Rags To Riches Chapter 566

 Qin Ming picked up the second card and was about to say something when Bai Jingchen jumped in and said he was a scam.

                Qin Ming was actually quite flustered, after all, it really was a scam.

                It was the first time he had played a scam when so many people were around, or in a live webcast.

                But true or false, this kind of thing depends on how people operate, for example, the once famous American magician David? Copperfield once turned the Statue of Liberty into nothing.

                The person turned the Statue of Liberty into nothing, Qin Ming is turning the card into money, all through some external conditions operation.

                The inspiration for Qin Ming's current routine is still a variation of an example from Zhang Quanzhen's autobiography, "Killing Demons Outside the Wall".

                In Zhang Quanzhen's autobiography, he mentions that when he was young, he once met a coal owner, a big dog, who had a lot of money.

                But the coal owner liked tiger skins and used to hunt tigers in the mountains with a hunting rifle when he was young, and he used to show off his family's tiger skins to people when he was old.

                Unfortunately, he later developed a heart disease and often had nightmares about tigers taking revenge, which kept him awake at night and made him lose his appetite, and his health deteriorated day by day.

                Later, he spent a lot of money on Zhang Quanzhen to help him solve the problem.

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "The tiger in your house has become a spirit, you killed a tiger when you were young and accumulated resentment.

                He said that he had the ability to kill the tiger, but the timing was not right, and the tiger was a heavenly creature, so killing it would hurt the harmony of heaven.

                In fact, Zhang Quanzhen was struggling to think of a countermeasure, and at the same time, he also whetted the coal owner's appetite. As time went by, the coal owner's appetite was whetted, and he also suffered from insomnia, so Zhang Quanzhen became his only spiritual support.

                Zhang Quanzhen then came up with a brilliant plan to kill the tiger outside the wall, playing a clever trick to block his eyes.

                Zhang Quanzhen took Mr. Coal and his party to the room where the tiger skin was kept and pointed out a random place, saying that the tiger spirit was lying down to rest in the room.

                Naturally, Mr. Coal could not see it, and the others thought that Zhang Quanzhen was pretending, as there was nothing in the room.

                As a result, after Zhang Quanzhen performed a spell, he roared, "Wake up."

                At once the crowd heard a tiger roar, and at the same time "knocked over" a chair, which turned sideways out of nowhere, scaring the coal owner and his family into believing it was true.

                In fact, the chair was overturned because of Zhang Quanzhen's own martial art, which he learned by flicking stones at his hands and overturning a wooden chair, which belongs to Zhang Quanzhen's own skills and is not visible to the general public.

                In fact, Zhang Quanzhen's choice of room was behind the compound wall, and Zhang Quanzhen had found someone to hide behind the wall in advance. At that time, there was no modern recording and playback equipment, so Zhang Quanzhen found a bull with excellent ventriloquism skills, who could imitate the tiger's pronunciation, plus a clay "loud male" amplification, to complete the assistance outside the wall.

                After that, Zhang Quanzhen danced across the air and chased the air to beat the tiger demon.

                Whenever Zhang Quanzhen shouts "I'll fight", the helpers outside the wall hear him and use their ventriloquism to make the tiger wail as he is beaten.

                Whenever Zhang Quanzhen shouted "Ouch", the helper outside the wall heard him and used his ventriloquism to let out a wild roar of the old man's might.

                When the fight was almost over, Zhang Quanzhen closed the door, pulled out various shadow play tools and torches, and began to play the shadow play of Wu Song beating the tiger in the room, with the sound of the ventriloquist outside the wall, it could be a good show of beating the tiger through the air.

                Finally Zhang Quanzhen said he had killed the tiger demon, and the coal boss thanked him profusely, sending him tens of thousands of yuan and giving him the tiger skin as well.

                Later, the coal owner's heart disease is gone, Zhang Quanzhen's reputation is greatly agitated, and he took the tiger skin to do a favor deal with others.

                "The best thing to cheat people is their eyes."

                Qin Ming concluded this sentence of Zhang Quanzhen, that is very agreeable, he did not this scene a lot of young talent, business and political circles after the boys deceived?

                Faced with Bai Jingchen's revelation, Qin Ming said he was not nervous, more or less, he forced himself to play it cool, how could he lose here? You want to find trouble with the master, that's just right, be a stepping stone to the master's success and fame.

                Qin Ming asked, "Bai Jingchen, what proof do you have?"

                Bai Jingchen recalled carefully that just now Qin Ming had been in front of the live camera of the online platform from start to finish, and he said, "You must have friends helping out outside the arena! By watching this live broadcast, right?"

                Ouch, Qin Ming's heart was beating straight, you're damn right.

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "I admire your brain, young master Bai, rich people always have a particularly big brain. I just can't understand, I came back from going to the toilet and bought a watch, and I'm a fraud. Could it be that I am a disciple of Zhang Zhen Zhen and this is a fake?"

                At that moment, Ms. Sun Yue came out and said, "It's true, this morning, my father had a sudden heart attack, and although he was sent to the hospital for resuscitation, he still couldn't be saved, and it was also Master Zhao who helped with the spell and saved my father."

                "Wow." The scene was in an uproar.

                What was Sun Yue's status, she had personally testified to Qin Ming, and also testified to what had just happened today, or when the doctors couldn't save him, performed a spell to save Master Sun, this was too amazing.

                "I've heard of Real Zhang, he used to be one of the famous five young men in the capital."

                "Zhang's divination of life and death is always accurate."

                "I've heard that only the really big and powerful families can invite the hand of Real Zhang, and when he doesn't do it, he can solve any problem."

                Qin Ming listened on the sidelines and sighed in his heart, "Because what can't be solved, that stinky old man never makes a move."

                The fact that Sun Yue took the initiative to back up Qin Ming made Bai Jingchen a little embarrassed, he continued to angrily dislike Qin Ming and undoubtedly had to offend the Sun family, which was not something he said he expected.

                Suddenly, someone said, "If what Bai Shao said, someone secretly played money into the card based on the master's tips by watching the live broadcast, it's not impossible, after all, the master was just holding three cards all exposed in front of the camera. So if ...... used my card and reduced the money, Master, you might be able to do that?"

                "Yes, the bank can still be charged indiscriminately?"

                "That is, this can be done, that is really the reincarnation of God, the second Zhang Zhen Zhen ah."

                "Hmmmmmm, what Young Master Bai said is not unreasonable, after all, changing money out of thin air is too exaggerated."

                Bai Jingchen was wildly happy after hearing this, you can call money by transferring it, you can't do anything about deducting it, right? This is a big flaw caught by the viewers ah.

                Bai Jingchen said grimly, "Zhao Zhengyan, if you can even do that, I'll shut my mouth and auction off all the luxury items tonight for charity and give them to you as an amends gift. Don't you dare."

                Bai Yuchun, who was on the side, said urgently, "Brother, we don't have that much money."

                Bai Jingchen had almost lost his mind and said, "Shut up, I can't swallow this."

                Qin Ming looked at the handsome boy who had suggested that the bank card was no more than a camera, and at the crowd who were expecting Qin Ming to perform, Qin Ming was a little tempted to beat a retreat.

                He already had a draft in mind, such as I have already worshipped my ancestors and lost my yin virtue, so if I take your card again and deduct money, I will have to break my life, so on and so forth.

                Anyway, as long as you can round it up, there are people who believe you even if you chase your cow hide to the sky.

                When Qin Ming was hesitating and torn, that Bai Mingyu came back.

                When Bai Mingyu saw Qin Ming's hesitant look, he laughed out loud, "Hahahaha, Zhao Zhengyin, you punk, you've been exposed by my cousin, right? What juggling act, do you really think you are a god? Aren't you just a punk?"

                When Qin Ming heard this, he was instantly enraged and said, "Since you have drawn the path, if I don't take it, won't I dishonour my master, Zhang Zhen Zhen's name?"