Rags To Riches Chapter 568

 Qin Ming said, "Bai Shao but the deal was made, I want to successfully turn the money in your card out, I will auction off all the luxury goods in the live auction, and then send me as a compensation gift. Young Bai, are you a man of your word, the main thing is that you say you are a man of your word, a fart that has been spared, so I won't mention this."

                Words spoken, equal to farts spared?

                For someone who wanted to stand at the top of the upper class circle, credit and promises were incredibly important, and Bai Jingchen was tormented inside, he felt the power of this "Zhao Zhengyan".

                He was going to ruin Bai Jingchen's persona!

                Bai Jingchen gloomily squeezed his tall wine glass, inwardly extremely angry and resentful: "Good, good, good, so you have been holding back all this time, pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger."

                That Bai Mingyu was equally unbelievable, why did everything turn out like this tonight?

                This Zhao Zhengyin, in the past at the university, wasn't he bullied by everyone? When he had no money to bully him, he would send him all kinds of money to spend, cowardly as hell, why did he change like a different person today.

                Bai Jingchen took a look at the remaining luxury items in the auction, although the number was not large, what with the watches, paintings, bags, pens and other things, a rough calculation was less than ten million, he had to bleed a lot.

                But for the sake of his own reputation, to show the grandeur and heritage of his Bai family, it was actually all about face.

                Bai Jingchen endured the pain with a clenched fist and said, "Of course it counts, all these things, I, Bai Jingchen, buy them all and give them to you as an amends gift!"

                Qin Ming laughed and immediately said to the staff, "Hear that, pack it all up for me and send it to my school dormitory."

                On Qin Ming's side, he had taken advantage of the situation and was about to leave the stage when Li Jiacheng, the young man who had just raised the bar, quit.

                He rushed out with Bai Mingyu and said, "Where's my money? The four million I borrowed? That's my wedding house, who's card are you turning my money into? This one? Her?"

                Li Jiacheng grabbed Qin Ming and pointed at the other two women, who had shrunken their necks, somewhat reluctant to give them back.

                "This is Master Zhao's change out, not yours, yours is gone."

                "That's right, Master Zhao was supposed to give us money for charity, what a nice person. It was you guys who had to make trouble, and now you're down on your luck and you're not convinced, what a shame."

                Both women said in the same breath.

                Li Jiacheng was almost crying in anxiety, grasping frantically and shouting, "That's my money, I just let the master do an experiment, it's mine, not yours. You guys let the master change in addition."

                The two women were disgruntled, "You don't force the master to lose ten years of his yang life? Why didn't I see you speak so loudly just now?"

                When these words came out, everyone around them stopped talking, as Qin Ming had indeed said so just now.

                Qin Ming was bragging, but there was nothing he could do if people believed him.

                Bai Mingyu said, "My money is only 400,000, so you each pay me back 200,000, isn't that too much? No, Zhao Zhengyan, you, you change it back for me."

                Qin Ming said cheerfully, "What you guys said is really strange, we all know that this money is in your cards, I just touched your cards, I didn't do anything, your money is lost, it has nothing to do with me."

                Bai Jingchen's face was dark, he had already guessed that this guy Qin Ming was planning to rely on the 9 million plus.

                Indeed, if they called the police, how could the police link it to their bank card losing money through Qin Ming burning incense and worshipping Buddha? The people's police? The police do not believe in this kind of deceptive nonsense.

                When Li Jiacheng heard this, he repented and wailed, "No, that was my wedding money from the loan, master, I was wrong, please, let me go."

                Bai Mingyu's face also changed dramatically, "No, Zhao Zhengyan you, you dare?"

                Qin Ming spread both hands, "What wouldn't I dare? Bai Mingyu, please speak."

                Bai Mingyu was instantly deflated and stammered, "You ...... have grown bold now haven't you?"

                Qin Ming laughed briskly, "You guys had a lot of guts just now when you were tearing me down and forcing me to prove to you what I could do even if I had to break my life. You guys are ridiculous, the bank is holding the money for you, if you lose it, find the bank's customer service."

                "You, you ......" Bai Mingyu was so angry that his chest was gasping for air and he couldn't say anything, he turned to his cousin Bai Jingchen and said, "Brother Chen, say something. This kid, now he's become so arrogant."

                Bai Jingchen's lips were almost bitten to the point of dripping blood, all he knew was that he had lost tonight, completely lost, lost more than ten million, a huge loss, this "Zhao Zhengyan" was pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger!

                These people were arguing as if they were tussling in a vegetable market, causing the surrounding crowd to despise them.

                At this point, the highly respected Ms Sun Yue came out and bowed slightly to Qin Ming with great admiration and respect, as she had performed a magic spell to save her old father this morning and now turned a stone into gold.

                She thought Qin Ming was a reincarnation of a true immortal.

                Ms. Sun Yue said, "What's all this noise about? Originally, the master only wanted to disperse money for charity, but when the three of you make it look like the master is trying to rob you all of your money, is the master lacking you to take some money?"

                The next person said, "Yes, didn't the master just have a billion dollars on his card?"

                "That's not true, they're all young guys, it's a far cry compared to that."

                "This Zhang Zhen Zhen is so discerning, Zhao Zheng Yan, will definitely be the number one person in Beijing in the future."

                "Yeah, I'll have to go and make friends early."

                "I wonder if he has a girlfriend, my daughter happens to be in college, she's beautiful."

                The words of the onlookers, who were on Sun Yue's side, also made Qin Ming's back stiffen.

                Ms. Sun Yue said, "Your money, where it went, this depends on Master Zhao's choice, after all, it was you who came out to stir up trouble in the first place."

                After hearing this, Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "Come on, a few cents to argue around here, I'll send the money back. Alas ...... young people nowadays, have never seen money like beggars."

                Jing ......

                Charity party of young talents one by one can not do sound.

                The three people's money combined also has more than nine million, in Qin Ming's eyes is a few cents, the hall of the Bai family's magnificent young man, but has become a beggar who has never seen money?

                Qin Ming's breath was bigger than eating garlic, that was real money not qq joy beans.

                Qin Ming said, "I fight to lose my yang life and prove my innocence, you people create rumors to move your mouths, alas ...... only blame me for being uninvolved in the world, what is the intention to fight with you?"

                Qin Ming said so, the crowd immediately with reproach, angry eyes to stare at Bai Jingchen three.

                "That's right, Master Zhao came to do charity properly, why do you have to raise barbs?"

                "Barrage, that is."

                "Damaging people against themselves, why bother? Isn't it good for everyone to do charity and have a good time?"

                "I guess I can't see that Master Zhao taking all the limelight."

                The accusations from the bystanders further embarrassed Bai Jingchen and the three of them were so groundless that they wanted to leave immediately, but they had to continue standing there for the sake of money.

                Qin Ming walked up to the camera and started burning incense again, saying, "I'll change the money away from the two ladies first, and then change it back into the cards of you three."

                Qin Ming said the process to the live stream, that was also said for Song Ying who was watching the live stream.

                He took the five people's bank cards and followed the same procedure, only waiting for Song Ying to call and his phone to vibrate three times in his trouser pocket.

                In no time, the extra money that the two ladies had made out of thin air was gone under the manipulation of Ao Mei, a super hacker, causing another gasp of awe from the crowd at the magic of Qin Ming's hands.

                At the same time, they felt that this was outrageous and that these major banks would probably be in the news tomorrow.

                Li Jiacheng, Bai Jingchen and Bai Mingyu's eyes were motionless as they quietly waited for Qin Ming to return their money, and Song Ying watched for Qin Ming's next order.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming covered his chest with a woeful cry, then spat out a mouthful of blood and flung himself on top of the case table.

                There was instant chaos on the scene.