Rags To Riches Chapter 588

 Qin Ming never expected that, with just one look, this woman Lin Yurou would recognise him.

                It is also true that the difference between Qin Ming and Zhao Zhengyin is so great that Lin Yurou sensed something was wrong at first sight and kept following Qin Ming, even making up an excuse that she was being chased to move in.

                Qin Ming thought he was a good actor, but the clues were still found out.

                He knew that his relationship with Lin Yurou would never end well, so fortunately a fierce tiger pounced on him and pinned him down on the bed. Fiction Novel

                Lin Yurou ate the pain and let out a sharp, muffled sound, while she resisted hard, trying to avoid Qin Ming's control.

                But Qin Ming was after all a man, and recently practicing Kung Fu had become the norm, and her strength was getting stronger and stronger. Lin Yurou struggled several times, and out came some humiliating whimpers, but also in vain, and instead made the wooden bed creak and rattle.

                "Are you going to kill me?" Lin Yurou rebuked angrily.

                Qin Ming retorted, "I only thought of dealing with you at first and then leaving, but you were so good as to feed me worms? A few times, I even lost control and lost my life. How dare you say that?"

                Lin Yurou said, "Who are you? Why is the Bug King gone?"

                Qin Ming pinched Lin Yurou's throat and said, "It was you who personally helped me draw it out, have you forgotten? In the small dark room of your Xiangxi Lin family."

                Lin Yurou was shocked and said with her jaw dropped, "You, you are Mr. Qin? Your beard and glasses ...... are all fake?"

                Qin Ming hummed, "Not bad, I am the Mr. Qin who saved your Lin family. What? Can't imagine, can you? Hmph, if I hadn't been under your compulsion, I wouldn't have gone to your Lin family."

                Lin Yurou had mixed feelings in her heart, and the anger and resentment she had originally felt had mostly dissipated at once.

                It was because Qin Ming was the biggest debtor of their Lin family!

                The loan contract was written in black and white, and although the repayment period was several years, the loan had not yet been fully released, so Qin Ming was still pinching the Lin family's life.

                Not to mention this, Qin Ming is also the saviour of the Lin family.

                When Lin Yuanwang could not withstand the pressure to commit suicide, it was Qin Ming's little brother, Ah Long, who saved Lin Yuanwang.

                Lin Yurou originally hated the mystery man who had prostituted her for nothing, but she found him, and it turned out that he was also the savior of her whole family, and now he was even Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, and somehow impersonated Zhao Zhengyin. Under Qin Ming's multiple identities, Lin Yurou hesitated.

                Qin Ming pressed Lin Yurou to death and said, "You say, if you hadn't made it bad in the first place, would this have happened? You don't have the audacity to ask me to take full responsibility."

                "Uh ......" Lin Yurou whimpered in pain, and suddenly her body relaxed.

                Qin Ming's brow furrowed, was this a sign of giving up resistance?

                No, soon Qin Ming smelled a strange fragrance, not strong, very light, a bit like the aroma of wild flowers, but but but obviously he smelled it, and his body slowly felt like he couldn't use his arms and legs.

                Qin Ming was shocked, what was this? What is this? Is he suffering from kidney deficiency?

                No, Qin Ming gritted his teeth and forced himself to endure this feeling of weakness and said, "The tea he drank just now, just now, has compulsions again."

                As the strength of Qin Ming's hand decreased, Lin Yurou also coughed a few times and could finally breathe raw air.

                She said, "Not bad, I, Lin Yurou, have no other skills, but I am not bad at playing such tricks."

                Qin Ming and her looked at each other, neither of them able to guess what was in the other's mind.

                Once his identity was revealed, everyone would know that he was Qin Ming of Guangcheng City, and the Zhao family would definitely know that Qin Ming, the heir to the Huan Yu Century Group, who was engaged to Zhao Xinran, was impersonating Zhao Zhengyan, the grandson of the Zhao family? What are his intentions?

                The Zhao family is bound to be wary, and at the same time Zhang Quanzhen's long-cherished wish of finding Zhao Zhen and Chang Rui to question whether they had fallen on the Mu family back then, and whether they were involved in the plan to kill Bai Mo Yang and Chang De Kai, will also be ruined.

                Once Qin Ming's identity was exposed, it was simply impossible to think of any benefit.

                This Lin Yurou, too many things!

                "You seek death!" Qin Ming was emboldened by evil and suddenly grabbed a pair of scissors as he took a deep breath, adjusting his body's emotions, blood pressure and keeping his mind clear through the exhalation breathing method taught by Zhang Quanzhen!

                He rushed up again and raised it to pick up and stabbed at Lin Yurou.

                Lin Yurou did not expect Qin Ming to be so ruthless and was so frightened that she lost her face. She touched her neck and said, "If I die, you won't live either."

                Qin Ming laughed coldly, "Zhang Quanzhen has already taught me the method of pulling out the insect, I am not able to."

                Lin Yurou was shocked and scared, originally she thought that by making Qin Ming drink a head of iron wire compulsion through the tea, she could use the scent control through the mother worm king within her own body to make the iron wire compulsion work in Qin Ming's body, causing him to lose his strength and his body to have a headache.

                Then she would be able to enslave Qin Ming very smoothly!

                As a result, Qin Ming was as tough as they come and surprisingly pounced on her again, ripping open her clothes to reveal her white cotton underwear.

                Qin Ming's scissors fell and stabbed her in the heart.

                As she was about to die, Lin Yurou suddenly closed her eyes and choked back tears.

                And Qin Ming's scissors landed on her chest without killing her.

                It was not because of her tears, but because Qin Ming suddenly remembered that killing Lin Yurou here would be very troublesome.

                He realised that he had been impulsive, he had saved the Lin family, and there should be room for reprieve again.

                Lin Yurou, who thought she was going to die, did not feel the scissors stabbing into her body, she gasped and looked at Qin Ming, and the two sides fell into a stare-down again.

                Bang, bang, bang!

                Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, only to hear Huang Shutong's female assistant ask, "Xiao Zhao, are you there? Xiaotong, she's not feeling well."

                Qin Ming shouted in annoyance, "Is she three years old? She's not feeling well, tell her to go see a doctor!"

                Outside the door, the female assistant looked back at Huang Shutong in embarrassment.

                Huang Shutong was furious and slapped the door, "I'm not looking for you, I'm looking for Nie Beach."

                Qin Ming was distracted, he pointed his scissors at Lin Yurou and questioned, "Can we talk properly?"

                Lin Yurou nodded her head, indicating that she could.

                Qin Ming pointed at her bared chest and said, "Get dressed and cooperate with me later."

                Qin Ming got up and walked to the door, opened it and said, "Are you done with Huang Shutong? Do you suspect me of cheating all day long? I'm looking for Miss Lin for something, just now she just fell down, what do you think I'm doing? Licking the batch?"

                Qin Ming was furious and full of energy!

                He really wasn't doing anything bad either.

                Qin Ming's bottom line was so strong that Huang Shutong couldn't curse the words that were coming out of his mouth.

                Inside, Lin Yurou sat there, not moving a muscle.

                Lin Yurou walked out, nodded slightly and said, "Hello, I'm Lin Yurou. I'm a friend of Zhao Zhengyin, he was looking for me for something just now, um ...... did you misunderstand me about something? Nie Haitang's words, in that room over there, seems to have fallen asleep."

                Huang Shutong dumbfounded, this is really a misunderstanding ah.

                But a lone man and a widow sharing the same room, what could this be about? Moreover, looking at Lin Yurou, it seemed that she had just finished tidying her clothes, and the sheets in the room were a bit messy.

                Huang Shutong asked, "Miss Lin, what are you doing in there then?"

                Lin Yurou was dumbfounded, how should I put this? It was not easy to answer as Huang Shutong asked her.