Rags To Riches Chapter 583

 Although Qin Ming was not happy, he still answered Huang Shutong's call and asked, "What is it?"

                Huang Shutong said in some pain, "I have a stomachache again, you, you come over and massage my acupuncture points, like last time."

                This commanding tone, Qin Ming was very unhappy, said: "I have something to do here, I can't be busy."

                The pale Huang Shutong on the other end of the phone looked at the crew filming the show next to her, listening to Qin Ming's cold rejection, she said in annoyance, "Forget it, it's my problem to have expectations of you, let me die of pain."

                Huang Shutong hung up the phone, Qin Ming was so depressed, what kind of attitude is this? This is you begging.

                On the side, Nie Haitang said worriedly, "If it's urgent, you should go over there. After all, you are now impersonating Zhao Zhengyin, she is Zhao Zhengyin's fiancee, you can't reveal yourself and you can't lose her fiancee."

                Qin Ming said, "But Zhao Zhengyan himself doesn't care, you're not afraid that I'll be eaten up by that Huang Shutong?"

                Nie Beach returned a blushing smile and snapped, "You're so easily seduced by another woman's soul, so go ahead and leave me alone, I'll just end up alone."

                Qin Ming looked around and saw that no one was peeking, so he hurriedly took Nie Haitang's hand and said, "Haitang, how could I be seduced by another woman. Can't I go here? I promise I won't reveal myself."

                Nie Haitang nodded and said, "Come back quickly."

                Because of Nie Haitang's persuasion, Qin Ming still went over to the filming site. He felt that Nie Haitang's words had some truth to them, since he was impersonating Zhao Zhengyan, he should focus on his business, and there was plenty of time for his children's love.

                After all, Qin Ming is not impersonating Zhao Zhengyin for a long time, a month or two, if he loses his fiancée, even though Zhao Zhengyin doesn't mind on his lips, that is Qin Ming's responsibility.

                Qin Ming said, "Anyway, go over and massage the soles of your feet and help her relieve her stomach pain, never much time."

                Qin Ming rushed to the scene where the scene was being filmed and walked in when no one was in sight.

                From a distance he saw Huang Shutong lying on the table with her stomach covered, and the crew on the side were distraught.

                The producer said unhappily, "What's wrong with this? This show is filmed at night, it's going to be on the show the day after tomorrow, if we don't finish it tonight, the editors won't have enough time."

                The female assistant said, "But our Xiaotong has a stomachache and this won't make it to the show."

                The director said irritably, "Oh, this ...... alas ...... 'Dream Girl' crew is all in place, there's only this interactive segment left, and if it wasn't for that silly kid who popped up out of nowhere just now and stalled things for a bit. Opponent play this link is estimated to come over, that's good to say."

                Huang Shutong slowly raised his head and said apologetically, "Sorry director, it's all my fault, I can do it, I took my medicine just now, I can shoot right away."

                The director also sighed: "Look how white you are, you were already white, this is even whiter, there's no blood at all." The director said, "You're already pale, but you're even paler.

                Huang Shutong said, "Let the make-up artist do the make-up, I can bear it. Otherwise we won't be able to leave work on time tonight."

                Suddenly, some women came up next to her, and they were the same girls from the Dream Girls programme that Qin Ming had seen.

                "I think let's forget it?" Tang Xueli said pointedly, "We've been waiting for more than half an hour. We have to rehearse tonight, director, this is a waste of our time. If you're sick, go to the hospital, why are you still here? Don't think you're great just because you're a child star starting out, playing a big name."

                "That's not true, our manager Shao is so angry he's speechless, this delay has messed up all our plans."

                "Give us an answer today, how long do we have to wait? Wait too long and we'll have to go back to dance practice."

                Tang Xueli and the others were so strong and aggressive that Huang Shutong's face became even more ugly; it was all her fault.

                Huang Shutong gritted her teeth and said, "I can."

                The director said unhappily, "It will be ready soon, go back first, wait for news, don't make trouble."

                When Tang Xueli and the others heard this, they all obediently obeyed to leave, but before they left, when several women passed by Huang Shutong's position next to her, three women covered the crowd's view and one of them fished away Huang Shutong's bag by hand.

                Was this stealing?

                Qin Ming watched and felt that again it was not right, these people did not need to risk losing their future for a few hundred thousand dollars' worth of bags.

                I'm afraid they want to know some gossip about Huang Shutong, what is their purpose?

                Is it to make some news to smear Huang Shutong when the show airs, so that they can be the lead and come out c-suite?

                The entertainment industry is very complicated, Qin Ming doesn't know much about it, but he often hears from his friends that all kinds of odd things and reasons happen, the purpose of which all point to fame, and many people will do anything to become famous and get to the top.

                Taking three steps forward and two steps back, Qin Ming walked up and drank, "Wait, stop."

                The crowd was stunned by Qin Ming's sudden appearance, wasn't this the guy who had come out to cause trouble during the mimicry scene earlier?

                "Who are you? What's the reason for not letting us go?" Tang Xueli frowned, but didn't recognise Qin Ming, as it had been a while since they last met, and she hadn't put Qin Ming down in the first place.

                Although she thought it looked familiar and had an impression, she didn't remember it.

                That director also frowned, "That who, why are you running in again and what for? Is it Huang Shutong's family?"

                Qin Ming said, "Who am I to her? Hey, who am I to you?"

                When Huang Shutong heard Qin Ming's words, she was furious and said, "You are nothing to me, so go away. What are you doing here? Disgracing yourself?"

                Tang Xueli and the other women said arrogantly, "Who are you to stop us from leaving?"

                "That's right, who do you think you are?"

                "Forget it, go back and wait, after all, people play big names."

                Qin Ming grabbed a chair next to him and threw it over, saying, "I said no leaving, wait until I call the police, after all, there are thieves."

                Hearing this, Huang Shutong became even more angry, "Zhao Zhengyan, have you made enough of this? Where are the thieves here? Can you stop making trouble?"

                Qin Ming was annoyed, was this woman's head hurting? Where did she get such anger towards him?

                "Don't you regret it later." Qin Ming said, rushing up to the girl who had attempted to drop the stolen bag, and was instantly lifted by Qin Ming's right hand, saying, "Oh, you want to drop it now? It's too late." Fiction

                "Ah!" That girl exclaimed, her wrist eating pain, but she did have Huang Shutong's bag in her hand.

                "Huh?" The crowd was startled, and Huang Shutong's female assistant hurriedly walked up and said, "This is still our Xiaotong's bag, why did you take it?"

                The girl hurriedly explained, "No, it fell on the ground just now, I just wanted to pick it up."

                Tang Xueli immediately said, "That's right, we were kind enough to pick it up for you, but it's really a dog biting Lü Dongbin, not knowing the heart of a good person, and biting us back. The bag, you can have it back, let's go."

                Tang Xueli dropped her bag and immediately dragged her sisters away.

                Qin Ming was about to stop them when Huang Shutong pulled him back and said, "Forget it, forget it."

                When Qin Ming was pulled, he couldn't help himself and cursed, "What am I doing to help you? Are you going to scold me for causing trouble again? I've sent a video here, enough to charge them with theft! Shit, I came over to see you and you're still looking like a dead horse, can't I just f*ck off? I'm a bitch to come over here."

                Qin Ming was about to leave, but suddenly Huang Shutong hugged him from behind.

                "This?" Qin Ming was stunned, what was this again?