Rags To Riches Chapter 563

 Qin Ming offered his attention and was despised, not to mention that he was also suspected of plotting.

                But there is no way out, he impersonates Zhao Zhengyan, so he has to impersonate well, Zhao Zhengyan has taken a stand, so let's be nice to Huang Shutong.

                However, there is one thing to say, Huang Shutong's little feet, really white and tender, smooth to the touch.

                As the saying goes, other people's daughters-in-law are especially pretty, and Qin Ming is how to look at Huang Shutong and find her pretty.

                It is said that the skin on the bottom of the feet is thicker, but the skin on the bottom of Huang Shutong's feet is not thick, but very tender.

                Qin Ming said: "You are also my fiancĂ©e, Zhao Zhengyin, so I can't just leave her with a stomachache, right? I have a family recipe to massage the foot acupuncture points to relieve stomach pain."

                Huang Shutong said, "Are you sure you're not trying to mooch off me? Take advantage of me? Do you think I'm your fiancee?"

                Qin Ming was annoyed, "You're not happy to be away from you, and you're not happy to be nice to you. What do you want from me, right? It's hard for me to do."

                Huang Shutong shut up when he was so fierce, biting her lips and looking away, allowing Qin Ming to grab her feet and give her a foot massage, without saying a word.

                Qin Ming touched Huang Shutong's calves and felt the fragrance, this woman really did have a bit of an unearthly taste.

                After he massaged for a while, Huang Shutong really felt less painful, and the effect was even faster than taking medicine.

                She looked at Qin Ming in amazement and said, "I didn't expect you to be able to do this."

                Qin Ming bragged, "Of course, I would have been much better at it. In the future, if you don't cuckold me, I'll show you two more hands."

                As Huang Shutong listened, her anger flared up again and she said, "Don't insult me here, I'm innocent with Bai Jingchen. You go away, let go of me, I don't want you to give me a massage, it hurts me to death."

                Qin Ming grabbed Huang Shutong's foot in a death grip and took the opportunity to touch the calf muscle skin a few times, ouch, so slippery.

                He laughed and said, "I'm just kidding. Daughter-in-law, don't be like that."

                "Who's your daughter-in-law?" Huang Shutong suddenly blushed, shy and somewhat incoherent, "It's just an engagement, we're not in that kind of relationship yet. Besides, I haven't been in a relationship with you, I can get engaged and I can withdraw."

                Qin Ming said, "Withdrawal of marriage? Are you sure?"

                Huang Shutong immediately said, "You are the one who wants to withdraw from the marriage, I didn't say that. Hmph, when you first proposed, you even said you could give me anything. Now what about now, man, huh."

                Huang Shutong was disdainful for a while and simply took out her phone to play with herself, allowing Qin Ming to give her a massage.

                It looked like enjoying a queen-like service.

                Huang Shutong played with her phone, peeking at Qin Ming from time to time, muttering in her heart, "This guy, this massage technique is really good, I can't believe my stomach doesn't hurt anymore. Hmph, finally he will do something to please me. What? Why does his crotch feel hard to the touch? What's hidden in his crotch?"

                Qin Ming swallowed hard, they were in this position, with their backs to the wall and by the window.

                Huang Shutong was lifted up by his feet, and the view under his skirt was naturally visible to Qin Ming.

                The style of the blue and white striped knickers, which were still the only exclusive to Qin Ming in this direction and only visible to him, had knocked Qin Ming's socks off.

                I thought such a strong Huang Shutong, will be more mature and sexy, the results so little girl.

                This long, white legs, blue and white stripes, and this ice cold and arrogant beautiful face, calves rubbing under the abdomen, this is not even through the stockings rubbing, rather than Qin Ming to Huang Shutong massage, Huang Shutong use feet to massage him.

                The more he rubbed, the more uncomfortable Qin Ming became, even though the evil fire was high and his body was hard, he had to endure it.

                Qin Ming looked at her for a few moments and hurriedly averted his eyes, cursing in his heart, "Red-faced, wretched demon, I have to find a monkey to subdue you."

                While the two of them were taking what they wanted and massaging each other, there was a sudden commotion from the silent auction of luxury collectibles over there.

                "Oh, my God."

                "That's very rude."

                "It's unfortunate, how can you back out of an auction when you've clearly bid?"

                Qin Ming followed his eyes and saw that it turned out to be the area of the silent auction, where there seemed to be some luxury items being bid on, and someone wanted to back out.

                This was too humiliating, right?

                Qin Ming looked at the numbers on that screen, it was a men's Bada Jade watch that had gone for over seven hundred thousand dollars, with a star's signature on the back.

                Huang Shutong, who was at the side, said coldly, "Oh, what a disgrace, to have no money and still follow the example of others in auctioning luxury goods? This Nie Haitang, I'm afraid she won't come to borrow money from you later? A pitiful look, not deliberately seducing men?"

                Qin Ming was stunned, and only then did he realise that the person being surrounded and constantly attacked was actually Nie Haitang?

                How could she have gone to bid for the auction?

                Nie Haitang in the crowd was very anxiously on the phone, but she couldn't seem to get through, and a waiter next to her had already brought something to her, but she couldn't trade at all.

                How humiliating must this dilemma be?

                The scene was filled with some of the more successful young men and women in the capital, and a few elders. If this were to be mixed up and skilled, wouldn't Nie Haitang be reduced to a laughing stock in this circle in the future?

                You bid on luxury goods for charity, yet you don't have money for the transaction, what is this intention?

                Originally this kind of party is to spend money to buy fame, now to not spend money to buy fame, white whoring?

                Once this reputation is ruined, it is very difficult to build it up again, especially for public figures, once they have a black mark, it is almost difficult to get along.

                Nie Haitang anxiously explained, "No, it's this one next to me, Bai Mingyu, he said he asked me to do him a favour and bid for him, it's no problem up to one million, please wait a moment, I'll go find him."

                "Little sister, don't lie to people, it's been five minutes, it's time to go to the bathroom."

                "Then why can't you get through on the phone? What do you want? What do young people these days think charity is for?"

                "Don't come to the party if you don't want to do charity. That watch is a gift from the famous comedian Mr Wang, someone else gave it to him, he hasn't worn it yet, selling it at a low price, a bargain for everyone."

                "How about re-bidding."

                Nie Haitang was beaten up by the crowd, but she couldn't contact Bai Mingyu, she regretted it in her heart, she really shouldn't have agreed to this favour from Bai Mingyu.

                After all, it was Bai Mingyu who brought her to the party, so she thought she should return the favour to him, but she ended up getting herself into trouble.

                Nie Haitang looked towards Qin Ming's side for help, and she immediately got up and walked over towards him.

                She said anxiously, "Zhao Zhengyan, can you, can you ......"

                Huang Shutong immediately interrupted and said, "Oh, no. I still can't see this ruse of yours?"

                Qin Ming, however, asked with great concern, "Haitang, what's wrong? What's the matter, you say."

                Nie Haitang said, "Bai Mingyu asked me to bid on a watch for him, he went to the washroom for a while, and as a result, no one is back now, can you help me look for someone?"

                Huang Shutong was stunned and said, "You don't want to borrow money?"

                Qin Ming asked at the same time, "Find someone for what, how much do you need, you tell me."