Rags To Riches Chapter 589

 Lin Yurou winked wildly at Qin Ming, indicating for him to hurry up and come up with an idea.

                Qin Ming also did not want to involve Huang Shutong in his own affairs and said, "She is helping me with my treatment."

                "Healing? You're sick? Is Miss Lin a doctor? So young, she hasn't even graduated from medical school yet, right?" Huang Shutong was clearly unacceptable to the flip-flopping.

                Qin Ming's eyes rolled up, he was really angry, this Huang Shutong did not care about him? What's with this questioning attitude?

                Do you think that I'm the one who wants to pick up every woman? Obviously, Huang Shutong thinks so.

                Qin Ming's mind raced and he said, "Oh yes, you know about my side of things, don't you? She treats me. You don't understand this, do you?"

                Qin Ming bragged in an old-fashioned way and said, "The first daughter of the Lin family in western Hunan knows compulsions, and compulsion therapy, that is an untold secret that we pass on to women but not to men in China, and it is very highly skilled. She is very powerful and cured me of my illness."

                Huang Shutong was full of surprise and said, "Cured? She? No? She is Lin Yurou, the one who was broken by who knows who, the one who went to Hai City to seek bad luck against you in the first place?"

                As soon as Lin Yurou heard this, which was her black history, her face instantly went black.

                She was actually rather confused, she didn't know that Zhao Zhengyan had a fiancée, but she was shocked that Qin Ming was impersonating Zhao Zhengyan to be with someone's fiancée, wasn't this taking advantage of her for nothing? Zhao Zhengyan himself didn't have a problem with that?

                Moreover, she already knew that Qin Ming was the bastard who had taken her body in the first place, and that she owed her humiliation in the first place to this man.

                And she, who had been haunted by grief and humiliation, had it not been for her family and helping the Lin family rise again, a belief that had kept her strong and alive, she had planned to live in seclusion in the deep woods, in the company of insects, alone for the rest of her life.

                Now Qin Ming gave her the bullshit that she could cure diseases, or male diseases, and that she had cured them? She tried to retort several times, but was interrupted by a look from Qin Ming.

                Huang Shutong was dumbfounded and looked at Qin Ming in shock, nervously saying, "Zhao Zhengyin, weren't you, weren't you assassinated as a child, injuring your nerves and spongy body, and the doctor said it would be impossible to recover for the rest of your life?"

                Qin Ming opened his hands exaggeratedly and said, "If it was going to be simple, why would I look for Miss Lin, right? She fed me a wireworm that long and then doused me with something special, and it didn't cure it. Right, Miss Lin, please lure that worm out, didn't you say that if you don't get that worm out as soon as possible, it will endanger your life if it takes too long."

                Lin Yurou frowned, this sudden move by Qin Ming had caught her off guard ah.

                The iron thread compulsion worm was her means of controlling Qin Ming against him, and now Qin Ming was saying in public that Lin Yurou had planted the worm for him, and if she didn't get it out, there was always evidence to call the police to arrest her.

                But if Lin Yurou did, she would have no means to fight Qin Ming.

                When Huang Shutong heard that it would endanger her life, she hurriedly said, "Endanger your life? Then you guys hurry up and get whatever compulsions out."

                Lin Yurou looked at Qin Ming with resentment, biting her cherry lips, knowing that this man was not easy to deal with.

                And next to Huang Shutong there were female assistants and bodyguards, so many people were watching, she really had a dilemma.

                Lin Yurou hesitated for a moment, but still agreed reluctantly.

                In full view of everyone, Lin Yurou used the breath of the mother worm king to lure out the iron wire compulsion in Qin Ming's body.

                Qin Ming only felt his stomach roll and then vomited everything out, ending up with a long worm the length of a woman's hair, twisting around in a puddle of filthy vomit, which scared Huang Shutong and her female assistant.

                After Qin Ming vomited, he was weak, but it was only temporary, slowly his body recovered and was no longer under the control of Lin Yurou's female worm king, he smiled grimly and wiped the corner of his mouth, this was done now.

                Qin Ming said, "Miss Lin, thank you for your great help. My master Zhang Quanzhen really did introduce the wrong person. I will definitely transfer the reward to you in a couple of days, so I won't disturb your rest now."

                This is to use Zhang Quanzhen to pressure her Lin Yurou, only to see Lin Yurou's slack face, not much expression, she also does not know how things have come to this?

                She had found the man who had taken her body in the first place, only to find that he had suddenly become Zhao Zhengyin? There must be something complicated going on here, and Lin Yurou was unable to cook it up, yet she was being pressured by Qin Ming step by step, losing the initiative completely.

                Qin Ming was assisted by Huang Shutong as he walked out, he said, "I really have nothing to do with Nie Haitang, how long are you going to suspect me?"

                Huang Shutong bit her lip and said, "I'm wrong, can you forgive me, please? I'm still married to you, if you do this and that with other women in front of me, I'll definitely lose my face, if those entertainers and paparazzi find out about it and report it, how can I still meet people with my sword?"

                Qin Ming was sarcastic in his heart, "Isn't this still for your own face?

                Qin Ming pointed to the room a little further away from the patio and said, "Go and see if Nie Haitang is sleeping, don't say I have anything to do with her? Don't people want a reputation? It doesn't matter if my reputation is ruined, Zhao Zhengyan, but I don't want her to be implicated by me."

                Huang Shutong thought Qin Ming was angry and she frowned, "Can't I believe you?"

                "Go on!" Qin Ming scolded angrily, "If you don't go you all get out of here."

                Huang Shutong was startled again, biting her lip, knowing that this time Qin Ming was really angry, and she was paying a terrible price for the mistrust she had always had before.

                In fact, Huang Shutong thought wrongly, it was just that Qin Ming had not yet recovered physically and he had asked Huang Shutong to go and see if Nie Haitang was well.

                Huang Shutong went to Nie Haitang's room, the door was unlocked, and when she looked in through the window gap, she did see Nie Haitang lying in bed sleeping.

                Huang Shutong was a little embarrassed, she had been misunderstanding her fiancé.

                She walked back and said, "Then, then Nie Haitang is indeed sleeping, don't be angry, I won't misunderstand you again."

                Qin Ming let out a long breath and said, "Alright, it's late too, I'm going to bed, you guys take care of yourselves, I don't care." Fiction

                Qin Ming ignored Huang Shutong and walked back to his room by himself, he even picked the room next to Nie Haitang on purpose, not knowing if he was too lazy to go upstairs or if he was deliberately angry with Huang Shutong.

                Seeing this, the female assistant said: "Xiao Tong, you did go too far this time, you have been distrusting his character, men have arrogance, you broke his heart, it's not hard to blame him for being mean to you. You are all married to each other anyhow, I heard that this time he left home for a month and met a high achiever who transformed him into a new man, now it seems that it's really different."

                Huang Shutong looked at Qin Ming's lonely back and said, "Xiao Li, you guys go to bed, I can handle myself tonight." The novel was first published on the whole web

                The female assistant and the two bodyguards looked at each other, and then obediently walked away.

                Huang Shutong finished speaking and walked towards Qin Ming's room.

                Qin Ming had just entered the room when Huang Shutong followed him in.

                "What for?" Qin Ming yelled in annoyance, "What else is there to fart about, I'm tired."

                Without saying a word, Huang Shutong suddenly came forward and hugged Qin Ming, saying, "This is the first time you've been mean to me tonight. Zhao Zhengyan, you never used to be mean to me before, not even in high school."

                Qin Ming cursed and said, "You're a bitch, you can't be nice to me, but you want me to scold you. You get out of here, I want to take a shower."

                Huang Shutong said unhappily, "I'm not leaving, I still have something to say to you."

                Qin Ming was furious, he was really tired tonight, not only did he have a lot of things to do, but he had also experienced the plucking of insects, he was no longer in the mood or will power to play games with this chick, he said, "I don't want to hear a long speech, get out, get out, tell me tomorrow. If you don't want to leave, fine, I'll strip naked and take a bath here, I'll see if you leave."