Rags To Riches Chapter 555

 Qin Ming was blocked at the entrance of the hotel, you can't get in without an invitation card.

                Qin Ming looked around and found nothing, so he took out 300 yuan from his wallet and handed it to the two security guards at the entrance, saying, "Brother, please, my girlfriend has been taken in by a rich boy. I don't feel comfortable."

                The two security guards looked at each other and laughed, "Three hundred yuan, you're sending a caller in? We have rich people coming in and out of here who tip over five hundred dollars. If we were to let someone like you in from nowhere, we wouldn't be able to pay the liability if something happened."

                Qin Ming was actually being despised? Three hundred dollars in tips wasn't enough? Any more and his living expenses would be a problem this month.

                Qin Ming waved his finger and said, "You two, tsk ...... know who I am? I am the disciple of Zhang Zhen Zhen, you guys don't even ask around, who is Zhang Zhen Zhen, how dare you stop me?"

                The two security guards looked at each other expressionlessly, one of them took out the intercom, "There's a madman at the gate causing trouble, send some people over, over."

                When Qin Ming heard this, this nigga, treating him like a lunatic, huh?

                "Old man Zhang, your name is not good, errrrrrrrr." Qin Ming found out that Zhang Quanzhen's name was only useful to the gentry and big families, so he could see how Zhang Quanzhen cheated people on a daily basis.

                He hurriedly said, "OK, OK. we are all civilized people, no need to move our hands."

                Qin Ming backed away, scratching his head in anguish, it was indeed difficult for a dragon to defeat a worm on the ground.

                Zhao Zhengyin was too defeated. He was a member of the Zhao family, one of the world's most powerful families, but he had no connections, so he had to face walls everywhere he went.

                Qin Ming was torn when he suddenly saw a Maybach stop at the intersection and a man and two women got out of the car.

                The man, a brand name, black suit, stirred his legs, shaking off the wrist of the Bada Jade watch, a dignified, a look of life winner.

                And the two women, Qin Ming did know one of them, that is not Bai Yu Chun?

                The first time I saw her was a few months ago, so Qin Ming thought he had lost his eyesight.

                Bai Yuchun used to be quite innocent and pretty, voted by the netizens of the university town as the commoner school flower, naturally she was plain, naturally beautiful and still gorgeous.

                And now Bai Yuchun has finally recognised her birth father and become a grand lady of the gentry.

                Bai Yuchun just left the city of Guangzhou that month or two, the two still send messages from time to time to chat, just the more time passes, the less contact, mainly because Qin Ming does not take the initiative in the slightest, and then busy with internal reorganization, the installation of their own people, not even return messages, people girls will also get tired of it.

                Qin Ming's impression of Bai Yuchun is that day at the university city's Unmei Lake, her song "The Gongzi Goes North" before she left.

                And now Bai Yuchun, dressed in a long lavender dress, slightly exposing her fair and delicate shoulders, wearing a sparkling Bulgari diamond necklace, Cartier blood diamond earrings and a pair of black swan feather high heels, was showing the dainty nature of a rich family's daughter.

                Bai Yu-chun has changed so much,, with a slim, slender and tall figure, slightly exposed shoulders and puffy breasts, beautiful hair curling around the back of her shoulders, and a delicately curved figure full of androgynous allure.

                She had changed from a plain and youthful beauty to a delicate young lady with a pile of wealth and glory.

                Qin Ming could not help but exclaim in his heart, "Plain skin does not stain the heavenly innocence, dawn comes to jade standing in the yaoi pond."

                The woman holding hands beside Bai Yu-chun was equally beautiful, and Qin Ming felt that she looked somewhat familiar.

                Her fair face, with soft lines and light ebony eyebrows, carried a bit of an unearthly flavour.

                A pair of charming big eyes flickered and flickered, soulful and intelligent, as soon as they lit up, they were sure to come up with a good idea.

                Long eyelashes, a handsome pink nose, a small cherry mouth and a smooth, shiny head of hair, with a few strands hanging in her ears.

                The waist is slender, the hands are soft as if boneless, the jade scented shoulders, the legs are long and slender, the body is graceful, not vulgar, and the cleanliness reveals an extraordinary temperament.

                The two women were beautiful in their own way and their temperaments were different, but Qin Ming only had Nie Haitang in his heart at the moment, and he felt that the two women were not as beautiful as Nie Haitang, and even if Nie Haitang was wearing floor-length goods, Qin Ming felt that she was the most beautiful.

                As the three of them walked and chatted, Bai Yuchun said, "Brother, it's my first time to attend this kind of event, how much is the right amount to spend?"

                The man said, "Didn't Dad give you two million? You can spend as much as you like, but you can't lose the reputation of our Bai family. We are no match for those cousin's. When people talk about the Bai family in Beijing, they think of us first. It took many years of hard work by my father to get our Bai family back on its feet in the capital city, and you have also been living in exile for many years, so you have to be different in every word and deed."

                Bai Yuchun nodded with seeming understanding, so just how much money should she spend tonight?

                The woman next to her laughed and said, "Brother Bai, you're being too harsh. Xiaochun has only been back for a few months, hasn't she? You still have to give her time to get used to the life of a luxury family."

                The man said, "Huang Xiao ...... Shutong, ah. I'm not afraid of her doing something wrong and upsetting dad, wouldn't it be worse to punish her? If my sister is going to be punished, then I, Bai Jingchen, will not be a good brother."

                The three of them walked to the door, laughing and talking, right into the path of Qin Ming.

                Both sides met face to face, and Qin Ming once again experienced what it meant to meet without knowing each other, changing identities and acquaintances you had to pretend not to know.

                "Ah, Zhao Zhengyan." Bai Yuchun snapped first, "You're here too."

                It was obvious that Bai Yuchun, like Nie Haitang, had once mistaken Zhao Zhengyan, who looked like him, for Qin Ming himself, and had since realised his mistake and become normal.

                Qin Ming was trying to slip in some relations when Huang Shutong, who was beside him, snapped her face unhappily, "I heard you were back this morning, I didn't expect to follow you here again, are you going to follow me everywhere I go?"

                "?" Qin Ming's whole black question mark look, although he felt that this beauty looked somewhat familiar, he still couldn't recall, and muttered straight in his heart, "whothehellareyou?"

                At the side, Bai Yuchun joked, "Zhao Zhengyin, here to look for your fiancee? Hey, it's actually me who asked Shu Tong out tonight."

                Qin Ming was stunned, so this is Zhao Zhengyan's fiancée, really looks heavenly, sunken fish, and a bit familiar, Qin Ming remembered seeing the photo, but did not take it to heart, naturally did not remember.

                Qin Ming was thinking of Nie Haitang and, not caring about losing face, asked anxiously, "I don't have an invitation card, help me out, I'll remember the favour."

                That Bai Jingchen seemed to be very disgusted with Qin Ming and deliberately said with a stern face, "Sorry, young Zhao, our Bai family has a limited number of invitations, and the extra one was given to Shu Tong, so there is no extra left for you. Moreover, I don't need your favours either. What is the use of such a favour from you?"

                Qin Ming frowned, why is there a thorn in his words? Where did master offend you ha? You kid, remember.

                The first thing you need to do is to get an invitation," said Huang Shutong. I don't have one either, my invitation was given to me by Brother Bai."

                Big Brother Bai? Qin Ming was upset for Zhao Zhengyin as he listened, this was a very intimate name.

                The implication was also that he could not help Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was furious and annoyed, no, he was annoyed for Zhao Zhengyan, who was far away in Guangcheng to fend off various assassinations for him.

                He roared, "Come on, you guys just go in, I'll find my own way if I can't help you, I don't need you two dogs to take pity on me."

                Qin Ming directly called them "dogs and men", clearly alluding to Bai Jingchen and Huang Shutong.

                "Nuts." Bai Jingchen snorted coldly and went in himself, pulling his sister Bai Yuchun with him.

                Huang Shutong was dumbfounded, biting her lip, her face red with anger, her fingers trembling with rage: "You scolded me? Zhao Zhengyan you dare to scold me?"

                Qin Ming said in annoyance, "Get lost, get lost, I was hospitalized in a car accident, and you ran away to the He family's youngest house to find a man, and I can't scold you? I was discharged from the hospital and ran back to the capital to look for a man, and I can't scold you? I have plenty of ways to go in, I need to rely on you woman?"

                "You don't know any better ...... hum! Fine, I'll roll!" Huang Shutong flung her hand in anger and walked straight in.

                Qin Ming scolded, cool as it was, but this was not his fiancée after all, and regretted it a little.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming slapped his thighs and laughed badly, "Aiya, what can we do now? How about ...... using that method to get in? Hey hey hey."