Rags To Riches Chapter 584

 Qin Ming came over with good intentions, but ended up suffering repeated blank stares from Huang Shutong.

                He was also in a violent temper and couldn't control it at once, so he directly yelled, "I took the video, the evidence is in hand, no one is afraid. Since you dislike it so much, why don't I just get lost? Damn, I came to help you with good intentions, what a dog taking a rat and meddling in your own business."

                "Don't go." Huang Shutong pleaded breathlessly, "I, I misunderstood you. It's not that I don't trust you, that video can be kept and used sometime, when they become famous, send it out and stomp on it, it will ruin their future straight away."

                Qin Ming frowned, this also seems to be an excellent method, before being famous to make some mistakes, most can be forgiven, when famous to be shaken out, afraid not directly cold?

                It is estimated that just now Tang Xueli and other women are also playing with this idea.

                Huang Shutong said, "I'm surprised you can come, come over."

                Qin Ming saw Huang Shutong apologize and his heart softened, since he was here, he would help her massage her acupuncture points, why bother going all the way for nothing.

                The director at the side asked, "Huang Shutong, how long do you have to wait? Why don't you let the scriptwriter change your part and let someone else take your place."

                Huang Shutong shook her head, "No need director, three minutes, we can start right away. This is my special masseur, it will quickly relieve the stomach pain, I'll be fine soon."

                "Okay then, wait for you for five minutes, I'll let the scriptwriter change the process if I don't see you." The director and the others listened and left, having to trust Huang Shutong's professionalism. The director and the others left, believing in Huang's professionalism.

                Qin Ming gave Huang Shutong a foot massage, which he had learned to do because his mother used to have stomach problems.

                As he stroked Huang Shutong's feet, Qin Ming said, "I thought you were a big shot, a goddess of the Northern Film Festival, but how come even a trainee from a girl's group can come and bully you? This director doesn't give you face either."

                Huang Shutong narrowed her eyes and said, "That's all a name given by the fans, what can I do? I'm just a fourth or fifth tier rookie actor, and I know I have a lot of shortcomings, how dare I treat myself as a big name. The director has been waiting for me for a long time and has given me enough face. As for the people in that girl group, I don't know them well either, so it's probably normal to have grievances after waiting for me for a long time, after all, it's my problem."

                "That's not necessarily the case, what about stealing your bag." Qin Ming barred the video and sent it to Huang Shutong.

                The female assistant on the side said angrily, "Those women, not simple, too playful. Probably wanted to mess with our Xiaotong, luckily they ran away fast, otherwise, humph."

                Huang Shoutong's face gradually eased up and said, "Forget it, the shooting is the priority tonight, I've seen this kind of tricks a lot. We are the guests of this show, to brain out what bad news, the program and the boss behind the unhappy, my reputation is also affected, the other party a angry move, only afraid I have to be discredited, this stifling loss can only be endured at the moment. But ...... this video, can keep, they have a handle in hand, at least until the end of this show, all can live in peace."

                Qin Ming listened on the side, these women can really play, this circle is also really not easy to mix ah.

                Huang Shutong looked at Qin Ming and said with resentment, "If you could protect me, why would I have to suffer like this?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, this was a complaint that Zhao Zhengyan was too much of a wimp in the past, making his fiancée suffer all sorts of hardships.

                Indeed, the Zhao family in Hai City might not be influential enough, and the bosses of other entertainment companies were not afraid of you because of their deep connections.

                But Zhao Zhengyin's mother's family, the old Qin family in Haicheng, is a huge thing. If Zhao Zhengyin were a successful man, he would have connections on all sides that he could use, and his fiancée wouldn't have to suffer at all, but he's not.

                Qin Ming did not bother to respond, he massaged for a while, Huang Shutong really does not hurt anymore.

                "Mmm, it's so comfortable, I'm much better." Huang Shutong's face warmed back up, red in white and in a great mood, saying, "Wait for me here, I have something to say to you after filming."

                Qin Ming was not happy and said, "I still have things to do."

                Huang Shutong suddenly blackened her face, Qin Ming didn't care if she was black-faced or not, he had to rush back to hug Nie Haitang and prepare to make a baby.

                "You bastard!" Huang Shutong suddenly became angry, "Just go and sorority with the girls at your school, you're always messing around."

                Qin Ming was also annoyed: "I've helped you a few times and you haven't even said thank you, so what's wrong with me leaving? I'm just a loser in your eyes anyway, right? Do you want to keep me for you to vent later?"

                Huang Shutong was so angry that she clenched her fist: "You are my fiancé, what thanks am I saying to you? Didn't you say that you weren't the same person you used to be?"

                Qin Ming fell into silence again for a moment, this was said in such a way that Huang Shutong did not treat Zhao Zhengyan as a relative?

                However, Qin Ming did not feel it at all.

                Moreover, it seemed that she was still having an ambiguous relationship with that Bai Jingting, and she hadn't properly explained what was going on.

                The female assistant saw this aside and persuaded, "Xiao Tong, you should go over to the scene first. I'll persuade your fiancé."

                The female assistant persuaded Huang Shutong to leave and came over with a smile, saying, "Little Zhao, have you become better with Xiaotong recently?"

                "Not at all?" Qin Ming denied.

                "Then why do you always tussle every time you meet?" The female assistant smiled and said, "I haven't seen you two talking in the past, you didn't even say two words when you met, you just sat down and left. In the past two days, Xiaotong has started nagging you, saying that you have changed a lot. She even asked me what brand of contact lenses were good."

                Qin Ming's heart was moved, it sounded like Huang Shutong was not that unfeeling.

                The female assistant continued, "Xiao Tong, this person, in fact, has a heart of bean curd. As a fiancé, or a man, you should not be so calculating with her. If a man suffers a little bit of aggravation once in a while, he will get more. We women are all insecure, Xiao Zhao you'd better stay, or later on another stomachache, she's in pain and uncomfortable, not still thinking of you?"

                Qin Ming sighed and sent the Buddha to the West, a good man did what he had to do, who made him a "good doctor"?

                He asked, "How long will it take to finish?"

                The female assistant looked at her watch and said, "If it goes well, an hour later."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "Then I'll stay for a while."

                Qin Ming picked up his mobile phone and called Nie Haitang, saying, "Haitang, I won't be back until later."

                At that moment, in the special inn that had been chartered, Nie Haitang was lying limply on the large bed in the guest room in the side courtyard.

                Her mobile phone was being held by Lin Yurou, who pinched her throat and mimicked Nie Haitang's voice as best she could, saying, "Mm, I know, I'm not in a hurry."

                Qin Ming didn't care too much because he was separated from the phone and said, "Okay, don't get too close to that Lin Yurou, their Xiangxi Lin family has many doors and mysterious worm magic. And she's being chased and taken, so don't cause any trouble."

                Lin Yurou's face was gloomy, still pinching her throat as she responded, "Mm, I know."

                Lin Yurou hung up the phone, and a vicious colour surfaced on her delicate face. The novel was first published on the entire net

                Her plain hand gently stroked over Nie Haitang's face as she muttered to herself, "So beautiful, even I, a woman who has been praised since I was a child, find you too beautiful. But tonight, you can sleep in peace."