Rags To Riches Chapter 561

 Although Qin Ming felt guilty, he helplessly continued to deceive her as Zhao Zhengyin in order to keep Nie Haitang from being involved in the strife between him and the Zhao family.

                Although the silent guardianship would be a little bitter, this pain was nothing compared to the safety of his life.

                After all, a world-class family like the Zhao family hides a side that is not known to the public. Qin Ming reckons that the Zhao family is not much worse than Chang Hongxi when it comes to ruthlessness, and would not care about Nie Haitang's life.

                Qin Ming had managed to deceive Nie Haitang that he was the real Zhao Zhengyin, but Bai Mingyu came over to fart again.

                Bai Mingyu said, "Haitang, there are some classical paintings and calligraphy over there, all of which are from famous artists' collections. Zhao Zhengyan, what are you still doing here? Your fiancée is not feeling well, why don't you go and take a look? You are always pestering Haitang like this, do you know that this will easily lead Haitang into misunderstanding? People will say she's a third party, meddling between you and Huang Shutong, you're doing her a disservice."

                Nie Haitang didn't like Zhao Zhengyin at all, and since her guess was wrong and the one in front of her wasn't Qin Ming, she wasn't interested and didn't want to be the third party any more, so she found an excuse to go to the washroom and didn't bother with anyone.

                Faced with such a high and cold Nie Haitang, Bai Mingyu was also having a hard time.

                He was a rich young man from a wealthy family, usually many beautiful women clung to him, and he was not the kind of arrogant and unbeatable dude, he was quite well liked, but no woman had ever been as difficult to approach as Nie Haitang.

                Qin Ming's heart rejoiced, the more cool Nie Haitang was to other men, the happier he was.

                He walked over to Huang Shutong's side, no matter what, he was also posing as Zhao Zhengyan, and he couldn't ignore Huang Shutong.

                But he has no interest at all in this No.1 goddess of Northern Film, moreover, Huang Shutong also seems to dislike Zhao Zhengyan, which makes him more and more annoyed, if he can't get along, why not just split up? Find another suitable one.

                "Where does it hurt? Having your period?" Qin Ming said indifferently, "Do you want some hot water?"

                When Huang Shutong heard Qin Ming's straightforward words, she was furious and said, "I don't want your pity, just let me die of pain. So that you can go and hook up with that Nie Haitang."

                Qin Ming said, "What are you talking about? You don't like me, why don't we find a way to get rid of this marriage contract?"

                Huang Shutong was stunned and then said with amusement, "If you can, then try. Zhao Zhengyan, you're climbing high on me you know? A man of your caliber is not even a passing grade, he has fallen flat on his face after that high school incident, he was born inhumane and cowardly, what do you have to lose when I, Huang Shutong, marry you? Do you know how much your parents have done to get me to marry you?"

                Qin Ming let out an oh, this was the order of his parents.

                Chinese society was such a realistic issue, even if there were all kinds of freedom of marriage and love on TV, but in life, it was always hard to escape the orders of parents, even if you barely got together with the person you liked, down the road the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was all kinds of chaos.

                Qin Ming asked, "You won't hate me, will you?"

                Huang Shutong said, "Your wimpish appearance is annoying at best."

                Qin Ming said, "Then you won't be annoyed with my nasty face every day from now on? I've thought about it, there's no happiness in reluctance, do you have some good sisters to introduce who don't mind my situation and are more gentle and virtuous, know how to read and write, and won't give me a cuckold?"


                Just as Qin Ming finished speaking, Huang Shutong poured a cup over her head and face.

                "Scum, you get lost." Huang Shutong already had a stomachache, and when she heard such brazen words from her "fiancé", she was so angry that she splashed a faceful of wine on him.

                Huang Shutong gritted her teeth and cursed, "Zhao Zhengyin, you piece of shit, scum. You want me to introduce my good sister to you? Where do you want me to put my face? You are shameless, but I still have a face. When did I cuckold you? Do you think I am a qualified fiancée only if I stay at home every day and don't have any contact with men?"

                Huang Shutong became more and more angry as she said, "You bastard, you proposed like a dog, and now you want to dump me after ruining my reputation? Do I still want to lose my face? Does my Huang family's face still need to be disgraced?"

                Qin Ming was depressed, so it was Zhao Zhengyin who wanted to marry this Huang Shutong in the first place, was there any secret letter back then? Moreover, why did he feel that there were words in this Huang Shutong's words?

                Qin Ming asked, "Then do you share it or not?"

                Huang Shutong covered her abdomen in pain, her stomach pain and anger making her even more uncomfortable, her temper and emotions close to losing control, she directly exploded, saying, "Oh, you want to dump me and then go and pick up that Nie Haitang openly and honestly, right? You dumb ass and fool! She's a dowdy rich girl, if she's not after your money, what is she after? Is your cock big enough? She's here with Bai Mingyu, can't you see that? Just hanging on to you two silly kaiju."

                "Then I'm not, I'm going to make it hard for you. I'm going to make it hard for you. You make it hard for me, I'm going to make it hard for you to sleep and eat."

                "I'll see who's finished first."

                Huang Shutong angrily covered her abdomen and stood up, no longer wanting to see Qin Ming's annoying scum face.

                Qin Ming wiped his face and thought to himself, "Why is this woman so angry, she can have an affair with that Bai Jingchen, but we can't have an affair with other women?

                Qin Ming still doesn't understand these things about the gentry?

                It's all about money and face, isn't it?

                Qin Ming sat down, during which a few foreign girls and rich men tried to strike up a conversation, but they were all politely dismissed by Qin Ming with a few words.

                Qin Ming took out his mobile phone, thought about it and called Zhang Quanzhen.

                Zhang Quanzhen answered the phone and asked, "Hey, Xiao Qin ah ...... how is it going at your place?"

                Qin Ming asked curiously, "Teacher, that Zhao Zhengyin and Huang Shutong's marriage, are you clear about it?"

                On the other end of the phone, Zhang Quanzhen let out his signature wicked laughing voice: "Oh, know, know some. You brat must be trying to sleep with someone else's big beauty, right? A woman like Miss Huang is indeed charming, and with your brat's determination, you're sure to get heavy."

                "Fuck off!" Qin Ming crossed his legs in annoyance and cursed, "I'm talking to her about breaking off the engagement. But after saying a few words, she got annoyed."

                Zhang Quanzhen said, "Of course not. You are a net troublemaker, so why don't you maintain Zhao Zhengyan's current relationships and then behave well and find a chance to meet Zhao Zhen at the Zhao family?"

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he also wanted to, but this was in a hurry.

                Zhang Quanzhen was silent for a while and then added, "Actually ...... the Zhao Zhengyan at the time, although he was physically ill and could not be humane, he was still of decent character, and not many people knew about his inability to be humane."

                "Zhao Zhengyin and Huang Shutong are high school classmates, Zhao Zhengyin is secretly in love with it, rubbing the Huang Shutong who expressed his liking, so Zhao Songli and Qin Mo, also had mentioned the marriage union with the Huang family."

                "That the Huang family is naturally happy, after all, Zhao Songli and Qin Mo in Hai City is also very influential, not to mention Zhao Songli also has the opportunity to inherit the Zhao family in Beijing City, the inheritance can not, but also relatives. The Huang family is just an average rich family in Hai City, so naturally they should have no objection."

                "With the efforts of both families, the two then succeeded in getting engaged. Huang Shutong was still young at the time, so how could she be more obstinate than her parents? Once the engagement was successful, Zhao Songli would have a large sum of money to invest in the Huang family, and it was under those circumstances that Huang Shutong became engaged to Zhao Zhengyin."

                "Only Xiao Zhao he made a mistake in his senior year, exposing his inability to be humane, and it also became well known all over the city of Hai."

                "The relationship between the two has also taken a sharp turn for the worse."

                Qin Ming asked suspiciously, "Then do you think, teacher, that it's better for me to break them up, or to set them up?"