Rags To Riches Chapter 57-58

 Chapter 57

Bai Yuchun was somewhat bewildered to be pulled by Qin Ming, she felt for the first time that someone was making decisions for her, that kind of reassuring feeling was so comfortable.

        The hands of Bai Yuchun were different from Li Meng's hands, which were full of skin care products, and from the delicate and soft hands of the naturally beautiful Nie Haitang, whose hands were small and rough, obviously used to hard work, and completely different from her flawless white jade melon face.

        The two walked for a while before they saw Bai's sister-in-law, who took the money and anxiously shouted for a dropshipper.

        Qin Ming immediately hailed a taxi behind her to follow.

        They followed her all the way to a bar on the side of the street.

        The bar was usually closed during the day, but Bai went in anyway.

        Seeing this, Qin Ming said, "Look, what are you giving her money for? Did she go to save your brother? I don't think she may have come to drink and get drunk either, she probably owes someone money."

        Bai Yuchun's arched eyebrows twisted into a "Chuan", she really thought that her brother needed money urgently for medical treatment, because she had been to the emergency room and her brother had indeed been stabbed and had many wounds.

        Qin Ming knocked her on the head, "If you want to save your brother, you should talk to your mother first and then pay for your brother's medical bills yourself, not to someone else."

        Bai Yuchun said weakly, "But I'm afraid of my sister-in-law, who is very fierce, and my brother is also afraid of her."

        Qin Ming was furious, "Look at you, I even want to bully you, after that you must not dare to retaliate against me."

        Bai Yuchun's neck shrank and she said pitifully, "Senior Qin, you are a good person. Don't bully me."

        Qin Ming sighed and said, "Who made me a man of my word? If I said I would help you get your $10,000 back, then I won't lie to you.

        As the saying goes, a gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall, Qin Ming smelled danger, so he called Ah Long and asked him to look after him at all times, after all, 300,000 dollars a month for a soldier king bodyguard, if he did not make good use of it, would it not be a waste of money?

        After making the call, Qin Ming led Bai Yu Chun inside.

        Just after entering, he was stopped by two security guards and asked, "What are you doing? It's not open during the day, come back at night."

        Qin Ming said, "We're not here to drink, the fat, dark woman who just entered is my sister-in-law, she said she was short of money to spend recently and asked me to come here to give her money."

        As soon as the guard heard that it was a money delivery, he relaxed his guard and said, "Go in."

        Once inside, Qin Ming saw Bai's sister-in-law kneeling at the feet of a fat-headed bully, crying, "Big brother, is $10,000 in interest enough for this month? Don't worry, give me more time, that sister of mine is very pretty, she has recently made the list of big money, I will ask him for it, please don't cut me."

        As soon as Bai Yuchun entered the door she saw these words from her sister-in-law, her insides chilled, she was angry and furious: "Sister-in-law, I didn't get close to the big money, it was a kind person who saw me in pity and helped me."

        "Huh?" Sister-in-law Bai was very surprised to see Bai Yuchun: "What are you doing here, sister? Do you have any money left? You are still a thousand dollars short of the interest for this month.

        Bai Yuchun grunted in anger, "Sister-in-law, you've taken all the money away from me. Not only did you lie to me, but you also didn't save my brother from death. Sister-in-law, are you doing my brother a disservice? My money is not for you to pay off your debts either."

        Sister-in-law Bai became angry and angry: "Is this my debt alone? It's not because of your brother, that unlucky bastard. I told him to buy big, but he insisted on buying small. I'm so mad at him, I'd be a millionaire now."

        Bai Yuchun was so angry that the blood in her chest surged and she said excitedly, "How dare you go gambling? Didn't you say you guys lost your way and came back with money for mum's surgery, and got hit by a car halfway and robbed? Why did you, why did you guys lie to me?"

        Sister-in-law Bai's face froze, and in a moment of excitement, she let her mouth slip.

        Qin Ming said indifferently, "Schoolmate, this is not simple, you are good at cheating, you have taken care of all the loans of Sunshine Green Bird, they just turn you into a mobile ATM."

        Bai Yuchun was so angry that her body trembled: "You, you ......"

        "Well shut up." At this time, the fat-headed bully sitting on the big sofa said indifferently, "I don't care about your family affairs, anyway, you owe me half a million dollars, with 11,000 dollars of interest per month, if you can't pay, chop off a finger, cut a piece of flesh after chopping off the finger, cut it until you pay it back."

        "Ah, don't, don't." Sister-in-law Bai clutched her arms in fear and shrank into a ball on the ground, muttering, "You have already stabbed my husband, don't hurt me again, oooh ......"

        The arrogant and domineering Sister-in-law Bai was cowering like a chicken at this moment, her body kept trembling and she kept shouting for mercy.

        Qin Ming saw the money on the table, went up and took it back, saying, "This money was robbed from us by her, so she has no money to pay you back for the interest, so do with her as you please."

        "Huh." The man with the fat head and big ears, blew out a puff of smoke and said calmly, "Since it's your money, just take it back. I'm a businessman, I won't cheat. But then, since this woman doesn't have the money to pay it back, a finger is a given. Ah Hu, do something."

        Bai's sister-in-law let out a scream and quickly crawled to Bai Yuchun's feet, crying out and begging for mercy, "Sister, you can't leave me alone. They'll really cut off your sister-in-law's fingers. You save me, uh oooh ...... this month, you help me survive this month, next month I will work to pay you back, please, it was my fault for treating you so badly in the past, but now it's a matter of life and death, sister, are you just going to watch me die? I'm kowtowing to you, save me."

        A man with tattoos on his face stepped forward, grabbed Sister-in-law Bai without a second thought and dragged her inside.

        Bai Yuchun was startled and said, "Wait."

        "Humph." The man with the fat head and big ears seemed to have expected such an outcome and blew out his smoke disdainfully, saying, "Well? Little girl, still decided to pay your sister-in-law's debt? Hey, I think you should settle the debt for you, your sister-in-law is a rural woman, she is not capable, how can she pay? You're a university student, and you're pretty, so there are many ways to earn money. If you carry your sister-in-law's debt, I can waive a hundred thousand for you."

        Bai's sister-in-law was overjoyed and tugged on Bai Yuchun's foot, "Sister, say yes. It's such a good thing, you can pay back 100,000 yuan less. Don't worry, my sister-in-law will work with you and pay you back together, and treat you well in the future. Sister-in-law vows."

        Bai Yuchun clenched her arms in fear and grabbed the strap of her shoulder bag with both hands, not daring to look at the fierce man, let alone her sister-in-law, like a frightened deer, at a loss.

        But this time she didn't hand over the money straight away, nor did she say anything, but looked at Qin Ming expectantly.

        Inexplicably, she saw Qin Ming as her backbone, she knew she was too weak, perhaps Qin Ming could help her, she felt that Qin Ming had a kindred spirit that she could not explain.

        When Qin Ming saw her looking over for help, he smiled lightly and couldn't help but touch this cute little girl's head again.

        Bai Yuchun had an inexplicable charm about her that always stirred Qin Ming's loving heart; perhaps people who were pretty really did get more help.

        He smiled and said, "Then leave it to me, as long as it's a matter of money, it's not a problem."

        Bai Yuchun nodded once joyfully and said, "Mm."

Chapter 58

Qin Ming said coldly, "There is no money, there is one person, here."

        Qin Ming kicked away the white sister-in-law and kicked him in front of the bar boss.

        "Ah!" Hearing this, the white sister-in-law was so frightened that her shit and tears and farts flowed, and she loudly begged for mercy: "Sister-in-law, save me, sister-in-law knows she's wrong, sister-in-law really knows she's wrong, oooh ...... don't cut my finger ah. Help. Sister, I'm your sister-in-law, if you don't save me, your brother will know."

        Bai Yuchun was very hesitant, she wanted to save sister-in-law Bai, but did not want to throw money in again, because she finally understood that her brother and sister-in-law had not lost their way and come back with money to save her mother at all, they just lost all their gambling money and owed half a million.

        Qin Ming said to Bai Yuchun: "Sister, your sister-in-law needs a lesson, you are fighting for them in everything, they are living so well, you are living so hard, is there a reason for this? She doesn't know how good you are until she gets some lessons. Isn't it just cutting your finger? You'd rather take the $10,000 and give it to her for a finger splicing operation than pay her debt."

        The sister-in-law, who was rolling on the ground, was so angry that she gnashed her teeth: "You little beast, my sister is so dazed by your compulsion that you will not be allowed to die. You toad eating swan's flesh, you poor? You're a poor man? You're a poor man, you poor man? Jun

        Qin Ming said, "It might be too bloody later, so you go first. I'll pick up your sister-in-law."

        Bai Yuchun squeezed her trembling fist and nodded, "Well, thank you Senior Qin."

        Bai Yuchun walked away, she felt that Qin Ming had a point, gambling was a bottomless pit, why should she be allowed to pay her brother and sister-in-law's debts? She was only nineteen, she didn't want to carry debts for the rest of her life, she felt that getting back her mother's $10,000 for nutrition would be enough.


        Bai Yuchun had just left on her front foot when the bar door opened and sunny and handsome man, wearing designer clothes and embracing a beautiful woman next to a few bodyguards for protection, swaggered in.

        When Qin Ming saw the man, he couldn't help but raise his eyebrows, "Good for you, Ah Long, you're just in time.

        The man who came was none other than Ah Long, who had listened to Qin Ming's orders and with the help of Song Ying disguised himself from a retired soldier to a rich dude and got straight to Li Meng!

        In fact, after getting the order, Ah Long drove a stretch Rolls Royce to look for Li Meng in the school, only for Li Meng to see that it was a super luxury car and directly bumped into her and sent her to the door.

        After the meeting, Ah Long directly asked Li Meng to go play, and Li Meng immediately agreed, thinking that hanging to the super rich generation.

        But no, the two were still shopping when Qin Ming called, and Ah Long immediately brought Li Meng to the bar.

        When Li Meng entered the bar with Ah Long on her arm, she was very surprised because at this time of the day, shouldn't a good student like Qin Ming be in class? Why did he come to such a place?

        But she also treated Qin Ming as a transparent person, anyway, with a super rich second generation like Ah Long, she would have no worries for the rest of her life.

        Ah Long came up and swaggered down: "Yo? Isn't this Nian Lao Liu? Someone looking for you to lend money again?"

        The fat-headed Old Six finally looked a bit shaken when he saw Ah Long, and sat up a little more nervously, with his younger brothers sitting a little closer to him, ready to protect the boss.

        Nian Lao Liu grunted, "Ah Long? What are you pretending to be here for me if you're not collecting for that bastard Wang Er?"

        Ah Long said arrogantly, "Hey, I don't hang out with him anymore because I'm rich, I'm now worth ten billion. Hey, hey, there's so much that I can money smash you to death."

        Nian Lao Liu narrowed his eyes and said, "Then what did you come to see me about? Do you want to lend me money? Do I look like a man who is short of money?"

        Ah Long said, "Nothing, I'm just passing by to show off to you, a poor bastard, oh? This young man who reeks of poverty is your client? Hey, kid, how much do you want to borrow? I'll lend it to you, the interest rate is definitely lower than his."

        Nian Lao Liu laughed disdainfully, these two were not his clients at all, he thought Ah Long had come to steal his clients, so he simply ignored them and smoked himself, watching the show.

        Qin Ming looked at Li Meng, who was beside him, with a pained look and said, "Meng Meng, who is he ......"

        Li Meng immediately said, "This is my new boyfriend, he asked me out to play, what's wrong? I can't come out to play? You said you, have you earned a million dollars?"

        Qin Ming babbled bitterly, "No, I just lost half a million in the stock market. Now I want to borrow a million to try again in the stock market."

        "Tsk, tsk, tsk." Li Meng crossed her legs, looked down on Qin Ming's little eyes and said with disgust, "You're really a loser. So the one million you earned in the stock market before was luck. Hmph, thanks to your ability to brag about how good you are, how shameless. Now Nie's family is ignoring you too, right? You're not going to get back together. You've come back pathetically to beg me to get back together again?"

        Qin Ming said, "Meng Meng, believe me, I can earn another million soon. I can give you happiness."

        Ah Long suddenly sneered, "Hmph, it's too late."

        He rubbed his chin and said, "Kid, you're Li Meng's ex-boyfriend, right? Tsk, Little Dream, how did you find such a poor ex-boyfriend? But now Little Meng is my girlfriend."

        Li Meng didn't even look at Qin Ming, and threw herself into Ah Long's arms as a little bird, saying, "Brother Long, I think I fell in love with you at first sight, our encounter was fate."

        Ah Long laughed: "Haha, well said, we are destiny's arrangement. That ex-boyfriend, how much money do you want to borrow? I won't charge you interest that's all."

        Qin Ming deliberately sulked, "I want to borrow a million, do you have it? Don't think you're blowing it up just because you have a few bucks."

        Li Meng said, "Qin Ming, you are poor and stupid, aren't you? The poorer you are, the more ignorant you are. A million is nothing to Brother Long, but he drives a custom-made Rolls Royce, which costs tens of millions."

        Dragon smiled arrogantly, "The one outside? Twenty million dollars, that's a custom-made one."

        Li Meng's eyes lit up with stars as she worshipped, "Wow, Brother Long, you're amazing. You can afford to drive such a luxurious car."

        Ah Long looked at Li Meng with a smiling face and sneered in his heart, "This gold-digging girl, tsk, she is actually the young master's ex-girlfriend. While threatening the young master with the baby in her belly, she's really the "best of the best" when she sees a rich man."

        Qin Ming said bitterly, "I don't care who you are, Li Meng is my girlfriend, she is pregnant with my child, you are so rich, what kind of woman don't you have? Why do you want to steal from me?"

        Ah Long pretended to be surprised and said, "What? Dream, you're pregnant?"

        Li Meng immediately became angry and shouted, "Qin Ming, have you been reading like a fool? Who the hell is pregnant? I'm just saying, the lab report was just forged by my mother. Brother Long, don't listen to him, he's just a nerd. I broke up with him, but he didn't agree, so I said I wouldn't break up if you gave me a million dollars. Brother Long, don't believe him, I only love you, Brother Long."

        Ah Long cupped Li Meng's chin and laughed, "Tsk, there are still such shameless men? But it's also you who are so charming, hahaha, boy, your woman is mine, Little Dream let's go, we'll get a room tonight and make you pregnant with my Young Dragon's seed."

        Li Meng said shyly that she hated it, but in her heart she was overjoyed, when she got pregnant with Long's seed, then her dream of being a rich wife would come true completely.

        After Ah Long left, Qin Ming did not say a word and took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket, he gently turned off the video of the phone.