Rags To Riches Chapter 572

 Originally, Qin Ming was laughing at the boys in his class for licking dogs, but as soon as he saw for himself that Nie Haitang's class was the sorority's junior business school, he couldn't sit still.

                Didn't this fit all the conditions he had given Nie Haitang to perform?

                Qin Ming said in a pretentious manner, "I declare that I win all the races in the next track meet. Don't be ashamed of yourselves, go wherever you like. I'm known as the little cheetah, so it won't be good to be my backdrop later."

                The boys from the other classes immediately sneered back, "Yah yah yah yah, I thought who is it, but it turns out to be the famous loser of the economics class. Zhao Zhengyin, I heard that you are sitting under the shade of the tree playing with your mobile phone like a woman in PE class."

                "Shhh ...... Zhao Zhengyan, who doesn't know you in our school, you're a weakling who can't even run away from women."

                "That's right, you dare to stand up to us and challenge us? No self-respect."

                "Soft egg, soft egg, soft egg ...... boo."

                The boys from the three classes cheered Qin Ming backwards at the same time, and their momentum immediately overshadowed Qin Ming's group.

                When Qin Ming opened his mouth to yell but couldn't, the boys in his class complained, "Zhao Zhengyin, what are you getting involved in? It's going to be over when the three classes come together and target us."

                "That's right, it's better if you're honest and don't drag your feet, I don't know if you can do it."

                "If it wasn't for the lack of boys in our class, you wouldn't have had a turn, you wimp."

                "Don't hold back in the relay race later."

                "There are some fast runners in the mechanical engineering class, don't be careless, the speed you had yesterday is enough to run for your life. You have to remember to run in the mood of being thrashed by us."

                The boys in the same class were complaining, Qin Ming was so embarrassed and muttered, "You guys are extinguishing your own strength and growing others' ambition."

                Qin Ming sat back down and took out his sneakers to prepare for his warm-up.

                Suddenly, the line of sight in front of him dimmed, and a pair of white, flawless, delicate legs walked up to Qin Ming, followed by Nie Haitang's gentle laughter: "Zhao Zhengyan, you were okay yesterday, huh? I guess you pretended to be dizzy too, hehehe, this kind of trick, must have been taught to you by Qin Ming, right?"

                When Qin Ming looked up, he saw a beautiful girl with a smile like a flower, Nie Haitang had a smile that was as lovely as something that could heal people, and a lovely voice too.

                She put her hands adorably behind her back and held her chest out, the volume of her breasts, not too big and not too small, matched her tall figure just the right perfect proportions and curves.

                Qin Ming couldn't help but spit out, "How am I going to get out of this without faking fainting and vomiting blood. After all, at over nine million, those three can't wait to eat me."

                Suddenly, Nie Haitang squatted down and pointed at Qin Ming's feet, saying, "This is the aj limited edition special edition, tens of thousands of dollars a pair you used to run the school sports meet, you're so extravagant. But why don't you have socks? If you run without socks, you will wear out your skin and you won't be able to run until the relay race."

                He returned to his dormitory and found that apart from many otaku culture related books, clothing, silicone dolls, and anime figures, there was only a pair of slippers, Zhao Zhengyin seemed to have a pair of slippers to go around the world and didn't need socks at all, the running shoes were still a luxury item that Qin Ming got yesterday, the collectible black and red colour airjordan 1 "Chicago".

                Qin Ming made an excuse: "I lost all my socks, I haven't bought them yet, but it's okay. When I was a kid in the mountains ...... ahem, don't look at me like this, in fact I have thick skin and thick flesh, resistant, may not matter."

                Nie Haitang thought about it and sat down next to Qin Ming, lifted her slender white calves, took off her trainers, then handed her socks to Qin Ming and said, "Wear mine, mine are long socks, maybe a bit cramped, but better than nothing. Don't believe me, I exercise a lot, I know the importance of socks."

                "This ......" Qin Ming was dumbfounded, why ah? Why did Nie Haitang have to be so nice to Zhao Zhengyin ah?

                He was an impostor ah.

                Nie Haitang smiled and said, "Don't misunderstand, nothing else oh. You helped me out last night, thank you very much. Don't take this small favour to heart. Well, you don't have to return the socks to me when you're done with them."

                Qin Ming breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, so that was how it was, returning a favour.

                He reached out to take Nie Haitang's pair of socks, which were still warm and a little sweat-stained.

                Qin Ming secretly turned around and sniffed them, damn yeah, shouldn't they smell good? It was true that when people are pretty, their socks smell good.

                Although Qin Ming didn't really want to do this, but Nie Haitang's piece of good intentions, to protect his feet, his future wife let him, so what was the harm in him wearing them.

                And these socks were more sporty unisex, not the girly pink kind, they were long socks for both men and women, with good toughness, so Qin Ming wouldn't look too weird in them.

                Qin Ming asked, "Do you want our class to win?"

                Nie Haitang rested her chin and smiled gently, "Me? I don't care, I'm just dabbling in food and drink. Tang Qiao in our class is more lively and wild, she currently has four male gods in her mind, from each of your four classes, she wants to test how hard the four male gods in her mind will work for her, whether they will be jealous or not, that's why she has created such an activity to have a friendship with the first place, I was dragged over to make up the number."

                Qin Ming laughed, "Feels like, I've seen a similar situation before."

                Qin Ming remembered that when he first met Nie Haitang in his sophomore year, Zhang Qingqing, the president of the badminton club at the time, would often do this, scouting around for beautiful men, but always bringing Nie Haitang with him.

                But often the other side would prefer Nie Haitang and let Zhang Qingqing down, but instead of having any dislike for each other, they became good friends.

                Nie Haitang melancholy memories of the past, said: "Before ah ...... yes, before how good, really wish I could go back to the past."

                Qin Ming suddenly smiled and said, "It's okay, your future will definitely be better."

                The "Zhao Zhengyin" in front of him was a high degree of overlap with Qin Ming, even his smile was so similar.

                "There are two people in the world who look so much alike, and Zhao Zhengyin imitates Qin Ming in every way, ah ......" Nie Haitang held her forehead in pain and tangled, stroking her hair.

                 I can't even get through to him lately."

                Qin Ming had lost his old mobile phone, so naturally he could no longer be contacted, and he laughed, "No, I don't know him that well either. There's always plenty of ways for you to get in touch, right?"

                Nie Haitang grinned awkwardly and shook her head, she was afraid in her heart and didn't dare.

                As Qin Ming watched, his heart was also particularly sour, this was because he hadn't been able to completely rid himself of Chang Hongxi's influence and take over the Huan Yu Century Group, leading to Nie Haitang's worries and fears.

                Qin Ming secretly vowed in his heart that he must not let Nie Haitang get hurt.

                Suddenly, a sharp voice was heard asking from the grass of the crowded sports ground, "Qin Ming, what time are you running?"

                Qin Ming subconsciously turned back and said, "Nine o'clock."

                Qin Ming looked back and was shocked again, damn you, it was that one! The boy he had seen once yesterday who was also called Qin Ming, this same name was more unpleasant.

                It was a subconscious act, after all, he had only been impersonating Zhao Zhengyin for a short time and hadn't been able to adapt instantly, hearing people shout 'Qin Ming' thinking they were shouting for him.

                Qin Ming came back to his senses for a split second and immediately rubbed his head in a natural way and shouted to his people, "Jiu Dian ah, Brother Jiu Dian ...... what time am I on? Tsk, where is the person? It was there just now."

                Suddenly, Qin Ming could only create his own "Brother Jiu Dian" out of his heart, he was a little panicked, he could not let Nie Haitang find out that he was really Qin Ming ah.

                Nie Haitang looked back in surprise, she had also heard someone call out to Qin Ming, but it was just a coincidence that he had the same name, not the Qin Ming she knew at all.

                But once again, she saw the "Zhao Zhengyan" in front of her turn around.

                The two of them inexplicably thought of each other, one puzzled, the other worried, and their eyes met for a moment.

                Nie Haitang's heart suddenly trembled, she saw it, she saw a pair of particularly dark eyes.