Rags To Riches Chapter 562

 "What kind of bullshit are you talking?" Zhang Quanzhen scolded, "Are you still addicted to impersonating Zhao Zhengyan? Don't do anything that you shouldn't do, don't do anything that you shouldn't do. This marriage, after all, is not your business."

                "I'm telling you, there will be a storm in the capital city soon, sweeping through the big giants, when I'm in the dark, you're in the light, to help you make "Zhao Zhengyan" the three ugly capital city."

                "Then, Zhao Zhen and Chang Rui will have the opportunity to meet with you. As long as you can meet them both, that's enough. You'll be able to retire after you've done your job."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone, still a little upset in his heart, this maintaining a relationship? This was too difficult, right?

                That Huang Shutong's attitude was so bad, but how could he maintain a relationship that was not going to work?

                He muttered, "Zhang Quanzhen, you're a bad old man, it's not easy to talk the talk, it's not easy to do. I'm afraid you've been preparing a plot for years. Don't end up drawing fire to yourself."

                Qin Ming thought about it, listening to Zhang Quanzhen's words, why not just listen to what Zhao Zhengyan himself had to say?

                Qin Ming called Song Ying again, who was far away in Guang City.

                "Hello, it's me." Qin Ming indifferently put on a mechanical voice.

                Song Ying recognised Qin Ming's voice and said excitedly and joyfully, "Young master ...... you've finally come to contact, are you okay in the capital city?"

                Qin Ming was stunned and asked, "How did you know that I was in Beijing?"

                Song Ying said, "I, I learned that young master you changed your identity with that Zhao Zhengyan, so once I investigated, I knew that young master was in the capital city, I recently found a reason for my official work, and I will also go to the capital city in a couple of days, so I will be able to meet you then, young master."

                Once he heard that Song Ying was coming over, Qin Ming rubbed his forehead nervously and said, "Little Ying, this has to be kept a secret, leaking it could be a big problem."

                Song Ying said with conviction, "Young master, don't worry, I know."

                Qin Ming asked, "That who, is Zhao Zhengyin here? I want to have a word with him."

                Song Ying said, "He's not with me, he's in your school dorm now, he's quite adapted to your original life, young master. But don't worry, Young Master, I have sent someone to secretly protect him."

                Qin Ming was still satisfied with Song Ying's arrangement, Chang Jun Ye had not been able to be caught, the assassination against him was still going on, and this period of time might be bitter for Zhao Zheng Yan.

                Qin Ming asked for Zhao Zhengyan's phone number and called him directly.

                Not long after, Zhao Zhengyan's puzzled voice came over the phone, "Hello? Who are you?"

                "It's me ......," Qin Ming said with a deliberate curse, "What's going on, surnamed Zhao? Why did I change identities with you?"

                Zhao Zhengyan said nervously, "Huh? You are, you are Qin Ming, right? Are you okay from the accident that day? That's great, I was worried about your safety the whole time when the car fell into the water that day."

                Qin Ming deliberately said with dissatisfaction; "So what's going on now? They must have mistaken me for you."

                Zhao Zhengyan, however, was delighted and said, "Then, isn't that quite good? Brother Qin, let's continue to exchange identities, it doesn't matter if you take all the pocket money my family gives you as payment, okay?"

                Qin Ming hummed: "If not to see the money put on, hum ...... However, what's going on with that fiancĂ©e of yours? All day long, she's been eyeballing me with a guy named Bai. What are you going to let me do about it?"

                Zhao Zhengyan was silent for a while and said, "Brother Qin, I did like her before, but after something happened, she and I can't go back. Moreover, I am not destined to give her happiness, I owe her that. Brother Qin, do whatever you want, I can't care anymore, I'm living a good life in Guangcheng, from now on you are me and I am you, okay? If I have to give you any advice, I hope you don't hurt her, Brother Qin, everything is my fault."

                Qin Ming said, "That's what you said, what I do with it, you don't regret it."

                Zhao Zhengyan answered and hung up the phone, letting out a nervous breath.

                He walked back to the dormitory, where a hot pot was burning, and Zhao Liniu and Sun Zhipeng were drinking beer and hooting, "What are you talking about, Qin Ming? It's not because Li Meng has been looking for you lately and is eating back, is it?"

                Zhao Zhengyin laughed, "No, it's a friend."

                Sun Zhipeng took his hand and said, "Come, come, come, eat, this mutton is cool, when the hostess aunt comes later, it will be served in one pot."

                Zhao Zhengyin showed his excitement and smile and sat down, his eyes were slightly moist as he ate, he hadn't experienced this kind of brotherly feeling for a long time.

                It had been a long time since that time in high school when he had lost control and attempted to rape? s scandalous attempt to defile a female classmate, he had lost everything, his friends, his reputation, the love of his family, the adoration of his sister, his normal life.

                From then on he became withdrawn, became homely, didn't want to have contact with the outside world, and his character became more and more cowardly and closed himself off.

                Even when he later went to study in the capital city, he was equally unable to escape the shadow of being called a loser, still being ridiculed and abused everywhere, and spending every day in humiliation.

                Now, through the help of Zhang Quanzhen, he has transformed into Qin Ming, a poor boy from an ordinary family, but has gained two good housemates.

                Zhao Liniu and Sun Zhipeng do not look at him in a strange way and treat him as a good brother, a warm emotion that heals Zhao Zhengyan's broken heart.

                At the same time, with Qin Ming posing as him, Zhao Zhengyan doesn't have to worry about his family looking for him back, he can rest easy.

                There is also an ex-girlfriend named Li Meng, who is gentle and lovely, and is looking for him to get back together day after day, Zhao Zhengyan is also torn, Li Meng is so beautiful and gentle, it might be good to get back together, but he hasn't made up his mind yet.

                In any case, here in Guangzhou, Zhao Zhengyin is very happy every day, there are brothers who care, there are girls who adore him, no one is looking for him for no reason, no one suddenly asks him for money, no one points at him and scolds him for being a loser, no one laughs at him explicitly or implicitly for being inactive, he is having a great time, he is not thinking about his life.

                At this moment, Qin Ming, who was in the middle of the charity party at the Seven Continents Hotel in Beijing, had just hung up the phone.

                He was in a slightly torn mood.

                Zhang Quanzhen told him not to mess up his marriage relationship with Huang Shutong, and Zhao Zhengyin said to be nice to Huang Shutong.

                "Headache." Qin Ming rubbed his forehead, "Well, I'm an outsider after all, acting out and refining my acting skills."

                Qin Ming looked around here at the venue and saw Huang Shutong walking out of the bathroom, still covering her stomach, finding an elegant seat by the corner and sitting down, violently rummaging through her bag and pulling out her stomach medicine.

                That stomach pain made her face pale and her lips were not even a bit bloodied.

                With trembling hands, she intended to take out a pill, but ended up spilling it all over the floor because of the trembling.

                Huang Shutong bent down in pain, trying to pick up the medicine, but the more she bent down, the more painful it was, causing her to sweat profusely.

                Qin Mingxin not walked over, helped her pick up the medicine, took out one, took a glass of water and handed it to her.

                "......" Huang Shutong saw Qin Ming and frowned, opening Qin Ming's hand, ungrateful: "Need you to be nosy? I can come by myself."

                Qin Ming gave a domineering squeeze and pinched Huang Shutong's mouth.

                "Mmmmmm!" Huang Shutong's eyes glared and she beamed, surprised that this punk dared to do this to her?

                No, what was he going to do?

                Qin Ming picked up a pill and threw it in, saying, "Take the pill and you take it properly, what's with all the nonsense? Nuo, drink water."

                Huang Shutong was force-fed the medicine by Qin Ming and looked at him dumbfounded, her mood becoming complicated again.

                Huang Shutong said, "Aren't you going to your Nie Haitang? What do you care if I live or die? Don't you want to withdraw from the marriage, then ......"

                Qin Ming suddenly sat down and grabbed Huang Shutong's left foot.

                "Ah? What are you doing?" Huang Shutong bit her lip in shame, there were many people here, Zhao Zhengyan, this punk, what exactly did he want today? What did he want to do today, to molest her?

                Qin Ming said, "I'm not doing anything. You have a stomachache, don't you? There is a recipe in my hometown, for stomach pain, massaging the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet can quickly relieve it."

                "Huh?" Huang Shutong was shocked, how could she be concerned about her now when she was just about to withdraw from the marriage?

                Huang Shutong bit her lip and asked, "Nothing to offer, what exactly are you going to do again? Take advantage of me?"