Rags To Riches Chapter 569

 Qin Ming was about to go through the live stream and direct Song Ying to transfer money when he suddenly bit through his lip and held back a mouthful of blood and spat it out.

                Then he covered his chest and flung himself down on top of the case table.

                With his blood-stained hand, Qin Ming pointed at the three Bai Jingchen and said, "Yang life is over, fall into the valley of Yin ...... Today you three conspired to harm me, I have lost a lot of Yin virtue, ah~!"

                Qin Ming shouted, and then pretended to faint.

                This sudden operation scared everyone silly and the scene was in chaos.

                Ms. Sun Yue immediately got up and shouted, "Quickly, an ambulance, quickly."

                The crowd was in a hectic mess, helping to take Qin Ming to the hospital with all hands and feet.

                At this time, Song Ying, who was far away in Guangzhou, had actually received Qin Ming's final order to block the fermentation of this charity party on the internet tonight.

                Qin Ming didn't need the whole internet to know about tonight's event, he only needed people on the scene to know about it.

                After all, he wanted to disrupt the entire city of Beijing, not the whole country.

                All Song Ying had to do was simply give orders to all the media branches in China, and at the same time negotiate with the government units he was working with, and he would be well on his way to blocking tonight's events from the internet, even removing the video feed for you.

                Sure enough, the next day the news on the internet was calm and quiet, instead there was big news about a certain big star cheating leading to a divorce.

                Qin Ming's ability to turn money out of thin air was only spread by word of mouth among those at the party, not too widely, but it had caused quite a stir and curiosity throughout the high society of the capital.

                But how sensational and curious others were, Qin Ming didn't care, he had already pretended to sleep and pretended to be in the hospital ward.

                He only knew that he had netted Bai Jingchen's trio more than nine million dollars, and he was happy.

                The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

                Especially since Bai Jingchen took over all the second-hand luxury goods for the charity gala, Qin Ming made a small fortune too.

                "Hey, I got so much money for nothing, I was worried about not having money for food this morning, but by the end of the night, I was rich." Qin Ming proudly bragged in the ward, "Times are too hard, so much money, can't spend it all, hehehehe."

                At that moment, the door of the hospital's special ward opened and Huang Shutong came in with some sheets and invoices.

                When she saw that Qin Ming was awake, she said, "The doctor asked where you were not feeling well. There is nothing seriously wrong with your examination."

                Qin Ming was greatly disappointed, he thought it would be Nie Haitang, he said in a bored voice, "I'm not feeling well all over. Eh, didn't you leave already?"

                Huang Shutong's face darkened and she said resentfully, "I was a bit scared to take a taxi alone at night. You don't know how to take me back to school? No matter what, you're still my fiance."

                Qin Ming let out an oh and asked, "Where's Nie Haitang?"

                Huang Shutong's face turned even uglier: "What's wrong with her? Naturally, she will go back. Is she still going to send you to the hospital? Arrange a special separate ward for you? Pay your hospital fees?"

                Qin Ming's heart twitched as he said, "In Hai City, you were the one who hired the caregiver for me, right?"

                Huang Shutong said angrily, "No. You get your mistress to take care of you. I'm leaving."

                Qin Ming said, "Fine, I'll call my old lovers to come and take care of me, after all, my fiancée is going to cuckold me and I can really suffer."

                Thump thump!

                Huang Shutong heard this, suddenly fire, small feet stomping hard on the ground walked back, raised his hand as a gesture, is about to hit, said: "Zhao Zhengyin! You are too ......"

                Before the word 'excessive' could be uttered, Qin Ming suddenly reached out and suddenly wrapped his hand around Huang Shutong's small waist.

                "Ah!" Huang Shutong was shocked and lost her face, she had never been hugged by a man like this when she was growing up.

                Although the two were engaged to be married, it had been some years, but because of going to different schools in college and Zhao Zhengyan's constant degradation, their relationship was not only not as good as it was in high school, but worse.

                From time to time, people around her ridiculed Zhao Zhengyan as a loser in front of Huang Shutong, and she didn't make any arguments, just silent approval, because in the past years, Zhao Zhengyan was too much of a loser to be seen by a normal person.

                So even though he was engaged, he had never held hands or kissed on the mouth, let alone hugged.

                Tonight's Qin Ming was too active and bold, making Huang Shutong feel different and fresh in every way.

                The big arms of Qin Ming were so strong that Huang Shutong didn't even have the strength to struggle.

                The thin shirt couldn't wrap around her rich breasts, which rubbed directly into Qin Ming's eyes.

                Her bosom was high and firm, her young body full of seduction, her skin white as snow and crystal clear. A pair of black, captivating eyes, which seemed to be infused with the deep pools of a thousand years. Her eyelids and lips were slightly powdered, which added to her heavenly beauty.

                Qin Ming sighed in his heart, "No wonder those people hailed her as the number one goddess of the Northern Film Festival, she is indeed beautiful. It's a pity that Zhao Zhengyan can't be humane and can't sleep with this beautiful wife, what a waste."

                Huang Shutong was suddenly hugged by Qin Ming, and also felt his eyes with desire.

                She panicked inside, this was also the first time, her fiancé had given her so many new experiences today, the first time he had caressed her face, the first time he had deflated someone who had targeted and abused him, the first time he had raised his eyebrows, the first time he had rubbed her feet to relieve her stomachache, the first time he had fought with her, the first time he had hugged her, the first time he had looked at her with eyes that revealed a man's primal desire for a woman.

                Huang Shutong had seen this kind of look of desire for a woman's body too many times, and many men would give her this kind of look of desire.

                She disdained them all, because she knew that her status was not something that ordinary people could touch. She had been praised and exposed to circles since she was a child, so she understood that her looks and posture, were excellent, and that people without a certain status were not worthy of having her.

                Zhao Zhengyin's status was originally sufficient, but he was an invalid and not hardened by nature.

                Huang Shutong scolded angrily, "Zhao Zhengyan, let go of me. What are you doing? What else can you do to me? Don't go too far, saying day in and day out that I'm cuckolding you, well, I'm going to cuckold you now, aren't you a Daoist master? Calculate which wild man I'm going to find later and how many cuckolds I'll put on you?"

                The more coy Huang Shutong was, the more Qin Ming's heart was racing, and it could be said that he could not help himself.

                He muttered in his heart, "Oh, this girl is too beautiful, and her nature is hot, I want to take a bite out of her and then squeeze her. But it doesn't feel good, I'm sorry for brother Zhao. But he said it's up to me, so I guess he doesn't have any feelings for Huang Shutong, so why don't I take advantage of her secretly? It doesn't count against me anyway."

                Qin Ming suddenly said, "Huang Shutong, you still have your first kiss, right?"

                Huang Shutong was stunned, her willow eyebrows tightened and she said in a panic, "You, you, Zhao Zhengyan what are you doing? I'm warning you, you don't ...... Well ......"

                Qin Ming did not wait for her to finish, then pressed her down to the hospital bed, one big hand, directly snapped Huang Shutong's two small hands, the other hand cupped her chin, and directly lowered his head to kiss Huang Shutong's lips.

                In fact, Qin Ming did this, not because he couldn't control himself, but in order to implement the principle of "treating her well" as explained by Zhao Zhengyan. Since he had accidentally angered Huang Shutong, he was responsible for putting out the fire, making her happy and trying to make Huang Shutong love and hate him, so that the original balance of the relationship could be maintained.

                Qin Ming really hadn't lost his mind, really.

                "Mmmmmm!" Huang Shutong was stunned, she felt a man's lips, hot and full of masculine breath coming to her, she was terrified, she wondered for a moment, was this man her fiancé?

                She couldn't resist and suddenly made her move.