Rags To Riches Chapter 573

 Qin Ming eyes, with panic and love and concern, those were very gentle eyes.

                Nie Haitang, such a superb school girl, has been pursued by boys since she was a child, and she knows all about the sight and desire in boys' eyes, not to mention that she is not a stupid woman.

                Zhao Zhengyan used to like her in a very innocent, harmless way, and it also contained emotions of dependence and friendship, because when Nie Haitang first came to Tsinghua University, she misunderstood Zhao Zhengyan as Qin Ming and saved him when he was being bullied.

                Therefore, Zhao Zhengyan's fondness for Nie Haitang was this very simple kind of adoration.

                But the Qin Ming in front of him, the emotions contained in his eyes were more complex, deeper and more sincere.

                The eyes were more vicissitudes, and the small eyes seemed to hide the past of the two of them.

                Nie Haitang ghostly asked, "Qin Ming, is that you?"

                Qin Ming's heart twitched and he was very touched that no matter how much he hid and concealed himself, Nie Haitang had still found him.

                But he couldn't respond, he couldn't let Nie Haitang get involved in his investigation of the Zhao family.

                Qin Ming pressed his conscience and said, "Nie Haitang you've mistaken me for someone else, I'm Zhao Zhengyin."

                Nie Haitang was dazed and confused, seemingly hesitant and hard to judge internally.

                The two were looking at each other when suddenly a classmate ran over and said, "Zhao Zhengyan, it's your turn, 800m race, have you finished warming up? Just run as fast as you did yesterday, and at least take second place. If you lose, you won't be spared."

                Qin Ming hurriedly walked over to get rid of this awkward situation.

                Qin Ming stood on the track, surrounded by the familiar cheers of the university cheerleaders, but no one was cheering for Qin Ming, and it didn't matter to Qin Ming, he was posing as someone else here for the school games.

                With the sound of a gunshot, Qin Ming's feet exploded with power, and he flew out with a whoosh like a shooting marble.

                Originally, Qin Ming's running speed was not slow, and since he had practiced the breathing and exhalation method taught by Zhang Quanzhen, Qin Ming's strength was also increasing day by day, and this burst of power Qin Ming himself felt was much stronger than before.


                As soon as Qin Ming charged out, it was like a bullet head, which immediately drew shouts of astonishment from the whole crowd.

                Those cheerleaders from other classes were stunned by Qin Ming's speed, as Qin Ming was too far ahead at the beginning.

                Moreover, Qin Ming did not slow down in the second half of the race because he had exhausted his strength, and still maintained a very strong explosive speed.


                The students in the school athletic meet had no expression to express their shock except for wow wow wow.

                In the end, Qin Ming took the first place without pressure.

                "Who is that guy? When did the economics class get such a flyer? In previous years, they were not very good in the track race."

                "That guy looks pretty handsome ah, wearing tens of thousands of dollars aj ah, must be very rich, I wonder if he has a girlfriend."

                "My God, the school record has been broken, 1 minute 43 seconds 1 ...... this nonsense can participate in the Olympic Games ah. Who is this big god?"

                "Crap, a monster."

                "Oh, that's Zhao Zhengyin, the loser from the economics class, the loser who gets beaten up every day."

                "Oh, that slipper geek, I heard he's a loser rich kid, urine test, does he take pills for the school games too?"

                "No, I used to watch him get robbed of his takeaway and he didn't dare to squeal."

                "Oh, so it's that loser, I'm sorry to bother you then."

                "I heard that yesterday, he was chased and hacked by boys from their class to stimulate his potential to run so fast."

                "Let's see him 400m later. I'll bet a hundred that this loser was just an accident."

                "I'll bet fifty."

                "I'll sixty."

                "I'm a hundred ......"

                Although Qin Ming's amazing speed shocked some people, the person he impersonated, Zhao Zhengyin, could be said to be "famous for his waste", and when they knew it was him, they instead looked like they were watching a show to see what was going on.

                Other members of the class were given water and towels by the girls, and Qin Ming was left alone at the end of the race to catch his breath, which was a bit awkward.

                Qin Ming looked over to Nie Haitang in the audience, who was chatting with her friend.

                Qin Ming was very emotional, he remembered that in his school athletic meet last year, it was Li Meng who handed him water and towels, but once, Li Meng was not there, Nie Haitang ran over to give him drinks.

                Qin Ming looked at the electronic version of the message that Zhao Zhengyin had won first place in the men's 800m, smiled and said, "Wait, I'll make everyone worship my speed and everyone will have to change their mind about the word Zhao Zhengyin!"

                It didn't take long for the men's 400m race to start.

                Qin Ming, as he had done in the 800, rode a fast pace and eventually won the 400m race with a time of 45 seconds 50, directly causing the boys from the other classes to despair.

                How could they run at such a level that they could go to the Olympics?

                After the 400m race, all those comments about Qin Ming being a "loser" had almost disappeared, and everyone looked at him with awe.

                The PE teachers all came over and asked Qin Ming if he had taken any improper drugs, but Qin Ming repeatedly said, "Why don't you take a piss and have it tested?

                The world record for the men's 200m sprint was 19.19 seconds for the flying Bolt, and given Qin Ming's amazing performance, some people were expecting him to challenge the world record.

                All the boys from the other classes who took part in the race abstained, not wanting to be humiliated by Qin Ming a third time in a row and serve as a backdrop for the video being filmed of him being beaten.

                However, when the race started with only Qin Ming, he instead ran slowly, leaving everyone in a state of shock and collapse. In the end, Qin Ming ran for more than a minute, and despite the boos from the whole crowd, he still had the cheek to put on a smile and go on stage to receive his award.

                When she saw Qin Ming's bizarre manoeuvres to win first place, Nie Haitang in the audience couldn't help but laugh, and at the same time recalled her contact over the past two days and said, "Is he cheating on me? Well ...... Economics class is now in first place in points, I should be going to dinner with them tonight, I have to stop testing him."

                Qin Ming's excellent play successfully allowed the Economics class to take first place in overall points and also gained the opportunity to socialise with a group of beautiful women from the Business School.

                And Qin Ming became a great success, the students in the class all subconsciously shrank their necks when they saw him, in the face of the big boys, the goons were all naturally inferior.

                Those who originally questioned Qin Ming had gone to hide somewhere.

                As soon as the school sports meet was over, the big sister of the business school, Tang Qiao, who is a member of the business school, discussed with Ma Minmin of the economics class where to go to get high tonight.

                And the people of the economics class were gathered up by Ma Minmin and announced, "This year's school sports meet, under the excellent hair service of all of you, our class, took the first place! Give yourselves a round of applause."

                "Ho~!" The thirty or so people in the class clapped happily.

                Ma Minmin continued, "I've discussed with the girls from the junior business school to go to the ancient water town of Jinshazhou on the outskirts of the city tonight, and tomorrow is another weekend, so we can all go for a round and come back. No one is putting together five hundred shares, so if you're going, sign up now, it's not too late, right away."

                When they heard that they were going out with girls, the boys were particularly enthusiastic, but there were only about ten boys in the class and a few had girlfriends, so only nine of them signed up.

                Qin Ming was naturally among them, but when it came time to get the money together, because the headcount was so small, the share money increased to a thousand, Qin Ming was depressed, he only had five hundred in his pocket, and yesterday he had an advance from the takeaway shop owner, and although he had it on his card, it took time to run to the bank.

                Qin Ming asked, "Xiao Ma, is it okay if I pay later? I don't have enough money now."

                Ma Minmin said, "No, I want it now, it doesn't count if it's late. I have to arrange the trip and accommodation soon, all of which require money. I want it now, you don't have the money or you don't go."

                Shit, what kind of a barbaric rule is that? How can you pick up girls if you're the leader and so petty?

                "Eh, right ......," Qin Ming suddenly had a bright idea and thought of a way.