid, you looked at me, I looked at you, and once they thought about the cause and effect, they knew that this was Qin Ming's set-up.

        Qin Ming found someone posing as a rich young man to hook up with Li Meng, who couldn't stand the temptation of a luxury car and cash and took the bait straight away, and told the truth about the fake pregnancy, on the off chance that it was also videotaped by Qin Ming.

        Then Qin Ming is fine, and it's Li Meng's turn to get into trouble.

        Just now they were happy that Li Meng had climbed into the top rich generation, only to find out the next second that it was all a fake, a lie, and that the so-called top rich generation was the same person who had injured them.

        Everything was this bastard Qin Ming's doing.

        "Pfft, hey ......" Suddenly, one of the young assistant teachers laughed, as if he didn't expect things to be so reversed.

        "Heh." The teacher Wang who had been called earlier couldn't help but laugh as well, these things were simply the Li Meng family's own doing.

        These one or two laughed away, and the other teachers laughed unabashedly.

        Li Meng's father was furious and he said angrily, "What are you laughing at? You are a teacher, how dare you laugh at your students? It is simply presumptuous to be a teacher."

        Teacher Wang immediately stifled his laughter and said, "No, Li Meng's parents, I, I just remembered that my family's dog died last year and I wanted to laugh. Hehehehe ......"

        Because she was holding her laughter too much, Teacher Wang made a slip of the tongue, and her colleagues all remembered how sad she was when her dog died last year.

        But instead, Ms. Wang's slip of the tongue also became a laughing point, and the other teachers couldn't help but burst into laughter, "Hahaha."

        Li Meng's father was so angry that he was speechless, covering his heart and feeling a little high blood pressure: "You guys, you are too, too much. It's insulting."

        "Ah~!" Li Meng suddenly clutched her head, obviously greatly irritated, and she howled in pain, "Qin Ming you brute. I'll fight with you."

        Li Meng went mad, her beautiful dream had become a castle in the air and shattered.

        She had thought she was lucky to meet a top-notch rich boy looking for a girl at school, but it turned out to be all a set-up, all a trap, and Qin Ming had once again shattered her pride.

        She opened her arms towards Qin Ming and grabbed him, but two casual thrusts from Ah Long knocked Li Meng back and onto the ground.

        Li Meng broke down and muttered, "It can't be, it can't be, the fortune teller said I have the destiny of a rich wife, I'm supposed to be a rich wife, it can't be."

        Li Meng's mother complained helplessly, "What a sin. This kid is a human being."

        Li Meng's cousin scowled, not quite daring to go head to head with Ah Long, after all, his right hand was still in a cast and hanging in a sling.

        Li Meng's father felt so ashamed of himself that he didn't dare to look at the teachers and got up in shame to leave: "Shame on you, let's go, are you going to make a fool of yourself by staying?"

        Li Meng's family scrambled away from the office, and all of a sudden the room finally quietened down.

        Li Meng looked at Qin Ming and then at Ah Long, furious, but unable to do anything about it, just as close to spilling his guts in place.

        Qin Ming put his hands behind his back and looked down at Li Meng indifferently, saying: "Li Meng, you have your Zhang Liang's plan and I have my ladder, no difference, right? I've let go of you, and I've been very forgiving to you in mind of our past, so don't push me too hard, this is the last time I'll be forgiving to you."

        Li Meng was in a state of despair at this point, she couldn't listen to anything Qin Ming said.

        Mr. Wang finally handed down the school discipline, Li Meng suspended from school for half a month to reflect at home, at the same time to apologize to Qin Ming, and publicly clarify her farce.

        "Yes, I'm sorry ......" Li Meng apologised to Qin Ming in humiliation and then left the office lost in thought.

        Qin Ming looked at Li Meng's back and shook his head darkly, why had she become like this? The old Li Meng was not like this.

        But now Qin Ming didn't care about this, she immediately called Nie Haitang and contacted her, the matter would be settled within a day, Nie Haitang should understand herself.

        At this moment, inside the hospital, Nie Haitang was sleeping on the hospital bed, her mobile phone was held in her hand by her brother Nie Zhengming, who was indifferent on one side.

        Nie Zhengming finished watching a video and directly clicked to delete it.