Rags To Riches Chapter 571

 Qin Ming found a snakeskin bag and stowed all these watches, diamond rings, antiques, calligraphy and paintings, a big bag full of them, and said to himself, "I'll have to sell them later to earn some money to spend on myself. I wonder if I will be ridiculed as a rubbish collector."

                It was only his second day here and he had been targeted and given a hard time several times, so Qin Ming sort of understood Zhao Zhengyin's pain.

                It was likely that he had been framed in high school, especially after his engagement to Huang Shutong, and it was probably the work of a love rival who had framed him for attempting to rape and defile his classmate, Baby Lin, in the school classroom. He was set up to rape his classmate, Baby Lin, in the school room.

                According to his friend Du Yikun, whom he met when he was in the city, Lin was not a good man or woman, she had lost her virginity a long time ago, and had been involved in sexual intercourse. The company is also involved in the sexual intercourse, so I'm afraid it's not a conspiracy with the person behind it?

                The person who framed Zhao Zhengyan didn't know that he was born infertile, and a case of adultery that could have been a national sensation was dropped. The case was solved by Zhao Zhengyan himself, who had no tools to commit the crime.

                He lost everything, including his dignity.

                He was subjected to difficulties and denunciations everywhere in his life, and was kept in an unloving, unappreciative and repressive environment for a long time.

                It is normal for Zhao Zhengyin to choose to run away from such a torturous life.

                Qin Ming muttered to himself, "Little Zhao, you'll be free for a while longer, when I finish my teacher's mission and spy out the secrets of the Zhao family, your good days will come to an end."

                Qin Ming, who had just arrived in Beijing for his second day, had made a mess last night but had to slowly adapt to life in his new university today, and at least settle down for a week or so, it was estimated that Zhang Quanzhen would be back.

                Qin Ming carried the snakeskin bag to the classroom, intending to take it to sell after class. Surprisingly, the students in the classroom were relatively quiet and attentive, and everyone was too interested in the class to Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming could not help but praise in his heart, worthy of being the most highly educated institution in China, the quality is indeed a little higher.

                However, Qin Ming still consciously or unconsciously felt the indifference and detachment of his classmates towards him, he sat alone at the back and a large number of seats in front and behind him were deserted.

                This made it quite difficult for Qin Ming. To be reasonable, he used to have quite a lot of friends in the China Provincial University of Technology, and it was because Qin Ming had many friends that he was the one who valued his friends, so his friends were basically all very close.

                But when class was over, Qin Ming was about to go stick to Nie Haitang when several men and women surrounded him and forbade him to leave.

                Qin Ming recognised these goods, when he first came back yesterday, it was these yakuza who were yelling for revenge against him.

                Because Zhao Zhengyan had burned their dormitory's to the ground, many of their things had been lost.

                "What's wrong?" Qin Ming said, "There's no end to it, is there? The compensation is not enough, tell my parents, I don't have any money now."

                One of the big muscular men said, "No, Zhao Zhengyan didn't see you running before,, you ran quite fast yesterday. A few of us couldn't catch up with you."

                A skinny one would also say, "Go out and sneak around, today is the last day of the school games, the main one is the track race, you ran so fast, just in time to replace the injured Brother Qiang."

                The big muscular guy said, "If you help the class win first place in the 800m, 400m, 200m, and 800m relay, you'll forget about burning our stuff."

                It turned out that the school sports meet was this thing, Qin Ming used to be quite active in Guangcheng, questioned, "Winning or losing is not important, it is important to participate is not good."

                "You can only win, you can't lose, don't you know that?" The big muscular guy said, "Our class made a bet with the third year business school girls to take first place in the school, then we will have a bonding activity with their class, so we must take first place in the school, today is the track race, no ranking points are important."

                The skinny guy said, "That's right, there are so many beautiful girls in their class, they are all single."

                It turned out that he wanted to go pick up girls, Qin Ming was a bit hesitant, later he had to go pick up girls too, he also had to go to Nie Haitang and watch over her in silence ah.

                When someone saw Qin Ming hesitating, they said, "Forget it, he's like this, I haven't seen him participate before."

                "Yesterday was a survivalist, not sure he could still run that fast."

                "If Qiang hadn't sprained his foot, we wouldn't be short of people."

                "He's a wimp, get him rather than me on, I should be able to get a fifth or sixth place."

                Qin Ming heard a few boys behind him who were not too happy with the way Qin Ming looked. After hesitating, Qin Ming thought it was a way to deal with his classmates, so he said, "OK, I'll join, is it that if I even take first place, the past will be written off?"

                The big muscular man said, "That's right, your family lost money anyway. If you can get credit this time, it's written off, but you have to lose ......"

                Qin Ming stood up dominantly and said, "Don't worry, you can't lose."

                A few still didn't think much of Qin Ming and said sourly, "But don't brag. If you lose and can't date a beautiful woman from the business school, only you will be asked."

                Qin Ming agreed, and the crowd told him the flow of the night's sport, and Qin Ming had to work hard almost from morning to night.

                But Qin Ming had to make a small sacrifice to help Zhao Zhengyin improve his living environment, which was nothing.

                A whole class of people arrived at the sports venue in great numbers.

                The place was so crowded that Qin Ming was a bit uncomfortable, after all, he was not really a student of this school.

                Qin Ming found out that they were not the only class competing for the chance to be with the beautiful girls from the business school, there were three other classes, and four classes in total were tightly matched in terms of points for the school games.

                Qin Ming rested this chin and sat on the side watching these people bragging.

                The few beauties from the business school were indeed quite good looking, young and vibrant, enjoying the boys from the four classes chasing after them, picking on and shouting at each other over them, because only the boy from the class that won could treat them to dinner.

                Qin Ming sighed, "Hey ah, you guys can't pick up girls if you lick dogs like that."

                No sooner had Qin Ming said this than he saw a girl wearing a white t-shirt, a small white knee-length skirt and a big ponytail whip inside the business school!

                Qin Ming's eyes went straight, wasn't that Nie Haitang?

                She was so youthful and energetic that the sunlight accentuated the whiteness of her complexion, and her smile was so sweet that her heart melted.

                Nie Haitang is a very smiley person, she is very affable with anyone, can chat, seems to have changed the university, with the class also very chatty.

                Qin Ming immediately got up, trotted over and said to the other three boys who were vying for the chance to have dinner with the business school, "I'm telling you, the first place is ours, you don't want it, go where you're cool. Business school girls, we made a pact!"

                The boys from the other classes said disgruntledly, "We'll see about that."

                "Yeah? I thought who is it? It turns out it's Zhao Zhengyan, you loser?"

                "No way! You're a loser who wants to compete in the track meet?"