Rags To Riches Chapter 574

  Qin Ming was really upset with Ma Guo Ming's unreasonable request, asking for money now, not counting his share if it was late? He was afraid that Qin Ming would compete with him for the girl?

                Moreover, this man and woman still have to pay for their outing, but the girl is free? How can you get a girl if you're such a dog lover?

                Qin Ming thought back to the two years he had been with Li Meng, Li Meng did not spend much money, it was him who worked hard to give Li Meng money to spend, but Li Meng still ran away.

                The more you invest in love, the deeper your feelings are, the more you are trapped, and you can't leave if you want to.

                The girl should not invest in anything, said to go away, that licking dog licking to the end will be nothing.

                Of course, the chances of meeting a destined level are too low, but Qin Ming feels he has met, and two at a time, and is a bit pleased with himself.

                Qin Ming ran to Nie Haitang's class and approached her, saying, "Haitang, our class needs to raise money for a share, I don't have any cash here, can you lend me 500 yuan? Can you lend me $500? That Ma Minmin is too much, he has to get the money now, it's not due until after."

                Nie Haitang giggled, "You're so rich, why are you so short of money? I think it was deliberately aimed at you. Just now you were so outstanding in the 800m and 400m that I heard your teacher was going to look for connections and recommend you to the national team for trials. Tang Qiao from our class was also attracted to you and said she was interested in you, asking for your WeChat everywhere. Just now I saw that Ma Minmin was very jealous, he was desperate for you not to go."

                "Asking for my WeChat? Hahaha, I didn't expect me to be so charming." Qin Ming laughed in triumph.

                Qin Ming dawned on him, so it was no wonder he had to pay for it right away, no wonder he was looking for an excuse to drive him away.

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, "I'm not interested in other people, I just ...... want to take part in the event and change the misunderstood impression people had of me before."

                Nie Haitang listened, smiled sweetly and said, "Well, it's right for you to think like that, don't be like before, complaining all day long as if the world is ending, what you want, you have to fight with your own hands oh."

                With that, Nie Haitang took out five hundred yuan and lent it to Qin Ming.

                Suddenly, a girl next to her scoffed, "No way? You don't even have a few hundred dollars? Then what kind of sorority activity are you participating in."

                "What? Not even a few hundred dollars?" Another human girl looked over as she heard this.

                Another girl gossiped and looked over, surprised, "No, this is still borrowing money from our big beautiful Xiao Tong, huh?"

                Qin Ming said, "No, actually I ......"

                Nie Haitang's action of handing over the money was too obvious, anyone could see that Qin Ming was borrowing money to pay for his share of this sorority event.

                A group of girls immediately went to look at Qin Ming with strange eyes, this is too humiliating, right? This kind of friendship activity naturally did not require them, the fairies, to pay for it, and Qin Ming asked them to borrow money, it was too degrading.

                Qin Ming's side hasn't explained yet, it was Ma Minmin who deliberately targeted him, he had quite a lot of money on his card, but ran to the ATM and came back, afraid that Ma Minmin said that he had already signed up for the group, the number of people was set, and directly swiped him.

                At this point, Ma Minmin quickly came over and said: "Oops, Zhao Zhengyin what are you doing? You borrow from us if you don't have money. What's wrong with you? What are you borrowing from other girls? How humiliating."

                Qin Ming gave him a glance and said, "No, Ma Minmin you just stop here ......"

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. The actual fact is that you will not be able to get a good deal of money from the company. This invite the beautiful girls out to play, how can I find girls to borrow money, eh, Miss you take the money back."

                When this was said, a girl next to him exclaimed, "Wow, so rich."

                "No, rich second generation ah."

                "Tang Qiao can be really lucky, Ma Guo Guo has been chasing her for a long time."

                "Oops, is this Zhao Zhengyin so poor? He doesn't look like it."

                "If he's not poor, why did he borrow money from Haitang to pay for his share?"

                Ma Minmin grabbed the money straight away and gave it back to Nie Haitang, saying to the women, "Sorry, our class has lost face, my fault. Tonight I've arranged for a special car, so we'll all go together, and the girls will pay for free, so I can't let you guys spend a penny."

                Tang Qiao came over and gave Qin Ming a look, then her eyes fell on Ma Minmin and said adoringly, "Ma Minmin you are so generous, you didn't let you break the bank, did you? You even helped your classmate to pay for it."

                Ma Minmin laughed and said, "It's okay, a thousand or a few hundred, it's like rubbish, Zhao Zhengyan doesn't have money, I do. I'm going out to have fun, Tang Qiao, tell me what you want to do when you get there, I'll pay for it all."

                Tang Qiao was delighted and said, "Mm-hmm, you're so good to me."

                Ma Minmin raised his eyebrows suggestively and said, "You should understand my feelings."

                Qin Ming was directly pushed away by Ma Minmin, and waved his hand to indicate that he should hurry away.

                It was only after a while that Ma Minmin came back and said to Qin Ming with a black face, "Zhao Zhengyan, you'd better be sensible. Tang Qiao's best friend said that she was intimidated by your speed at the school athletic meet, and quite admires you and wants to get to know you. You'd better know what to do."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes indifferently, he was not interested in that Tang Qiao, this was misunderstood ah.

                Ma Minmin was unhappy to expose the true face of Lushan and said, "Originally, I didn't want to bring you along for this fellowship, you don't have any money and still came over to borrow from the girls, count on you. But you have to promise that you can't give Tang Qiao a good impression. You can just pretend to be a poor pussy. Tang Qiao won't like poor pussies, she spends several thousand a month."

                In fact, he didn't want to keep a low profile, after all, he was now so rich that he wanted to improve the image of "Zhao Zhengyin".

                But as a result, this jealous Ma Minmin misunderstood that he was going to run away from this Tang Qiao, and deliberately made a stumbling block to label him as a poor man.

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart: "I'm a fast runner and popular with the girls, so I'm to blame? You're using me as a stepping stone to make yourself look good? That's ridiculous. I'm not going to argue with a little kid like you."

                Qin Ming shook his head, since he was told to pretend to be poor, he could do so.

                However, Qin Ming had underestimated the extent to which Ma Minmin was wary.

                He had agreed to leave at 6pm, but when Qin Ming waited for the time to leave, Ma Minmin sent him a message saying that the two classes had already left and had forgotten to inform him, asking Qin Ming to go next time.

                "Damn it!" Qin Ming was annoyed when he heard this, wasn't this a clear trick on him?

                This fellowship event, but to go for a night.

                What couldn't happen in one night? Qin Ming knew this all too well, and he had no idea who was with whom after three glasses of soju.

                Wouldn't it be dangerous for Nie Haitang, a girl herself, to be easily trapped by those animals?

                Qin Ming muttered: "No, Ma Minmin is targeting me like this? Do you really think I'm Qin Ming without a temper? Well, good for you."

                Qin Ming was about to take a taxi when suddenly someone appeared next to him, and it was Bai Yuchun.

                She was carrying an Lv bag, dressed in a very fashionable and elegant way, walking towards a fancier Maserati car on the side of the road, and got into the driver's seat?

                Qin Ming wondered, "Huh? This girl, Bai Yuchun, can actually drive?"

                Qin Ming quickly walked over.