Rags To Riches Chapter 582

 The tall classical building, built on the mountain, the ancient cottage inn, walk up the high stone steps to what appears to be a very large Chinese style ancient fortress.

                From the small hall at the entrance to the guest rooms, most have floating windows designed to sit by the window, leaning on the soft cushions, looking out the window that is at the bridge of the Chaohe River Chuanqiao people coming and going.

                The ancient cottage inn opposite the small facade, it is difficult to hide the warm light inside the house.

                At this time in the characteristic inn, Qin Ming specially called the cooks back, gave them a big table of sumptuous dinner, after all, later to do exercise, very laborious.

                It was a candlelit dinner at night, with a cold breeze blowing outside the window. In November in the capital city, the cold current washed over the city and the temperature was low, but this special inn provided heating, so the two did not feel any discomfort.

                Nie Haitang obviously had something on her mind, she looked anxious, sniggering one moment, glaring at Qin Ming in annoyance the next, and blushing the next, embarrassed to look up at people, and Qin Ming had no idea what was on Nie Haitang's mind.

                Qin Ming took a sip of wine to cheer himself up.

                Nie Haitang suddenly asked, "Qin Ming, what about the original Zhao Zhengyin?"

                Qin Ming said, "He's impersonating me in Guangzhou, and I hear he's having a good time. He's not doing well over here, I've felt it too, he's often targeted, he has a good personality and doesn't know how to protect himself, his parents are disappointed in him, but whenever they are again, they also berate him first. Even his fiancée, also despise him, he does not even have a friend, mobile phone records of the number, you should be the only one friend."

                Nie Haitang thought for a moment and said, "I just think, he looks like you, so I somehow have a good feeling about him, in fact, I don't have much interaction with him, I heard that he is often bullied at school, most people ridicule him as the most wimpy rich kid." Novel first published on the whole web

                Qin Ming sighed, "Something happened to him in high school, and not being understood, he closed himself off. I'm posing as him this time, and I also want to help him change his image."

                Nie Haitang nodded and asked, "Mm-hmm, Qin Ming you're so nice. Then why did you impersonate him? Was it to come to me?"

                Qin Ming grinned awkwardly and said, "That's not it, there's something to do, don't ask about this, I'm afraid I'll get you involved too."

                Nie Haitang clenched her chopsticks in her small hands and said, "With you around, I'm not afraid."

                Qin Ming, however, shook his head and said, "I'm afraid that anything will happen to you."

                Nie Haitang lowered her head grimly and said, "I'm sorry, Qin Ming, I'm too useless."

                Qin Ming said, "Silly girl, this kind of thing, is beyond the scope of what ordinary people can touch, you have done very well."

                Nie Haitang said seriously, "Don't worry, I will keep it a secret, I will treat you as Zhao Zhengyin in front of the general public. Only in private will I call you Qin Ming."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "Eh, turn off your phone tonight."

                As soon as he heard that he was turning off his phone, wasn't that not contacting his classmates? The two of them would not be disturbed by what they were doing tonight.

                Nie Haitang shyly turned her phone off, she was going to give her body and her first time to Qin Ming tonight, she was determined to get a firm grip on Qin Ming's heart before he revealed his identity to her first, not to Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Qin Ming was about to put his phone on silent when a sharp knock was heard at the door.

                Qin Ming frowned, he had already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to charter this inn and there was a no reception sign on the door, who was still knocking on the door here?

                Qin Ming walked out and tried to shoo the person away.

                But when he opened the door, he froze, wasn't this Lin Yurou?

                Why was she alone? Moreover, she looked panicked and her clothes were torn in many places, this appearance seemed to be on the run.

                When Lin Yurou saw Qin Ming, she was also startled: "Zhao Zhengyin? Why are you here? Let me in, help me." Novel

                After saying that, Lin Yurou took a step forward feebly, and then fell weakly and softly into Qin Ming's arms.

                Qin Ming was stunned and hurriedly carried the person in. Only then did he close the door, when he saw three men chasing her in plain clothes passing by.

                Qin Ming's heart fluttered, was this a chase? Why?

                But Lin Yurou was already in an unconscious state, so it was no good to ask.

                Nie Haitang followed curiously and said, "Huh? Isn't this Lin Yurou of the Lin family?"

                Qin Ming said curiously, "You know her?"

                Nie Haitang nodded and said, "Well, in the past, my mother loved beauty and heard that the Lin family in Xiangxi had a mysterious compulsion that could improve human secretion and keep women youthful and lasting, so I went to Xiangxi with us specifically to find the Lin family to buy it, and we had contact with this Miss Lin at that time. What happened to her?"

                Qin Ming said, "She's fainted, it seems someone has grabbed her. Let's get her awake first."

                A short while later, Nie Haitang pinched Lin Yurou's midsection, and Qin Ming covered him with a hot towel, and Lin Yurou slowly woke up.

                She was a little pale and jumped up violently, "Grandpa!"

                But she took two steps and then turned back, biting her lip in a very anxious manner.

                Qin Ming didn't want to be nosy and said, "I've chartered this inn, you can leave if you want to stay, if you want my help, no need to talk."

                Nie Haitang snapped, "Why are you so cold and heartless?"

                Qin Ming surreptitiously whispered in her ear, "No one will try to spoil our good night. What? Do you regret it?"

                Nie Haitang's pretty face flushed and she secretly pinched the flesh around Qin Ming's waist with her hand, humming, "Nasty, you're bad."

                Seeing that Qin Ming was unwilling to help, Lin Yurou sighed, "Indeed, it's none of your business, you're already grateful for letting me hide for a while."

                Nie Haitang went up to her and asked, "Miss Lin, do you still remember me? I'm Nie Haitang, what's happened to you here? Do you need to go to the police?"

                Lin Yurou nodded her head and said, "I remember you, Miss Nie. Unfortunately it's useless to call the police, my grandfather was captured by an enemy, I managed to escape and I have to go find someone to save my grandfather."

                Qin Ming was surprised, "Who is so arrogant? How dare you rob someone openly? Is there really no king's law?"

                Lin Yurou shook her head, "I don't know who the other party is, and I'm worried about being ripped off if I call the police. Originally my grandfather came over in a very low profile, just visiting an old friend, but it turned out that ...... I, I contacted my family first. Zhao Zhengyin, since you chartered this inn, can I stay in one for the time being?"

                The first time I heard that she was not bothering herself, then naturally I was happy to do a favor and said, "No problem, you can stay in the farthest one, so that it will be quieter when you rest at night. It will be quieter at night. ......"

                The words just fell, Nie Haitang again secretly pinch Qin Ming's waist flesh, some annoyed and some shy.

                The only thing that makes it possible for a person to be able to get a good deal on is the fact that he or she has a lot of time to spend on the job.

                After arranging for Lin Yurou, Qin Ming rubbed his hands together and said, "The hot water is ready, it's one of those wooden barrel baths, want to join us?"

                Nie Haitang was reluctant and pouted, "No, I'll wash myself, you can go wherever it's cool, you go first, go now."

                Qin Ming looked forward to it and was about to go and get ready when his mobile phone rang again.

                When Qin Ming looked at it, it was a number for Huang Shutong.

                Qin Ming frowned and was about to turn it off when Nie Haitang pulled him back hurriedly and said, "Business is important, you're impersonating Zhao Zhengyin. You can't ignore his fiancée, can you? It will reveal itself."

                Qin Ming hesitated, "But ......"

                Nie Haitang smiled shyly and said, "I'm your person, would I still run away? You see what she's up to first, it's only after eight, it's a long night."

                Qin Ming thought it made sense, it was still very early, so he picked up Huang Shutong's number and said, "Hello? What's up?"