Rags To Riches Chapter 560

 Qin Ming knew exactly what Nie Haitang wanted to know and had her hooked with a single word.

                The group of men had been acting for so long, fighting for so long, only to have Nie Haitang shouted away by Qin Ming's one word, each of them lost heart and looked at Qin Ming in depression, he was the final winner.

                Huang Shutong, who was not far away, narrowed his eyes and hummed, "Isn't it obvious? That poor girl Nie Haitang is just trying to climb the ladder of luxury. How long do you have to suffer a loss before you realise how stupid you are?"

                Qin Ming and Nie Haitang went to a side elegant seat.

                Qin Ming said, "Nie Haitang, that Bai Mingyu is plotting against you, really, he must be planning how to get you drunk or secretly put some medicine in the drinks you drink to make you drowsy."

                Nie Haitang held her cheeks and said, "I know more about such things than you do. Don't you talk to me about such useless things. Did you really go to Guangcheng? Then ...... which district is the airfield of Canton City in?"

                "Yunbai district." Qin Ming said, "Nie Haitang, you don't need to test me either. I'll also tell you directly, I met a man who looks like me, and his name is Qin Ming."

                Bang Bang ......

                Nie Haitang's heart fluttered and accelerated when she heard the word Qin Ming.

                This name, she had only called out in her dreams countless times, constantly rewriting it on her draft paper in class, and reciting it in her arms under the covers on lonely nights, but never dared to shout it out.

                Because Nie Haitang was really scared, she was scared like a bird of prey by Chang Hongxi.

                Once she touched Qin Ming's affairs again, she would be shot in the head by an assassin who came out of nowhere, and she was afraid that if she did not follow the rules, she would bring Qin Ming into trouble.

                "He ......" Nie Haitang licked her lips, only feeling hot and unsure of what to say.

                When Qin Ming saw Nie Haitang's reaction, he was very satisfied and happy inside, he knew Nie Haitang must be thinking about him, while endless guilt hit him.

                It was obvious that the person he had been thinking about day and night was in front of him, but he could not recognise her and had to deceive her and hide it from her.

                "It's a pity that I can't expose myself at this time."

                "I'm sorry, Haitang, I have more important things to do."

                "I can only condescend to you for a while longer, when I finish my teacher's task, I will confess to you, then you can beat me and scold me all you want to give me children, I will comply with you."

                Qin Ming decided that it was all a matter of not being able to tell the truth now, once his affair involved Nie Haitang, she would again be involved in what kind of trouble.

                Qin Ming said cheerfully, "It was a surprise, a pleasant surprise, to find a second person in life who looks like you, it really is like filming a movie. At first I was surprised too, but slowly I got used to it because we are both so different."

                Qin Ming continued, "At first, it was my teacher who took me to meet him, saying that he happened to recognise that I looked like him and took me to meet him. I met him right away and I spent some time with him, learning from him and imitating him. He showed me how to be a man."

                "So, you changed?" Nie Haitang looked at the man in front of her with disappointment, full of joy that he was most likely Qin Ming, but it turned out that it was just Zhao Zhengyin imitating Qin Ming, no wonder he looked so much alike.

                If it wasn't Qin Ming, then she was wasting her expressions all day.

                Qin Ming continued to deceive Nie Haitang and said, "Yes, Qin Ming knew that I was from Beijing and happened to chat about you, it just so happens that I know you too ah, we go to the same school ah. I just found out that the person you like is him. He talked to me a lot about you. After talking to Qin Ming, I was deeply impressed by him, and I felt that only you were worthy of him."

                Nie Haitang looked nervously from side to side, completely uninterested in Qin Ming's bragging words here, and asked worriedly, "Is he okay? No hands or arms missing?"

                Although disappointed that it wasn't Qin Ming himself in front of her, Nie Haitang was happy to have heard some news about Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming's heart warmed as he joked, "No, he's doing very well, and has a fiancée, very pretty, very fashionable and open, my cousin, Zhao Xinran, who is now studying at an English aristocratic school."

                Nie Haitang's beautiful pupils shrank, and her rosy face, instantly turned miserable white, with a dizzy feeling, although she had known that this was the outcome, it was still hard to accept hearing it in person.

                Qin Ming he was engaged to be married!

                The woman was not her!

                Her heart felt as if it had split open, blood flowing everywhere, and she was uncomfortable.

                That damned lie, that damned Chang Hongxi, had deceived her, had tricked her away from Qin Ming just because she was deemed unworthy to be called the mistress of a big conglomerate and a big family.

                Qin Ming followed up by saying, "But he said he was just coping with his righteous father, he didn't like the marriage with the Zhao family at all, but he couldn't help it, many factors were checking him, he wasn't free. So he used the word delay, and had to put off the marriage for a year or two. He said that he always missed you in his heart, and when he had dragged it out for a while, he would withdraw from the marriage."

                As soon as she heard this, Nie Haitang's pale face regained its rosy colour, and was even delighted, her excited little hands rubbing together and going nowhere, the corners of her mouth raised in delight, quite a bit fidgety.

                "Yes, Qin Ming this is forced ah." Nie Haitang heart happy: "If it is forced, then everything is fine, as long as it is delayed until his wings are full, he will have no one to control."

                Qin Ming kept watching Nie Haitang's expression change and felt really good about understanding.

                He posed as Zhao Zhengyan to confide in and express his feelings for Nie Haitang again, which was a way to give Nie Haitang a piece of mind.

                To avoid her imagining things.

                Nie Haitang was quite satisfied, it was with a stern face that she reprimanded: "Zhao Zhengyan you should stop impersonating Qin Ming, no matter how much you act like you are, you are not him, you will never be him, Qin Ming is unique. Can you bring back the framed glasses? You're so svelte and gentle, frames for glasses would suit you better."

                Qin Ming was depressed, although he had successfully fooled Nie Haitang, she treated herself as Zhao Zhengyin, which a sense of distance, it was too hard to bear.

                Nie Haitang suddenly said, "Zhao Zhengyan, you have to be careful. Don't talk to too many people about Qin Ming, okay? Otherwise there might be a threat to your life. Qin Ming, he has a special status, and many people are watching, you know?"

                Qin Ming felt Nie Haitang's full love for him and was very comfortable, nodding his head and saying, "Mm, I know."

                Nie Haitang asked again, "By the way, did Qin Ming he talk to you about when he would be able to solve those troubles of his?"

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and said, "What troublesome matters? I don't know. It's too personal for him to tell me about it, right? I finished studying with him and came back."

                Nie Haitang nodded and thought so, and asked again, "Then, apart from her mentioning me, did she mention a person called Mu Xiaoqiao?"

                Qin Ming's expression was stunned, Mu Xiaoqiao, naturally he hadn't forgotten, but deliberately didn't think about it because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to calm his restless heart.

                That heavenly girl who had hated him from the beginning, and even reluctantly got together because of superstition.

                But after the two had gone through some storms, they slowly developed some feelings, especially that trip to western Hunan, when Qin Ming was poisoned by snakes, it was Mu Xiaoqiao who took care of him for one night despite the danger.

                It is impossible to forget.

                The man says he is not greedy, but his body is still very honest, he wants it all.

                Qin Ming looked around sheepishly and said, "No. He just told me about you."

                Nie Haitang was convinced by Qin Ming's remark, thinking that Qin Ming was more partial to her in his heart.

                The two of them were chatting, laughing and talking, like a golden girl, envious of others.

                Suddenly, Bai Mingyu came over and said, "Zhao Zhengyan, your fiancée is not feeling well and you are not going to take care of her? You can do it, you're going around picking up girls when your own fiancée is still around."

                Seeing this, Nie Haitang hurriedly said, "Zhao Zhengyan, thank you for telling me this. You go and appease your fiancée, don't let her get the wrong idea."

                Nie Haitang didn't like Zhao Zhengyan at all, and since he wasn't Qin Ming, he wasn't interested, not to mention not wanting to be a third party, and urged Qin Ming to hurry over.

                Qin Ming glared at Bai Mingyu in annoyance, thinking to himself that this dude was really nosy.

                However, since this side of things is taken care of, let's go and see what's wrong with that Huang Shutong, superficial efforts should still be done.