Rags To Riches Chapter 587

 In the special inn chartered by Qin Ming in Ancient Water Town, the cooks have also finished their work and left.

                In Lin Yurou's room, Nie Haitang was quietly asleep.

                And at that moment, the door creaked open and a woman who looked exactly like Nie Haitang walked in. A Novel

                She picked up a mirror, compared her face to Nie Haitang's, and then pulled out a white fleshy worm-like bug from a leather pouch.

                Little by little, the worm spat out a milky white liquid.

                The woman then stroked her forehead with that liquid in one place and muttered, "Miss Nie, I'm sorry, but after sleeping with me Lin Yurou for nothing in the first place and disappearing, this man who broke my body, I must investigate and find out."

                It turns out that the woman who looks exactly like Nie Haitang is actually Lin Yurou, who has been made to look like Nie Haitang through the secret art of western Hunan make-up!

                If make-up is one of the three most evil arts in Asia, then Lin Yurou's make-up is simply a ghostly work of art, as there is no difference at all between her and Nie Haitang.

                However, their heights did differ somewhat, but Lin Yurou had padded her feet and wore a cheongsam to make her body look slimmer, so she was able to conceal her identity without any trouble, making Qin Ming, who was in the middle of a frenzy, suspicious.

                It is because the women Qin Ming has come into contact with in the last few months are all extremely beautiful, not only their faces are perfect, but their bodies are even more devilish, so Qin Ming is almost numb and cannot tell the difference.

                Lin Yurou picked up her mobile phone and made a call, saying: "Hey, grandpa, I'm busy here, you guys can rest first. Don't worry, I won't mess around, and I will protect myself."

                Lin Yurou hung up the phone, then locked the door and went out.

                As she walked out, she saw Qin Ming coming downstairs cursing.

                Qin Ming said, "Tsk, I'm really rubbing my hot face in the cold."

                Lin Yurou walked over to Nie Haitang's face and asked, "What's wrong? Who pissed you off again?"

                Qin Ming said, "Nothing. I just wanted to pacify Huang Shutong, but I got a closed door, and she even scolded us for being in an incestuous relationship. Tsk, don't even think about her thinking about that Bai Jingchen all day long, huh?"

                Qin Ming took advantage of the lack of people around and hurriedly pulled Lin Yurou into the room.

                There were quite a lot of rooms in this special inn, apart from the courtyard structure, there was also a small building on the side, all converted into guest rooms as well.

                To avoid being discovered, Qin Ming pulled Lin Yurou into the small building.

                Lin Yurou said, "This is not good, is it?"

                Qin Ming said in annoyance, "Let's just leave it like this, I'm not really Zhao Zhengyan. Originally, Zhao Zhengyin also said that he had given up on her. I just went to treat her stomach pain and waited for her to finish filming, I've already been very kind. Don't be afraid, Haitang, I won't reveal myself. As long as Zhao Zhengyin doesn't return to the capital, it's not certain that she'll find a second person under the sky who looks that much like him, and even if she suspects anything, seeing my long face and my almost identical height, she won't have any suspicions."

                Lin Yurou listened, biting her lip, and asked, "Then ......"

                Qin Ming smiled wickedly, hugged Lin Yurou with one hand, and said, "Then we will sleep with a hug tonight. Alas ...... the doors and windows of this shop are all vintage wooden materials, not soundproof, I'm afraid you'll shout your throat out tonight and keep them awake, so I'll spare you for now tonight, you won't blame me, right?"

                Lin Yurou pretended to be pretentious and shoved, "Oops, nasty, who wants to do that with you."

                Qin Ming smiled as he reached out and wrapped his arms around Lin Yurou's small waist, sniffing her body fragrance.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming was stunned, this scent was not right!

                This was not the perfume that Nie Haitang often used, because the perfume that Nie Haitang often used was very special, and the woman he was holding in front of him didn't smell right ah.

                It wasn't that it didn't smell good, but it didn't belong to Nie Haitang's smell.

                Qin Ming asked, "Have you changed your perfume?"

                Lin Yurou lied, "Well, just now when you weren't around, I talked to Lin Yurou for a while and she shared a perfume with me, so I tried it."

                Lin Yurou was now wearing Nie Haitang's face and was a little scared in her heart, she wasn't sure how familiar the two were, this seemed to be the rhythm of sleeping together, they should have a deep relationship, she was afraid that if she posed for long she would easily be exposed.

                Lin Yurou simply threw herself directly into Qin Ming's arms and asked, "What did you mean when you told me earlier that you almost got hiccuped by Lin Yurou's bugs?"

                Qin Ming hugged Lin Yurou in ignorance and said, "Weren't you tricked into going to the? The ancient castle of the country to have a blind date with that Qin Shou? When I went to rescue you, I ran into, well ...... nothing happened, I fell into her path and almost burped, but in the end I was fine."

                Lin Yurou listened to this, her delicate body shook, even though she had already predicted just now, but she was still excited to get Qin Ming's personal confirmation.

                Finally, you've found it, you self-whoring bastard.

                Lin Yurou's chest was heaving together, her emotions gradually breaking down and losing control.

                She said languidly, "You know what?"

                "Hmm?" Qin Ming gently stroked Lin Yurou's back and asked, "What?"

                Lin Yurou said slowly, "When I first saw you just now, I felt that it wasn't right, it was very different. So I just kept following you and kept watching everything you did, and at first I thought it was really just my illusion."

                Still giggling, Qin Ming said, "I know, you found out I wasn't Zhao Zhengyan, you really are a little resourceful."

                Lin Yurou continued, "It wasn't until I saw your intimate behaviour with Nie Haitang that I felt even more wrong."

                "!!!" Qin Ming was startled when he heard this, he hurriedly pushed the woman in his arms away, his pupils widened as he looked at Lin Yurou and said in a single word, "You're not Haitang!"

                Lin Yurou gave a wicked sideways smile, quite a special kind of wild aura, containing anger, mixed with bitterness and helplessness: "You are not Zhao Zhengyin! You are the one who was in the ? You are the man who replaced Qin Zhongbai in my match at the ancient castle, took my body, and then disappeared! I've searched hard enough for you."

                As Lin Yurou spoke, she tore off some padding for disguise and make-up from her face, and soon she revealed her original appearance.

                Qin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air, damn, no wonder the perfume smelt different, so this person was Lin Yurou!

                Qin Ming furrowed his brows and questioned, "Where is Nie Haitang?"

                Lin Yurou snorted coldly, "She's safely asleep in my room. Don't worry, this has nothing to do with her. This is between you and me! What's your name?"

                Qin Ming didn't wait for Lin Yurou to finish, she suddenly lunged forward and pounced Lin Yurou onto the bed with one hand. The novel was first published on the whole web

                "Uh~ ah! You let go of me!" Lin Yurou was suddenly pounced upon and also pinned down by Qin Ming, she immediately rebuked and chided angrily.

                Qin Ming was not willing, and when he saw her resisting, he immediately clasped Lin Yurou's hand with his backhand, and Lin Yurou immediately let out a soft, whiny, arrogant hum: "Uh, ah~!"

                The sound was not small, and in this non-soundproof environment, Huang Shutong, who had just opened the window on the next floor to get some air and enjoy the moonlight, heard it at once, and also heard the sound of the wooden bed shaking.


                Huang Shutong is on fire, I'm still here, you're screwing a woman in front of me?

                Huang Shutong did not think about Zhao Zhengyin's inability to do that, and went downstairs to run to the small building in a rage.