Rags To Riches Chapter 577

 "Zhao Zhengyin, why are you here too? Yesterday you were vomiting blood, but today you sneak out of the hospital and come out to play at night?"

                Qin Ming had just swiped his card and taken his room card when a small hand suddenly tapped behind him.

                Qin Ming turned back and was instantly livid with a stern face, what was going on tonight? It was too much of a coincidence for him to meet Huang Shutong here, right?

                This is simply an invincible peach blossom robbery.

                Huang Shutong's face was cold and indifferent, and he looked around the hall and asked, "You came to this kind of place alone? Which woman did you ask out? That Nie Haitang?"

                Qin Ming face a black, you are catching adultery? But there was nothing emotional about it.

                He sneered back, "Aren't you going to be alone? Which man have you asked out again?"

                Qin Ming was particularly uncomfortable when he said this.

                The old him had always felt that using sincerity could change his poor and miserable life, and he had indeed done so, gaining Nie Haitang's favour and being repaid by Chang Hongxi.

                But now he is departing from his original simplicity and beliefs every moment of every day. A Novel

                Yet he had to do so, so Qin Ming wished very much not to encounter these people who had a deep relationship with him or with Zhao Zhengyin, but the heavens just wanted to play a joke on him and let him keep encountering them.

                "You shut up!" When Huang Shutong heard this, she really did not calm down and became manic.

                She bit her lip and said, "Even though I haven't graduated this year, I'm still a child star debutant anyways, I have a job, I'm here to shoot a location with a pile of variety show people, and I have to shoot an indoor show later on. This kind of popularity and credentials accumulation is important, you know nothing, you are idle all day, squandering money according to your uncle and aunt, don't you know how to grow up?"

                Qin Ming listened, and indeed he saw a group of male and female staff greeting Huang Shutong at the back.

                Qin Ming's eyes dodged as he said, "I'm being chased by Bai Jingting, aren't I? I didn't hack his bank card money, so he's accusing me, so I came here to hide."

                When Qin Ming finished speaking, a large group of people suddenly came down from upstairs, and they were the boys from their class and the girls from the college in their third year. They had stayed here at the boutique hotel, and had just arranged to go out together to fill their stomachs.

                This boy went ahead and saw Qin Ming as soon as he came down.

                "Yah? Zhao Zhengyin, you really came after me, huh?"

                "Tsk, Zhao Zhengyin, that's okay. You've been dumped by Brother Ma, and you still managed to chase after him here, so eager to pick up Tang Qiao, huh?"

                "You didn't come all the way here for Tang Qiao, did you? Just now Tang Qiao even asked why you've disappeared."

                "Oh come on, Ma is going crazy, he specially dumped Zhao Zhengyan to avoid Tang Qiao knowing him, and now he's following himself."

                The sudden appearance of this group of students made Qin Ming so desperate that he wanted to return his money immediately and go live somewhere else.

                He had come for Nie Haitang, not for Tang Qiao, and Qin Ming hadn't even seen Tang Qiao's face properly.

                If Nie Haitang got the wrong idea, what would happen then?

                "Hiding from Bai Jingting's debt collection, are you? Oh, man." Huang Shutong suddenly laughed disdainfully and looked away, saying, "Heh, as long as you're happy, I have things to do, you'd better leave me alone."

                Huang Shutong's face was expressionless, even indifferent as she walked away to meet up with the agency staff.

                This made Qin Ming so depressed, this Huang Shutong was really moody and unpredictable, making it impossible for him to grasp.

                Last night at the hospital, she seemed to be quite concerned about Qin Ming, but today she has changed her attitude, not caring about her fiancĂ© at all.

                At this time, Ma Minmin and his group all walked up.

                "Why are you here." Ma Minguo looked at Qin Ming with a resentful face, he had already let Qin Ming, the biggest contributor to the school sports meet, get rid of him, but he didn't expect Qin Ming to find him again, it simply hit him in the face.

                But just now, Tang Qiao mentioned Qin Ming again, saying that Qin Ming was a fast runner, the school might recommend him to participate in the city games, and he might become an Olympic champion in the future, so he wanted to get to know such a bully, why didn't he come all of a sudden?

                If Qin Ming really has the potential to become an Olympic champion, then the future is really bright, Tang Qiao will probably choose Qin Ming's ah.

                Ma Minguo felt a deep crisis, Tang Qiao was the girl he had been chasing for almost half a year, so he could not easily ask her out, how could he let Zhao Zhengyin, who had always been a loser, cut him off?

                So, Ma Minguo directly dumped Qin Ming and set off, who had thought that Qin Ming caught up with him.

                Qin Ming said, "Ma Minmin, I at least paid my share of the money."

                Ma Minmin explained with a black face, "Oh, I was careless and forgot about you, my fault. But it's good that you came. I'll make up for the fare, and I'll punish myself with three glasses later, so don't bother with me, right?"

                This step was smoothly laid out for himself, and Qin Ming couldn't even find anything to hold on to.

                He saw that Nie Haitang was also there, so he didn't care so much, he would clean you up later.

                At this time, a good-looking girl next to him came over and extended her hand, saying: "Ah ah, how come you're just here, Senior Zhao, you ran too fast today, I checked it out, you almost broke the Olympic record, how did you do it? That's amazing, with your speed, you won't even have a problem getting straight into the national team."

                Qin Ming was a little uncomfortable with this girl who was so enthusiastic, he shook his hand politely and said, "No, I worshipped a master a while ago, my master infused my body with an internal force, as soon as my internal force exploded, I was as fit as a fiddle."

                "Haha ...... Zhao senior is really funny. You're hiding something deep." Tang Qiao smiled sweetly.

                Seeing this, Ma Minmin at the side immediately became jealous and said, "Alright, I've already booked the restaurant, let's go quickly, it's not good to be late."

                Everyone nodded their heads and said yes, everyone was hungry.

                Qin Ming was not interested in this Tang Qiao and hurriedly ran to Nie Haitang's side.

                Qin Ming complained, "Haitang, why didn't you tell me? If you had left earlier, you would have told me."

                Nie Haitang was more torn and said, "It's good that you didn't come, look, your fiancĂ©e is angry. What are you doing following me around all the time? It's easy to invite misunderstanding, Zhao Zhengyan, you should know that I won't like you."

                Qin Ming explained, "In fact, when I went to Guangzhou, Qin Ming taught me a lot and in order to repay him, I promised him to protect you properly. You see this kind of party, it's easy to encounter some accidents, unexpected accidents, right? How can I be indifferent."

                Nie Haitang suddenly said with great dissatisfaction, "Humph, if Qin Ming were to care about me, he wouldn't have kept out of touch with me. He said something about protecting me, but in fact, isn't he just trying to dump me so he can go find another woman? To be honest, I'm very disappointed with him now. There was a boy in your class just now who I thought was quite nice, and he wanted to chase after me in a meaningful way."

                "Exce?" Qin Ming's whole body was in a bad way, how, how could it suddenly be, like that? How could this happen all of a sudden?

                Qin Ming was frozen in place for a while, and only when he realised that the crowd had gone far away did he hurry to follow, his heart burning: "It's over, it's over, what's going to happen now?"

                Nie Haitang, who was walking ahead of them, turned her head sideways and gazed at the anxious Qin Ming behind her with the rest of her eyes, the corners of her mouth rising wryly, "The show is about to begin."