Rags To Riches Chapter 585

 Qin Ming saw that he would be waiting anyway, so he simply sneaked outside the show to peek at it.

                This programme team had packed a section to play a game of tearing up name tags, as well as a dance performance and an acting competition. Apart from the up-and-coming young flower girls in the entertainment industry like Huang Shutong, there were also some big name veteran actors and actresses, Qin Ming did not dabble much in the entertainment industry and could not name them.

                However, Qin Ming also saw Mu Si Chun, and he was very surprised, he had not seen her for a month, she had already become the number one c-suite in the variety show "Dream Girl", steadily overpowering her old rival Tang Xueli, and her dance had improved by leaps and bounds under Liao Qingxuan's tutelage, which also impressed Qin Ming.

                The two of them were compared in terms of face value, and the camera guy couldn't move his feet, especially since they were both good at singing and dancing, and the acting competition wasn't bad either.

                The camera guy was urged by the director several times before he could shoot the others, which also caused a laugh.

                Qin Ming felt that both women were wretchedly beautiful, and both were young, and both were one of the most beautiful women in the world, so it was difficult to distinguish between them.

                Mu Si Chun is playful and cute, although she loves to play pranks and is occasionally "arrogant and domineering", she doesn't dare to act rashly and is a paper tiger. The most important thing is to get to know her.

                Once Huang Shutong was in front of the camera, Qin Ming noticed that her personality had changed dramatically, she was gentle and sweet, she loved to laugh, she was polite to everyone, and she would tell jokes that were funny, whereas she was usually very mean to Qin Ming, a completely different person.

                But no matter how beautiful the other women were, Qin Ming still had the prettiest Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao in his heart.

                While Qin Ming was peeking at them, a hand suddenly slapped behind him and said, "Qin Ming, why are you here?"

                Qin Ming was startled and turned around to see Liao Qingxuan, who was dressed in a black dance dress, carrying a can of Tsingtao beer, her eyes were intoxicated and she already looked seven or eight percent drunk. You bad boy, don't tell me you're serious about studying? Did you go somewhere to pick up girls again?"

                "......" Qin Ming's face was dark, come on, tonight Lin Yurou, Mu Sichen, Huang Shutong, Bai Yuchun, Liao Qingxuan, Nie Haitang, all the charming women are here, or maybe even Sun Changxi who has returned to the capital city will also appear together?

                This is to give him a life-threatening peach blossom robbery ah?

                "Burp ......" Liao Qingxuan burped and said, "Haha, after the show tonight, I'll finish my work, I'll ask Sun Changxi out later, she also went back home to Beijing last month, it's rare for me to come to Beijing on business, so I have to ask I have to ask her out. Tonight the three of us will have a drink without returning."

                "Drink your sister, damn you." When Qin Ming heard this, his mood got even worse, no, he started to panic.

                Qin Ming regretted that he should have been colder and more ruthless and resolutely disobeyed Nie Haitang's advice, so if Zhao Zhengyan lost his fiancĂ©e, he lost her.

                This has caused him a lot of acquaintances to come over, how can this be explained?

                The black tight-fitting dance skirt strangled her near-perfect figure, especially the willow waist, a pair of mature and full jade peaks on the chest, and the straight waist, which really has the temperament of a dancer.

                The only beauty was that one could get drunk anywhere.

                "Burp~!" Liao Qingxuan hit a full partition, clasped her hands over and said sulkily, "Sister doesn't have a public expense reimbursement and hasn't booked a guest room yet. I'll sleep with you tonight, Qin Ming, don't leave Sister behind."

                Qin Ming was caught off guard and faced with Liao Qingxuan leaning over directly like this, that mature chest pressed straight into Qin Ming's chest, the gentle squeeze and friction made him feel soft and flaky, and his body was even more evil fire.

                Especially when Liao Qingxuan's head was leaning against him, her skin was slippery and greasy under the contact, and Liao Qingxuan's body fragrance mixed with the smell of wine, which instead became even better.

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                Qin Ming said, "Teacher Liao, you have mistaken me for someone else. My name is not Qin Ming, my name is Zhao Zhengyin."

                Liao Qingxuan drained the bottle, touched Qin Ming's face with both hands, ruffled his hair, looked at Qin Ming seriously with his head held high and said, "You're lying, aren't you Qin Ming? Look at the scar on your forehead, you used to tell me that you got it from a naughty fight when you were a kid, and this scar is still in the shape of an 'x', the whole world, you're the only one, right?"

                "......" Qin Ming rolled his eyes, why did this female drunkard Liao Qingxuan do this every time?

                Qin Ming was also incomparably embarrassed, for those who were familiar with him, this kind of simple impersonation and disguise, the face alone was not enough, the body but the scars, and the behavioural habits all the time, were all very deadly and easily revealed.

                By chance, Liao Qingxuan was the one who knew Qin Ming well!

                When Qin Ming saved Liao Qingxuan at the bar, because of her hand injury, Liao Qingxuan also washed Qin Ming's body, and at that time, she talked about how Qin Ming's body had so many scars?

                How could Qin Ming have thought of this at that time? Then he told every wound on his body, all his glorious deeds from his previous fights, in great detail, how could Liao Qingxuan not know?

                "Then if you take off your clothes and your back doesn't have the fifteen centimetre scar from the watermelon knife you received when you were seventeen, I'll believe you're not Qin Ming." As expected, Liao Qingxuan pushed up her chest, the volume of her breasts forced straight over, Qin Ming was so scared that he hurriedly averted his eyes for fear of not being able to resist making a mistake ah.

                The first thing he did was to take off his clothes.

                "Eh, Miss Liao, don't, don't ......" Qin Ming hurriedly pushed and shoved.

                Liao Qingxuan was drunk and laughed foolishly, "Let me see, it's not like I haven't seen it before, secretly, last time I gave you a bath, I saw your bird too, hahahaha."

                Qin Ming, ashamed and anxious, pushed Liao Qingxuan's hand and said, "...... No, Sister Xuan, don't say it so loudly, what if someone overhears it ......"

                However, Qin Ming snapped his head up, he came next to two women, is not it Huang Shutong and Mu Si Chun?

                Huang Shutong looked at Liao Qingxuan tugging at Qin Ming's clothes and questioned expressionlessly, "What are you doing here?"

                Mu Sichen covered her face in mock shyness and said, "Ah ah, tsk tsk, Shu Tong your professional masseuse, so eager? This is about to get messy in the backfield?"

                Qin Ming's face was dark, this Mu Si Chun actually pretended not to know him?

                Qin Ming hurriedly explained, "You guys don't misunderstand, she, she was drunk and full of nonsense, she even took me for her ex-boyfriend."


                Liao Qingxuan slapped one hand over and grabbed Qin Ming's face, saying drunkenly, "Hiccup, I haven't fallen in love yet, where's the ex-boyfriend. You brat, when you first looked at my body, why didn't you see you so anxious to clear up the relationship?"

                Qin Ming was bitter inside, facing the drunken Liao Qingxuan, he really couldn't help it, he almost collapsed inside: "Oooh ...... Sister Xuan, please stop, I have something very important to do tonight, ah."

                "Zhao Zhengyin!!!" Huang Shutong's anger rubbed off on her, her pretty face red with rage as she gritted her teeth and asked, "When did you let Elder Liao? Teacher gave you a bath? And when did you ever look at her body?"

                Mu Si Chun also followed aside and said in a flighty Hu: "Yes, confess from the truth, confess from leniency, resist ...... I call my sister over from severity~!"

                "......" Qin Ming two eyes rolled, the small heart fluttered, difficult top.