Rags To Riches Chapter 565

 "How can that be!"

                Bai Jingchen's eyes were about to glaze over when he saw the collection information displayed on Qin Ming's large screen phone, and he rushed up to end the phone and stare at it, regardless of his status.

                "Three zeros, six zeros, nine zeros, ten ...... billions?" Bai Jingchen swallowed, still feeling his throat dry as ever.

                This didn't match the information he had!

                Moreover, this punk didn't call his parents to have money, ah? Who was going to give him money? What the hell?

                Qin Ming secretly snickered, the master secretly sending messages to the beautiful secretary would be exposed? After all, the good show was behind.

                Qin Ming picked up his card and swiped it for the staff member again, this time passing with a single swipe.

                The embarrassment of Nie Haitang also melted away, but that watch Nie Haitang is not going to take, Qin Ming took that Bada Jade watch, also set with diamonds, a faint smile, himself wearing his hand, the whole person's temperament is different, the hanging temperament into a calm and mature young people in general.

                The first thing you need to do is to take your own watch and compare it with the one on Bai Jingchen's wrist, and say: "Bai Jingchen, why do I think this one looks better than yours? Is it my temperament that makes this watch even cooler? Tsk, look at you like this, your temperament is indeed much worse than mine."

                Bai Jingchen was still shocked by the amount of money, and was too dumbfounded to listen to Qin Ming's bragging and acid farting.

                His plan, which he thought was seamless, had failed. He thought he had all the information about "Zhao Zhengyan" and could play with him, but he didn't understand, where did he lose? Where did he lose? Where did his plan go wrong?

                However, no matter how hard he thought, he could not imagine that the person he met was Qin Ming, not Zhao Zhengyan, who was running away from everything.

                Bai Jingchen suddenly questioned, "This is just an ordinary bank card, how can you suddenly transfer a billion dollars?"

                Yes, everyone knew that non-special bank card accounts had a daily transfer limit, usually like 50,000 or 100,000.

                This one billion was simply too horrible.

                But Qin Ming acted as if nothing was wrong, spreading out his phone and letting the group look at it, casually looking at it, causing a burst of envy and looking at Qin Ming with an increasingly mysterious and profound look.

                The crowd also secretly remembered a name, Zhao Zhengyin.

                Indeed, one billion was not much for many big bosses in China.

                But today, this place was dominated by the youth of Beijing, that is, young people in the business and political circles around thirty years old, not to mention one billion, ten million was not necessarily taken out.

                The company's main goal is to make sure that the company has a good reputation as a philanthropic youth, and to make friends with some young talents.

                It's not as if you can just pull a rich family out and have tens of billions of dollars at the bottom.

                The attitude of Qin Ming towards money gives Bai Jingchen the feeling that Qin Ming's money is really a big wind blowing, and also a carload of scraping over.

                Qin Ming's cloudy attitude deeply stung Bai Jingchen, who was seriously deployed and thought he was a winner.

                This silent contest had deflated him, infuriated him and made him taste defeat.

                Nie Haitang at the side was also stunned, Qin Ming's "Qian Lai" was too cool, as if he was performing a magic trick.

                Qin Ming looked at the live camera and said calmly, "I am the 560th generation of the Tiger Dragon Mountain Zheng Yi Sect, and I am the personal disciple of the master, Tian Shi Zhang Zhen Zhen, I am a proper Taoist heir. Naturally, it comes and goes when it says so."

                "Right oh, just now Ms. Sun Yue came with him and honoured him as Master. It turns out that he is a religious person."

                "But this money-changing thing, it seems too exaggerated, doesn't it? Do you think we are fools?"

                "What age is this, what kind of blinders are used to deceive people, right? Do all con artists dare to come to us and wave around?"

                "Then how do you explain the billion? Bank texts can't be faked, can they?"


                The undying Bai Jingchen said fiercely, "Bragging, you must have shouted for someone to call you money, don't listen to his nonsense, everyone."

                Seeing that the crowd had whetted their appetite, Qin Ming pointed to the live camera and said, "Friends, I have a problem with this person, I can't tolerate questioning. Since Mr. Bai Jingchen questioned whether I can change money, this I can perform for everyone to see, so you can take it as a magic trick and have some fun, how about that?"

                As soon as the crowd heard that Qin Ming was going to perform the money-changing trick, they all said that they would be experimental mice.

                "Master, change mine, change mine."

                "No, Master, change mine, I am willing to be your experimental subject."

                Qin Ming was calm and relaxed and smiled, with the air of a boss who was pointing out the world, and said, "There is no rush, it's all right. That whoever, prepare the case table incense for me."

                When Qin Ming made such a mess, the whole communication of the charity party went terribly wrong.

                Everyone was piqued by Qin Ming's curiosity, after all, he was brought in by Ms Sun Yue, who was respected by everyone, so he must be someone with status.

                He also turned out a billion out of thin air, which was simply frightening, and everyone wanted him to turn some money into his card, preferably a billion as well.

                This charity party, but the webcast broadcast broadcast, at this time, the Internet has also exploded, many netizens are discussing, this change of money means, whether it is true or not.

                Qin Ming burned incense, worshiped the ancestors, this time too many people, but also live, so not to dance awkward dance jump god.

                He drew on three bank cards, divided the case table, with incense swept one by one, leaving the incense ash.

                When his phone vibrated in his trouser pocket, Qin Ming picked up the first card and said to a young lady: "This lady, meeting each other is fate, I see that you have smooth eyebrows, clear eyes and a red face, you will have great fortune today, your career will progress and your heart will be fulfilled. I will give you a small gift of a million congratulations."

                As he said that, Qin Ming held the bank card with both hands, and there was still some incense ash on the card, although it didn't mean anything, but this ritual just gave people a very mysterious feeling.

                The lady was ecstatic to hear that Qin Ming had changed a million for her, and was about to take the card.

                Her phone rang and a text message came.

                The lady read the text message and immediately exclaimed, "Ah, really, positively an extra million, I, I really have an extra million in my card, hahaha ...... The bank came with a text message. Thank you, thank you master, master you're really god."

                Qin Ming smiled faintly, just like the aura of a worldly man.

                The people around looked even more dumbfounded, this ...... seemed to defy common sense, huh?

                Did it really turn out? The money changed out of thin air? The point card into the account, the gods reincarnated? This is too fake, right?

                And at this time, far away in the high-rise office of the Century Building in Guangcheng City, Song Ying was watching the live broadcast on the computer screen, wasn't it Qin Ming's this Beijing City Youth Building the Chinese Dream Charity Gala? It was only a one-off live broadcast on the online platform, but there were quite a few people watching it.

                Song Ying crossed her legs, rested her chin, and said with a smile, "Young master is really a genius, letting us watch the live stream, listen to his orders, and give him money."

                Next to her, Corrie? Olsen was manipulating a sophisticated computer, her fingers flying like tentacle monsters as she performed a series of hacking hacks.

                The other two cards have been hacked, so it's up to the young master to add or subtract the money."

                In the Seven Continents Hotel venue, everyone's eyes were attracted by Qin Ming, tonight, he was the main character.

                Qin Ming picked up the second card and was about to say something.

                Bai Jingchen couldn't help but speak up again and said, "Wait a minute, everyone, don't be fooled by him, I know! I know his secret, it's a scam."