Rags To Riches Chapter 558

 Qin Ming, surrounded by Sun Yue and others, entered the venue of the "Beijing Youth Charity Gala for Building the Chinese Dream" and heard a series of live orchestral music as soon as he entered, giving his ears a high standard of enjoyment.

                The red carpet, crystal lights, celebrities from the world of business and politics, tall glasses of wine on both sides, and long tables of Western-style snacks, foie gras, steak, fillet and other food.

                The middle was divided into categories, with a dance floor, a corner of performances, more than a few raffles, and the highlight, an exhibition auction of luxury collectibles, which were silent auctions, bidding for luxury items below half the market price and broadcast live online, with the proceeds going to charity.

                This open-ended charity gala, where one can acquire goodies at low prices and at the same time reap the good name of Mr and Miss Charity, is still quite popular here.

                As soon as Sun Yue appeared, she attracted a lot of attention, the woman was very strong when it came to other people, the powerful people among the Sun family, Qin Ming knew some of them from the brief time he spent with them this morning.

                Many people came to flatter Sun Yue, but the strong woman did not even want to pay much attention to those people, instead she tried desperately to please Qin Ming, introducing him to this and that, and even asking him if he had anything he liked, which could be given to him at Sun Yue's expense, so to speak.

                But Qin Ming kept smiling without saying a word, not missing a single word.

                He was surprised that this Sun Yue was quite powerful, it was not easy for a woman to do this.

                Because Qin Ming felt that Sun Yue wanted something from him, but Qin Ming was in no hurry nor did he point it out, he did what he had to do, let's eat something first.

                "Ms Sun, you should still be busy with your own business, right?" Qin Ming spoke up and stumped Sun Yue, "You go about your business, I'm here to join in the fun. There's no need to greet me."

                Sun Yue was slightly depressed, why did this Master Zhao not like to pay attention to her? This was not giving her the chance to be solicitous.

                If the Sun family could get on Zhang Quanzhen's line, it would be one more friend and one more help to solve the trouble.

                Especially since he had never heard that Zhang Quanzhen would take on an apprentice, but he had taken on a young scion from the Zhao family, so his future was boundless.

                The surrounding merchants and dignitaries were all dumbfounded, they couldn't even wait to be in Sun Yue's good graces, but Sun Yue had a run-in with Qin Ming?

                What was this young man's origin?

                But when they asked each other, they all knew nothing, not many of them knew "Zhao Zhengyan".

                After all, Qin Ming came here on a battery-powered bicycle and was so tired that he ate and drank like nobody's business.

                This made this youth charity party very awkward for everyone.

                After all, this is a stage for young people, and occasionally some elders accompany them, so they don't overstep the rules.

                Now that the owner of the hotel and Sun Yue, the powerful woman of the Sun family, had arrived, people from all walks of life could not sit still, whether you were the second generation of a powerful family, or a young man who had just started his career, or a celebrity artist, all knew the capabilities of the Sun family in Beijing and had to go and make friends.

                However, they suddenly found that they chased Sun Yue, but chased another person, it is almost the same young man as them.

                They thought it was a rich young man from some super-rich family, so high in status that even Sun Yue had to be a sidekick.

                As a result, this guy had no manners and ate up by himself, exactly when he saw Qin Ming's eating face, completely untrained in any high society table manners, too rustic.

                "Tsk, his hands are full of oil and stains, wiping them directly with a tablecloth, his eating face is too ugly."

                "Who is he? Why is Ms Sun Yue treating him so politely?"

                "Zhao Zhengyin? I've never heard of him? The one from the Zhao family?"

                "There are quite a few Zhao's in the capital's gentry. It can't be that Zhao family, can it? He can't be the Zhao family, can he?"

                "Isn't that the number one goddess of Northern Cinema, Huang Shutong, with him? Wow, she's a future movie diva and songstress, and she looks even more beautiful live. Is she wearing no make-up?"

                "The Bai family is here too, I heard that the Bai family is going to be restored recently, that Bai Jingchen is making friends everywhere, he is a talented man, but unfortunately, he always feels a bit arrogant."

                "Oh, does this guy know how to behave? He's so dirty and his clothes are untidy."

                Faced with hundreds of attendees pointing out, Qin Ming's face was as thick as a city wall, something he had been specially trained to do, because in Zhang Quanzhen's autobiography book, it was recorded that Zhang Quanzhen had lost several incidents at first because of his thin face.

                So Zhang Quanzhen specifically points out that men, to be thick-skinned, as thick as the Great Wall in order to achieve great things.

                The benefits that come to hand are real, the food that goes down is your own, and face is not something that can be blown out of someone else's mouth.

                Qin Ming had actually accepted the eating etiquette of the gentry, but he had forgotten, any more, it was still cool to do as he pleased, he was used to being free since he inherited the world's richest man, so why should he follow your rules, right?

                Qin Ming ate and drank for a while and noticed that he had also been followed by a woman, Huang Shutong.

                Qin Ming's mouth was full of oil, so he turned around to see her following him and said, "Why are you following me?"

                Huang Shutong said, "I'm your fiancĂ©e, it's not appropriate not to follow you on such occasions."

                Qin Ming deliberately stretched out his greasy fingers and reached out to touch Huang Shutong's white, moist face, and this one action of his drew a gasp from the people around him.

                "Oh my god, it's practically blasphemy."

                "No way, that's really salty."

                "Goddess, dodge away."

                However, Huang Shutong didn't move, apart from her embarrassed face and stiff body, with incredulity in her eyes, allowing Qin Ming's big, greasy hands to rub and take hold of her face.

                No matter what outsiders said, the two were both betrothed, a willingness to fight for a month.

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "All right, I know, you go pick up your kaiju. I won't blame you, after all, I can't get hard enough to give you sexual bliss, right?"

                Huang Shutong's face was gloomy, wasn't this typical gaslighting?

                But then she found it refreshing, because since the two of them had been engaged, Huang Shutong hadn't seen Zhao Zhengyin say anything angry to her, or even make a face, it had always been cowardly, apologize, and then run away, a trifecta of qualities, so to speak.

                Tonight's Zhao Zhengyan gave her too much freshness.

                She touched the oil on her face and the saliva from Qin Ming's finger sucking, and her face was very ugly.

                Huang Shutong bit her lip and said in a low voice, "I thought you had grown up after studying with Real Zhang as your teacher, but it turned out that you were using Real Zhang's name to create rumours and deceptions. Do you know what Zhang Zhen Zhen's name represents in our northern high society circles?"

                Qin Ming thought of that awful old man, Zhang Quanzhen, who had been playfully plotting to trap people all day long, and he said in a bad mood, "I don't know what it stands for, but I don't have a good feeling about that awful old man anyway.

                "How can you say that about Zhang Zhen Zhen?" Huang Shutong lectured as he wiped the oil from his face, "If it wasn't for the name of Zhang Zhen Zhen, you would have been beaten up if you hadn't fooled around like that just now. Zhao Zhengyin do you know how much your parents have given up for you? You don't ...... all day long."

                Qin Ming said impatiently, "Alright, stop nagging, it's not like I'm here for you."

                Huang Shutong frowned, his eyes immediately looked at Nie Haitang who was not far away, and immediately turned his head in annoyance and walked away, "Then you should take care of yourself and cause any trouble, I don't care about you."

                Qin Ming angered Huang Shutong and sighed in his heart, "Damn, this woman has a lot of personality and a big enough temper. Zhao Zhengyin, you can't keep this kind of woman down. Why don't I repudiate her for you and find someone else who is gentle and obedient? This is not the time to think about that."

                Qin Ming's eyes looked towards Nie Haitang, who herself was born into a wealthy family and had the aura and attractiveness of Miss Qin Jin everywhere she went, and no, immediately a few more foreign devilishly handsome men hit on her.

                The woman is not allowed to be near his woman.