Rags To Riches Chapter 578

 Qin Ming and his group of men and women came to a special restaurant in the scenic area to order food, the ancient water town here is particularly crowded with tourists, today also came a variety show group, followers of the fans are occasionally seen.

                Qin Ming was anxious, sitting in a corner of the lively restaurant, not really interested in what Ma Minmin and the others were ordering.

                Just now he clearly felt that Nie Haitang was disappointed with him, saying that he had deliberately not contacted her and was giving up on the relationship.

                Qin Ming became anxious in his heart. He had agreed that once he had completely taken over the Huan Yu Century Group and was firmly established, he would clear his ties with the Zhao family and go to her.

                But now Nie Haitang was giving up?

                This made Qin Ming so anxious that he was like an ant on a hot pot.

                On the contrary, he was not able to sit with Nie Haitang because she was sitting with another boy and chatting happily.

                Nie Haitang was so pretty and her smile was even sweeter. She took the initiative and the boy, whose name Qin Ming could not name, was already smitten.

                Qin Ming was so angry that he could not wait to rush over and rip that boy's head off.

                During the meal, Nie Haitang also peeked at Qin Ming's side from time to time, watching his anxious look and thinking in her heart.

                Suddenly, Nie Haitang took advantage of the crowd's inattention to slip away and disappeared.

                And the boy who had been chatting with her saw how the beautiful girl who had arrived had lost her. No matter what, he also followed her out.

                Qin Ming was thinking hard about what excuse he could use to pacify Nie Haitang and make her believe him, but when he turned his head, Nie Haitang and the boy in his class had disappeared.

                What the hell!

                Qin Ming's heart plunged into ice.

                Something was really going to happen here?

                On the first floor of the restaurant, Qin Ming searched every single private room, even the back kitchen.

                Finally there was only the ladies' room left, Qin Ming licked his lips, probed his head to see that there was no one there, and rushed in at once to look, looking for Nie Haitang ah.

                "Ah! You! What are you doing?"

                But Qin Ming thought no one was using the toilet, but as soon as he went in, he ran into that Tang Qiao, who had just come out of the toilet cubicle with her skirt, and was obviously startled by Qin Ming who suddenly rushed in.

                Qin Ming was also startled and said, "Ah, wrong way, wrong way. Right no go you, sorry."

                Before leaving, he even forgot to sweep each toilet cubicle to make sure no one was there before running out in a huff.

                Qin Ming a dare not linger, immediately ran back to the hotel to find, asked the clerk if their classmates had returned, the waiter said no.

                Qin Ming settled down a little and immediately called Nie Haitang, but he was prompted to turn off his phone.

                Qin Ming's heart hung even higher.

                Where in the world had the two of them gone? This kind of group friendship and dating activity, a man and a woman disappearing at the same time, it was obvious that there was a story.

                And at this moment, in the small restaurant just now, the boy who had run out to chase Nie Haitang came back and complained, "You girls are so strange, just now you were chatting nicely, and then suddenly you flip out, kick people out and go off on your own."

                The girls said, "That's because you said something bad. I heard that she used to be the daughter of a billionaire family, but now she's a bit worse, but her father and brother are very strong in business."

                Ma Minmin on the other side advised, "Qiangdong, you're looking for such a high level of difficulty right away, huh? We all know that Nie Haitang is such a superb beauty that ordinary people can't handle it. Haven't we heard that Bai Mingyu has been eyeing her? There were a few unscrupulous ones who went for it before, but they were all beaten up by Bai Mingyu."

                The guy called Qiangdong said, "She was the one who talked to me first, I thought she would like my type. It turned out that after only chatting for a while, she said she was leaving, ugh ......"

                Ma Minmin said, "Oh ...... there are so many girls here, don't you have plenty of opportunities? Why do you have to pursue Nie Haitang, women like that, are thorny roses, let's just take a look."

                The Qiangdong guy nodded and said, "Forget it, she doesn't know where to go."

                Where did Nie Haitang go?

                Nie Haitang didn't go anywhere, she went outside to the streets of the old town, bought a spun silk scarf and wrapped her face up thickly, then watched as Qin Ming went around looking for her.

                Nie Haitang then kept following behind Qin Ming, watching him as he looked for someone in a fire and fury.

                Just as Nie Haitang was about to take the next step in her plan.

                Suddenly, someone appeared on the roadside, Bai Yu-chun who was eating a snack on the side of the road.

                Surprised, Qin Ming asked, "Bai Yuchun, why haven't you left yet?"

                "Er, Zhao Zhengyan, it's you." Bai Yuchun grinned and said, "You're looking for someone here?"

                Qin Ming asked anxiously, "Yes, I'm looking for Nie Haitang, she's gone somewhere, did you see her passing by just now?" Novel

                Bai Yuchun frowned, why was Qin Ming like this, even this almost identical looking Zhao Zhengyin was like this, one and two were all thinking about that Nie Haitang.

                In the past, when she was at the China Provincial Polytechnic University, Bai Yuchun had often been compared to Nie Haitang, who was a rich family's daughter.

                But she was just an ugly duckling and was resigned to her fate, but now Bai Yuchun feels that she has been transformed, so why is she still unable to compete?

                Bai Yuchun bit her lip and suddenly said, "Zhao Zhengyan, I want you to finish what you promised me right now."

                Qin Ming asked, "Now, I'm not available here."

                Bai Yuchun said, "You don't keep your word. Is Nie Haitang that important to you? I saw Huang Shutong just now, she is your fiancee isn't she?"

                Qin Ming said unhappily, "Bai Yuchun, what I promised you, I will do. But I'm looking for someone right now, I'm not available."

                "Yah! Zhao Zhengyan, you bastard."

                A dozen people, men and women, rushed up behind them, and it was the same group of people from their class sorority.

                Ma Minmin came up and threw a punch at Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming dodged, Ma Minmin's punch fell short and he stumbled, almost falling to the ground.

                Qin Ming looked back at the group and asked, "What are you doing? I'm leaving and you don't want me to? Ma Minmin, are you sure you can't? I'm not interested in Tang Qiao at all, if I want to like her, I'll be struck by thunder and lightning, okay?"

                Qin Ming was really annoyed and felt that he had done something to make people misunderstand him.

                "You fart, you liar!"

                "Just now, when Tang Qiao went to the ladies' room alone, you followed her and even rushed into the ladies' room with the intention of misbehaving."

                "You scared Tang Qiao to tears, do you know that?"

                "What are you doing in the ladies' room as a big man? Cleaning?" The novel was first published on the Internet

                Ma Minmin rushed up and angrily rebuked, "Are you trying to secretly photograph Tang Qiao? There was only one of us, and you were watching Tang Qiao go to the toilet before you followed her. I didn't expect Tang Qiao to come out so soon after going to the toilet, and I was so scared that I ran out without finishing my meal."

                "Zhao Zhengyin, you are too much of a loser. We brought you along and you're such a demented man."

                "Call the police."

                Qin Ming was in a big hurry, looking at the crowd, his heart was amazed, that Qiang Dong brother who had just gone out with Nie Haitang was here instead, Nie Haitang and Tang Qiao were not here.

                He asked, "Where's Tang Qiao?"

                Ma Minmin grabbed Qin Ming's collar and angrily scolded him, "Tang Qiao was scared by you and will already be in the hotel. How dare you think of her? You're dead tonight. Classmates, arrest him and send him to the police station."

                A crowd of men and women obeyed Ma Guo Ming's words and came forward.

                Suddenly, a girl rushed out beside Qin Ming and shouted, "Wait a minute!"